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Adoption Sites

"Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948-1998)
Article 25: (2) Motherhood and childhood are entitled to special care and assistance. All children, whether born in or out of wedlock, shall enjoy the same social protection."

The Seeker provides links to many sites across the globe to help you.  While we try to link to the sites we feel are the best in helping with your search, The Seeker does not specifically endorse the sites we link to, they are only here for informational purposes.  When you go to a site that doesn't have www.the-seeker.com before it, you are no longer in our site.

Tags with "Steer Clear" are based on numerous complaints about a company or website to us.  Whether people are complaining about being spammed, harassing, or being ripped off.  Contact  http://www.cybercrime.gov/reporting.htm if you have a problem. 

About Adoptions

Address Look Ups by Phone Number
You can even find a map to the person's house here!  Just type in the person's phone number!

Adoption News Headlines
This pulls up anything with the word adoption in the news, changes every 15 minutes or so, and may be helpful.

AMA Physician Select

Tons of info on adoption related issues!

Access to Adoption Records
Excellent resource - status State by State

Adopted Vietnamese

Adoptee and Genealogy Page from
Carrie's Crazy Quilt

Adoptee Memorial
Many have died for lack of medical history.

Adoptee Miracle Search
Fee, though nothing on the site says how much.

Adoptees' Liberty Movement Association ("ALMA")


Adoption Puzzle

Adoption Related Sites for Birth Families

Adoptees' Rights
Read people's opinions on Open Records, voice yours!

Adoptee Search Center

Adoptees Search Handbook
Site is focused on Canada but also has pages for U.S.; Australia; New Zealand and U.K.

Adoptees In Search Group (AISG)
Conference in Long Beach, CA July 14 - 15, 2001

Adoptees and Birthparents
for Open Records Nationwide

Adoptees Internet Mailing List (AIML)
Adoptee Support Group

Adoptees' Political Action Coalition
Open Records in NY Adoption Reform Sought for 2001

Adoptees's Rights - and Your Opinions
Tell us YOUR Opinions on
Adoptees' Rights to their Original Birth Certificates

Adoption Acronyms
This is an excellent site to help - has tons of agency listings!

Adoption Birth Signs
Very Interesting.  Many links!

Adoption Blessings Christian Newsletter

A listing on the Internet of web sites, news groups and mailing lists of interest to potential and current adoptive parents. Please note: Adoptions can cost $5,000 and can be more than $35,000

Adoption Connection
Has links to adoption information;
some state statutes on line.

Adoption Council of Ontario

The Adoption Database

Adoption Events

Adoption Forum

Adoption Fraud
Florida fraud case - check it out!

Adoption Index

Adoption Information and Online Support
Info/support, including getting started, books, magazines, professional articles, personal stories by adoptive family, birth family, adoptee.

Adoption Jewels

Adoption Links

Adoption News and Information
General adoption news and info
for the New England area.

Adoption Online Connection
Internet registry for prospective
adoptive parents, hoping to adopt.

Adoption Reunion Resources

Adoption Searches and Investigations
Canada only. Fee based.

A volunteer effort, created as focal point for people interested in adoption.... birthparents, adoptive parents (current and prospective), adoptees, and supporting professionals.

Adoption Records Database

Adoption Retriever.com
Free site, searches several registries at once!

Adoption Search and Reunion
Search how-to's with tips for EVERYONE and
a COLORADO Registry - excellent resource!

Adoption Search Sites
Mega helpful sites compiled by Kerrylynn

Adoptive Link

Adoption Triad Outreach
A support site.

A Korean Adoption Site - MEGA Korean links!

American Adoption Congress

American Association of
Open Adoption Agencies

American Indian Adoptions

An Angel on My Shoulder
A search angel

Angel Guardian Adoptees

A-Parents-Vietnam (APV - Adoptive Parents of Vietnam)
Pre and post adoption topics.

Arkansans For Adoption Reform - AFAR


Baby Dumping
a/k/a Baby Abandonment
a/k/a Legalized Black Market Adoptions

Baby Theft Investigation
Unbelievable story, you must visit this site!

Bastard Nation
Activists for adoptees' rights.

Becky's Yearbook Index
Has adoption links too.

Biracial and African American Adoptees' Registry

Birthday Server
Post your own birthday here!

Birthmothers Exploited By Adoption (BEBA) 

Birthmothers Heartstrings

Birth Mother Support List

BirthNet Registry

Searchable database by birth date for searching adoptees, birthparents, adoptive parents and siblings.

Birth Searching
A search registry.

Black Market Adoptee's Registry
The sale of infants by unscrupulous people for profit.

