Author of "The Other Mother"

The Thirteenth Street Repertory Theater is again having a reading of my play,  "The Sacred Virgin".  Last year's reading, which many of you attended, was very successful and extremely helpful, thank you. I have incorporated many of the changes suggested and would love your feedback again. The theater is seriously considering the play for a production, and your support would go a long way toward helping that happen.

Very basically, the play, is about a birth mother who does not want to be 
found. She has put her past behind her. However, a letter she has received 
from the agency that arranged the adoption has brought the past up in a way 
she can no longer control. As she is forced by her overwhelming feelings to 
look at her past, she affects everyone around her. The closer to her own 
truth that she is able to go, the closer others come to their own.

The play is a reflection of my own deeper understanding of our issues and our journey after speaking with thousands and thousands, as you can imagine, since finding Jack and publication of The Other Mother, and with the television movie. I am hoping it will be a vehicle for the public to 
understand why it is essential we open records - and open our hearts, since 
we are all connected anyway. 

This will be a straight reading, simpler than last year's. Actors will be 
sitting while reading the script, so we can really focus on the words. These 
readings can be quite moving anyway, and very helpful. So, if you can spare 
the evening, I would really appreciate it!

I am putting this out beyond New York in case any of you are involved in a 
local theater that you think might be interested. Please pass this along to 
your lists, if you don't mind.

"The Sacred Virgin"
Thirteenth Street Repertory Theater
50 West 13th Street (Between 5th & 6th Aves.)
New York, NY
Thursday, March 8, 2001 - 8:30 pm EST

Thank you so much for all your support ...

Carol Schaefer

Carol is also author of the book, and movie:
"The Other Mother"
A true story of a mother in search of her adopted child, and pain
and anguish she went through. It has aired again and again on the Lifetime Channel. For a tape of her show, please email her directly.