From ABORN's Featured Search of the Month:

Hello Everyone.
I am happy to announce that after years of hard work Aborn's Featured Search has accomplished it's goals.
I am glad that I could be there to help motivate Patti to keep searching, keep trying as hard as she could to push through the bureaucratic brick wall and find out the truth about what happened to her two daughters who were stolen from her by the Peoria Illinois DFS office, and sold into adoption by Catholic Charities. I've learned over the years that when a search is as difficult as Patti's was, that after the search is concluded and the reunion begins, the more we learn about just how unethical the
acts of the Adoption Agencies and States Governments truly are. We've already discovered that Patti's non ID supplied to her by Catholic Charities is filled with complete lies and falsifications. Her daughters were not adopted by a Hispanic couple. Her daughters were adopted by a German couple both of whom had blonde hair and blue eyes for example and as small as that example may be , it is but a mere pebble in the Ocean of lies and deception which surround adoption today and always. Patti had become filled with apathy after 40 years of searching because she had been lied to, taken advantage of and psychologically tortured by both the DFS of Peoria IL and the Catholic Charities adoption agency which handled her daughters adoptions, and the Catholic Church is general when she attempted to find out the truth as to what happened to her two children who were ripped from her arms over 40 years ago. The day that Patti put the sign on her car which is featured on Aborn's Featured Search page, I knew I had remotivated her to keep fighting for what was rightfully hers all along.

The big break in helping Patti overcome the impossible odds of finding her daughters, came through a wonderful woman named Linda Hammer who I had mentioned our featured search to about a year ago. Linda was kind enough to send me the address of a producer for Unsolved Mysteries who was looking for lost loves type stories for the new season. I wrote to the producer and asked her to read our Featured Search and sent her Patti's email address.

The producer worked hard to convince her peers to air the story. We understand that Unsolved Mysteries couldn't bring out a lot of the facts that were of the utmost importance in this case because of liability issues and we thank them wholeheartedly for their bravery in airing the story they did.

We hope that someday the media will focus on the real issues that need to be addressed in relation to adoption in our country.
The issues, of fraud, deception, untruths and unethical actions by the adoption agencies and the County Governments nationwide whose courts handle sealed adoptions. Millions of children have been ripped from their families and placed in foster care and adoptive homes. Millions of children who have the right to know the truth about the circumstances of their birth and the truth about their familial and genetic heritage's. Let's do our best to make the world aware of an industry destroying the family unit in our country. That industry is Adoption. 

Thanks to everyone who supported Patti throughout this long trial and tribulation. We all know the road ahead isn't easy either.

Let's all continue to support Patti in the future as she goes through the roller coaster ride of reunion. I can't express her emotions as well as she can herself. So I'm inserting a letter she emailed me this morning after trying to reach me yesterday and today to let me know of the wonderful news. Let's all keep working hard. The work we do is important.

And to those of you still searching, NEVER GIVE UP!!!
JDG- Co Founder Aborn

From: "Patti Lemmer

Sent: Wednesday, December 19, 2001 3:59 PM
Subject: Found

Here goes everyone. I'm so in shock I'm not sure if this is real or a dream that I'm going to wake up
from. My daughters parents were watching Unsolved Mysteries and saw the story. They called Unsolved Mysteries and said my children were adopted by them. UM got in touch with me and blew my mind.
The girls had been found. I got the telephone # for their sister and called her. She said Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday your girls are my sisters. She said she was going to call Diana and have her call me. Diana asked her mother what she should say to me and her mother told her to say "Merry Christmas Mom" and the next thing I know I'm talking to my youngest daughter and she said Merry Christmas Mom. I'm so blown away by this I can't tell you. My eyes are so swollen from crying I can hardly see.

We've been on the phone for hours and I even talked to her Mother. Can you believe that?
They live in Florida. She's been searching for me too but CSS told her she'd have to go to court to have her files opened. What a sweet outfit!!!!

My eldest is having trouble with this so am not pushing the subject. The things she remembers are
only the traumatic things so she's not too happy about all of this. The adoption definitely hurt them
both. Her parents kept the dresses they had on in the picture that is on the net and Unsolved Mysteries so she's going to send it to me. Her mother confirmed everything. She read me
all the paperwork she had on us and this time it's for real guys!!!!!!!!!! She's my baby and she was raised in a very loving home. You're not going to believe this but 12 adopted children in that family from Peoria CSS. How's that for them working overtime?


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