Black Market "Cole Babies"

Booth Babies Inquiry Information
Medical records from a Booth Maternity Home or hospital

Booth Memorial Hospital and Maternity Homes

(Now known as M.O.R.E. - see below)

Building Blocks Adoption Services
"Adoptions Because We Care"

Butterbox Babies
The Ideal Maternity Home stories

BYU Molecular Genealogy
Find out how your blood/dna can help you find your family!

Calendar of Events

California Adoptees

California Mutual Consent Registry

California Open2001

Canadian Adoptees Registry and Classifieds
Listing of adoptees, birth mothers/families searching for family members. Canadian adoption notices collected from newspapers from 1950-1973.

Canadian Council of Birthmothers

Connected Hearts Adoption Triad Support Group

Child Welfare League of America
Mega links to agencies everywhere!

Children of Hope
A searchable database for adoptions handled by a Florida Attorney Helen Tanos Hope (she has been said to be a Black Market Attorney).

Cole Baby Adoption Registry
Were you adopted in Miami from 1927 - 1963?
You could be a Cole Baby!

Colorado Search Sites
Lots of helpful sites - not just in Colorado!

Concerned United Birthparents

Crystal Lady's Adoption Registry
If you were adopted and were born in Texas, Arkansas or Oklahoma, check this site out!

Cyber Investigations
Steer Clear!  They spam everyone constantly!

Dads Against Discrimination

Dakota Heartstrings

DNA Print Genomics

Many free searchable sites on this link.

Dan and Sean Doherty
Steer clear!  Major spammers.

Equal Access Guarantees Legal Equality


EMLA Adoption Free Search 

Eyes Wide Open and
Eyes Wide Open Registry
A message board for members of the triad.

Faces of Adoption
A computerized photo listing book and adoption information service

Families Lost

Family Finders Reunion Registry

Family Workings

Family Ties Adoption Search - Canada
Has links to American searches

FAQ - Alt.adoption

Find Lost Ones

Find Me Registry

Finders of the Lost - STEER CLEAR, Major Spammers

Finding in Florida

Firstmom's Adoption Resources and Records

Excellent search engine - searches them all!

Florida Adoptee

Florida Adoption Triad

Florida Birthfamilies Searching

Florida Registry
Courtesy of the EWO site above

FM - a Magazine By First Mothers For First Mothers

Genealogy Sites

Happy Families International Center, Inc.
A non-profit, licensed adoption agency specialized
in adoptions from Russia

Heart of Triad
Join support groups and newsletters.

Heart of Triad Helpers

Hicks' Babies
Read an unbelievable story about
Georgia babies sold illegally

Home Page for Adoptees and Birth Parents

I Spy software
Steer Clear!  This site lists us as customer relations, we have nothing to do with it, and have had NUMEROUS complaints about it!

Internet Spy and You 200
Steer Clear!  Big time spammers.  We receive at least 10 emails a day from them.  We hear nothing but complaints about them.

imhp.gif (5841 bytes)

Infant Adoption Advice

Issues regarding Open Records and Black Market Babies

International Assistance and
Adoption Project

Internet Adoption Photolisting
Large adoption photolisting. Includes hundreds of children available for international adoption through agencies worldwide.

International Soundex Reunion Registry

Jenkins Detective Agency
Steer Clear!  Run by Christy Jenkins, big time spammers 


Italian Genealogy

Iwaniw Family Genealogy Links
Many links to genealogy sites, including family trees.

jlight's Adoption Sites

Korean American, Adoptee, Adoptive Family Network

Kentucky Adoption Reunion Registry
Mega links to other state registries!  
But there is a fee for part of their services.

Kentucky Reunion Registry

Kindred Pursuits, CANADopt Registry
A free registry available to anyone searching for
kin in Canada or the United States.

Latino Adoption Registry

Lawyer Search
When ya absolutely, positively gotta have one!

A unique multimedia website dedicated to the Adoption Triad and owned by NCCAR (North Carolina Coalition for Adoption Reform - www.adoptionreform-nc.org). A safe place for critically and terminally ill Adoption Triad members to register and leave behind life stories for future or potential searchers.

Lil Kat's Place
Adoption story, poetry, and links to other sites.

The Resource Centre for finding that
Lost Friend or Relative in the UK.

Lost Angels Registry
Prince Edward Island, Canada

Lost Hearts Reunited Project of Iowa

Lynch's Maiden Name Registry and Lynch' Adoption Reunion Registry

Mam Non
Sharing Vietnamese Culture with the Adoption Community

Mari's Place
Links to adoption sites, and others.

