DNA Banking!

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There is nothing like this in the entire world! 

If you don't know your birth parents' name;
If you don't know the name of the child you relinquished to adoption;
If you don't remember the date of birth of your child;
If you think you are a black market adoptee;
If you think your birth certificate was altered;
If you were an abandoned child;
If you were brought over from a war torn country as a baby:
This project is for YOU!

Touched By Adoption, Inc. is in the process of conducting DNA Banking to help reunite adoptees with birth parents!

This is not a blood DNA sampling, it is a swipe of the mouth with a q-tip type swab.

This will enable even those adopted from Vietnam at the fall of Saigon when babies were grabbed left and right to find their biological roots!  You won't need to know a name, date or place of birth to get reunited!

DNA does not lie.  It is a 99.9% match!

Currently, we, at TBA, Inc. are in negotiations with:

205 Corporate Court
Fairfield, OH 45014 USA

 Toll Free: (800) 613-5768
Phone: (513) 881-7800
Fax: (513) 881-7803

 Until negotiations are finalized, please feel free to use their services!  

We are in the process of putting this project together so adoptees, birth parents - even siblings can find each other - for free!  This will help even black market adoptees find their birth families - and vice versa!

Right now, we are in the process of gathering names of people who would be willing to participate.  You can email us at and title it "DNA Participant" and we will put you on the list to contact once this is all finalized.

In your email, please put, in this order:

Your name

Your position in the Triad

The date of birth of the adoptee

Place of birth of the adoptee

Your current mailing address

Your email address (even tho it appears above in the email)

 Here's how it will work: TBA, Inc. will send you a 'kit' with FOUR cotton swabs (like Q-tips) for you to rub the inside of your cheeks then put them back inside the envelope they send you. There will be instructions enclosed. You will receive a small questionnaire, along with an authorization form to sign. Your dna will be extracted from the swabs, and put into a database where it will remain secure until a match is made. Once the dna is extracted, the swabs will be destroyed. 

The only ones who will have your names are the members of the Board of Directors of Touched By Adoption, Inc.  These names will be provided to no one other than those searching.

This project will even help those adopted from Korea, Vietnam, Russia, and other countries across the globe - without even a name!

 The matching process for this project will begin immediately once the dna is extracted.  We are very excited about this project and hope you will be too.  We will be doing extensive marketing on this project once negotiations are through.

That is what this project is about.  If you would like to participate, please let us know now.

We need your help to give a 'head count' as to those who will participate.  We anticipate tens of thousands of people will participate in this free project.

This project is NOT intended for minors.  At this point it is only for adoptees, birth parents, and siblings

You will receive all details about the project when we mail you the kit.

This, of course, will do away with the theory 'birth mothers were promised confidentiality', because if they want confidentiality, they won't be participating!

Let us hear from you!

If you have questions, write to comments @ (without the spaces) at The Seeker.

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