"Global Mom: Notes From a Pioneer Adoptive Family"
 By Lana Noone

Byron and Lana Noone began their adoption journey in 1974, when a Social Worker at a large N.Y. Adoption Agency asked..."Have you considered adopting a baby from Vietnam?"  Lana says "a light bulb went off in both of our heads at the same moment.  We turned to one another, and then to the Social Worker, and said 'That's a great idea! When can we begin?'"

That was the beginning of an adventure which would involve them in the Vietnam Babylift, one of the great humanitarian efforts of the 20th century. Along the way, they encountered many issues while raising two wonderful children from Vietnam and Korea in a New York suburb.

The early years included sibling rivalry ("my birth country is better than your birth country"), cooking mishaps (a recipe for Vietnamese coconut candy came out more like sauce than candy, and kimchi-the national dish of Korea, was not even attempted by the Noones), many joys, and many challenges.

Mrs. Noone addresses topics that range from racism and culture, to the teen and college years.

The message of the book is:
We were a "pioneer" adoptive family. We raised our children when there were no adoption camps, few role models, and many societal challenges.  We thrived, and so will you. Mrs. Noone says "and when your children reach the 'other side' of childhood, you will all be blessed."

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