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Issues: Adoptees' Rights

Alabama passes Open Records!

Measure 58 Open Records for Adoptees Passes! 

Oregon Live - 5/30/00
So. Oregon's Daily Courier - 5/31/00
Yahoo News - 5/31/00
St. Pete Times (Fla.) - 5/31/00

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dc2000.jpg (1664 bytes)

Read about the March for Open Records that occurred on July 15, 2000!

October 1, 1999
Maryland Adoptees Gain Access to records!

Monday, September 27, 1999
Adoptees in Tennessee regained access to

Did you know Adoptees cannot, in most cases, obtain their original birth records? Tell us your opinions
about that!
Read other's opinions!

Sign a Petition that would allow Adoptees the right
to obtain their ORIGINAL Birth Certificates!

Comments from, and to, the ACLU on this issue.

Children of Hope
A Florida attorney who handled adoption cases.  Helen Tanos Hope.

Springer Home, Johnson City, NY

Hicks' Babies
Georgia babies sold illegally!

Cole Baby Adoption Registry
Were you adopted in Miami from 1927 - 1963?

Hightower Babies, Texarkana, Texas!

Butterbox Babies
Nova Scotia

Duplessis Orphans

Montreal Black Market Babies

Peacock Babies of Quebec

Read more in our about Black Market Babies being
legalized in our Baby Abandonment section.
Also our Adoption Sites section of our Site Seeking
section has many helpful sites.

Find out who is looking for you right now!
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Help US help YOU in Reuniting America!

Find ex military pals!  
Together, we truly CAN

eunite America!

Find all your ex lovers!


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