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06/16/04 - Venice Gondolier Sun, Venice, FL -  Article, about the new dna banking project for adoptees, birth parents, and siblings, Touched By Adoption, Inc.,

06/13/04 SNN, Channel 6, Sarasota, FL, promotion of Touched By Adoption, Inc., DNA banking for adoptees, birth parents, and siblings

05/08/04 SNN, Channel 6, Sarasota, FL, Beneva Flowers - Mother's Day Special Radio Show

02/16/04 - Sarasota Herald Tribune

01/31/04 - SNN, Channel 6, American Legion, Post 266 Radio Show

11/25/02 Article by Dawn Scire, - "Seek and Find" article

02/14/04 SNN Channel 6, Sarasota, FL - Radisson Hotel, Lido Key, Sarasota, FL - guest Jett Williams, Reuniting America Tour 2004

01/31/04 - SNN, Channel 6, Sarasota, FL - American Legion, Post 266, Reuniting America Tour 2004

01/30/04 - Fox News Network - National Television show, Live Interview with Linda Hammer regarding Carlie Brucia's kidnapping and missing children

Sarasota Herald Tribune, 11/25/02 Article by Dawn Scire, "Seek 'N Find"

Biz Writers Group, 2002
Lost and Found Article

Keene's Random Acts of Kindness Award 2002

The East County Observer, Sarasota/Manatee Counties, FL wrote us up on June 20, 2002!

Manasota (Fla.) Genealogical Society, as guest speaker March 2002

Heritage News, January 2001

RootsWeb.com, 12/27/01

ABORN, Featured Search of The Month

Combat Tracker Team

Philadelphia CityPaper.net
April, 2001 - Abandon Hope

They wrote about us again in the Mountain Laurel Review on May 26, 2001!!

Bud Beck wrote us up in the Mountain Laurel Review on May 25, 2001

We were a guest on The Don and Carla Show on May 12, 2001

Mountain Laurel Review in PA wrote about us again on April 30, 2001!!

We were written up in the Mountain Laurel Review in PA on April 17, 2001

We were written up in the Mountain Laurel Review in PA on April 3, 2001

We were on SNN News (Channel 6) in Sarasota, FL on April 2, 2001

Woman's World, March, 2001

We were a guest on http://www.1059therebel.com/ - which is 1059 FM - a Country Station in the Cincinnati - Dayton, Ohio area.
March 6, 2001

ZDNet - Interactive Week
January 21, 2001

Debra Duncan TV Show, Houston, TX
November 23, 2000

Radio Show, Mix 102, Tampa, FL
November, 2000

Radio Show - WSRZ 107.5 FM - Morning Show - Sarasota, FL
November, 2000

A German magazine that wrote an article about us - yes, it's in German!

"The Search of a Lifetime", a book by Kathryn M. Denton & Teresa M. Cummings

fox13logo.jpg (21703 bytes)
We appeared LIVE on TV!!!
April 3, 2000 we were a guest in Tampa, FL on Fox 13 TV on the Kathy Fountain Show, "It's Your Turn" - again - talking about Baby Dumping! 

Special guest on Sam Bushman's Radio Show
on the topic of "Baby Dumping on 3-13-00

March 4, 2000 - Live Remote, Discover Native America,
Eckerd College, St. Petersburg, FL

Article in the Star Newsletter of the
American World War II Orphans Network

We were a guest on  Sam Bushman's  Show
syndicated through Peoples Radio Network on 10-1-99

7-23-99 we were a guest in Las Cruces, NM on 
Spotlight New Mexico aired by KSNM
regarding Open Records for Adoptees!

On 7-12-99 we were a guest on the Senior Focus show,
syndicated through Talk America Radio Network!

We were a guest on  Sam Bushman's  Show
syndicated through Peoples Radio Network on 7-9-99

On 7-8-99, we were a guest on the
Chuck Morse Radio Show,
syndicated through the American Freedom Network

We were a guest on Kim Watson's Radio Show on July 7, 199
WTAL 1450 AM- Tallahassee, FL

We were a guest on Sam Bushman's show  on July 2, 1999,
syndicated through People's Radio Network, concerning Adoptees' Rights!

We appeared on Mike Haga's Radio show on June 16, 1999.

We were a guest on Roger Fredinburg's Radio Show on June 1, 1999,
and heard all over the country!

On May 19, 1999, we were a guest on Kennedy's Radio Show
on 100.7 FM The Buzz out of Seattle, WA! 

fox13logo.jpg (21703 bytes)
We appeared LIVE on TV!!!
We were on Kathy Fountain's show "Your Turn"
on May 3, 1999 and again on May 31st!!!

afnetwork.gif (17893 bytes)
We were a live guest on Dave Murray's show "POW/MIA" on April 25, 1999
AND it was on the internet!

dslogo.jpg (5660 bytes)
We were a guest on Phil's live call-in radio show on April 16, 1999!!

Woman's Own, April, 1999

chip.JPG (9306 bytes)
WMAL 630 AM - Washington, DC
Chip had The Seeker as a guest on his live call-in show on 3/23/99 -
it was even on the internet!

   woapr.jpg (10716 bytes)
They excerpted a story written in "Making Money in Cyberspace" about us!

             mmic.gif Making Money in Cyberspace     
FOUR pages dedicated to The Seeker!  Very cool!

        seeker3.jpg BaiCon 
The award says it all!

intworld.gif  The wrote about us!!!

  Starting Point Hot Site  They rated us!!

  MSN Pick of the Week  Our site was on MSNBC!!!

  We are family friendly!

 USA TODAY AWARD  The award says it all!

 Mr. Media   Nice write up!

abcaward3.gif (2858 bytes)  Told you we were family friendly!

myrtle.gif (8007 bytes)  Family from WAAAAY back - thanks Myrtle!

wynf radio   wsrz radio
prn radio 1450fla.jpg
These stations link to us and talk about us on the air!

In the Click section of the Sarasota (Fla.) Herald-Tribune, Dawn E. Scire wrote an article titled Seek and ye shall find in the Radio Talk section about us!

Check out the write up that the Dallas (Tex.) Morning News said about us!

Read an article about us that appeared in the New York Times Regional Newspapers, including Sarasota (Fla.) Herald-Tribune, Gainesville (Fla.) Sun, Morning Star, Wilmington, Dela., Santa Barbara News-Press (Calif.), Palatka Daily News (Fla.), and Lexington Dispatch (N.C.), written by Patricia Ann Mckanic!

Here is another article that mentioned us in The Sarasota (Fla) Herald-Tribune!

Irish Times
They refer all their genealogy questions to us!

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