Marlinna's Green Thumb Search Sites
Links to adoption sites.

Massachusetts Genealogical Research Services©
Finding people and the records they left behind. It's our only business.

Maudsley Family Research Studies
This site examines the outcomes of children late-placed (over 5 years old) for long term fostering or adoption.

Mending Broken Wings

The Mending Wall
Dedicated to those who died needlessly,
because of sealed records!

Metro Reunion Registry

Minnesota Fathers Adoption Registry

Mississippi Adoptees Rallying for Records Access "MARRA"

Missouri Adoption Registry

Missouri Birthparents and Adoptees

Missouri Open 2000

Montreal Black Market Babies

Moon Mist's Adoptees and BirthParents
of Michigan

Mothers For Open Records Everywhere
(Previously B.O.R.N.)

A Post-Adoption Support and Information site

My Empty Cradle
A mother's search for her "stillborn" child.

Nana's Newfoundland Page

National Adoption Information Clearinghouse

Net Detective
Steer Clear! You will pay $25.00 for what you
are seeing here for free!

Nedsite, the Ultimate People Finder!
Excellent resource!

Nevada Open

New Hampshire Open Adoption Records Coalition

New Mexico Adoption Registry

NY Public Library, Databases and Indexes Online

NY State Adoption Agencies & Contact Info

New York State Vital Records

NY State Department of Health
This site will tell you what you need to do to register with the State of NY for find birth parents, adoptees, and siblings.

North Carolina Center for Adoption Education

Ohio Adoptee

Oklahomans for Open Adoption Records

Open Here 
Family, Adoption, Search and Reunion

Open Records

Open Records March in Albany, NY

Operation Babylift
Vietnam Babies Airlifted in 1975 

Operation Babylift Needs YOUR Stories

Operation Babylift and Vietnam Adoptee Articles

Oregon Adoptive Rights Association

Origins, Inc.

Supporting People Separated By Adoption

Orphan Train Riders

Orphan Voyage Memorial
Dedicated to adoptees and birthparents who died before the chance of being reunited with the one they lost to adoption.

Our Missing Piece of the Puzzle

Pending Legislation
From the Green Ribbon Campaign on Open Records.

PA Adoption Reunion Registry ("PARR")

Pennsylvania Adoption Search & Education

People Locator
I tried using it's "free" section, and all came back empty, but encouraged me to pay for a search.  I didn't.

P. I. Central
A great place to locate private investigators, and more!

Pinkerton's Links
Last updated August 17, 1997

Project Cuddle

PublicData.com - Fee

Purely American
Laws, Lies and Love
You MUST take the time to read this!

Reclaiming My Roots Registry

Adoption Search and Support Group


One of the best sites we've seen for resources!

Resources for Researchers

Rosen Babies
Babies assisted or facilitated by Dr. Oscar J. Rosen in Cleveland, OH

Sad Orphan
Survival Stories for the Orphan
Abused by the System

Sao Mai Homepage
Working & striving together towards the
reunion of families separated the Vietnam War.

The Scenic States Adoption Registry

SearchersUSA (The)

Search Adoptees/Birthparents Registries by State


The Search Angels

Searching for Siblings

Steer Clear!  Major spammer!

Sibling Searching by Yahoo

Sinclair's Adoptees
Adoption information and links to other helpful sites.

Six Nations Adoptees

Sunflower Birthmom Group

Texas Bureau of Vital Statistics

Texas Birth and Death Records

Texas Birth & Death Indexes 

 Records (1950-1995) has
11,974,269 records with 308,979 surnames

(1926-1949) has 3,211,268 records
with 164,733 surnames. This set has more information, including the parents' names.


(1966-1995) contains 5,269,009 records

(1968-1997) contains 2,543,376

Texas Coalition for Adoption Resources & Education
txcare.gif (1301 bytes)

Terminal Illness Emergency Search ("T.I.E.S.")

The Same Smile

The Seeker's Search Angels

Tina's Massachusetts Adoption Information Page
VERY Helpful and informative site.

Triad of Central Florida
Adoption Search and Support Group

Triad Searches for Chronic Illness

Uk-Birth Adoptions Register - Fee!

Uniform Adoption Act

The Vietnam Center

Vietnamese Adoptee Network

Vietnam Babylift

Virginia Adoption Registry

Vital Records
Birth, Death, Marriage, etc.

Voices of Adoption

Volunteer Search Network
This is a very helpful site, with volunteers to help in your search!

White Oak Foundation
For Illinois searchers

Fee! WorldWide Tracers  

Yearbook Lookups

Young Once, Indian Forever
Great site to search for Native American heritage!


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