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(Some of these articles have been deleted from archives, contact the newspaper directly if so.)

News & Observer, NC 07/12/01
Infant-abandonment bill given final approval

Seattle Post-Intelligencer, WA 06/06/01
Several hospitals to take spurned newborns--no questions asked

King5 TV, 06/06/01
Puget Sound area hospitals to accept abandoned babies

Statesman Journal, OR, 06/05/01
Around the capital: House oks bill on abandoned babies.

The Tennessean 05/30/01
House OKs bill for baby safe haven

Chicago Tribune 05/30/01
Abandoned Baby Found At Man's Door

Schenectady Daily Gazette 05/30/01
Body of baby found in Albany
Police unsure if infant was stillborn

Willamette Week Online News, OR 05/23/01
Down in the Dumps

Las Vegas Review-Journal 05/22/01
Dead baby found in casino trash bin; Safe-Haven bill faces Assembly vote

MSNBC 05/17/01
Police canvass Golden Beach for leads

Sacremento Bee 05/05/01
Probation in Child Abandonment

The Lincoln Star, NE 05/04/01
Despite law, Florida still sees discarded babies 

The Oklahoman 04/24/01
HB 1122 clears Oklahoma House on a 94-7 vote, only a
signature away from becoming law

Sarasota Herald FL 04/22/01
Baby deaths on rise despite anonymity law

The Kentucky Post 04/210/01
Agreement near on saving newborns

News & Observer NC 03/28/01
Lack of support derails
infant-abandonment bill in House 

Sacramento Bee, CA 03/17/01
Mother makes deal in Placer:
Woman who left her baby pleads to felony

Beacon News, Chicago, IL  03/13/01

NY Daily News  03/07/01
Teen Mom Throws Baby to Hungry Dog

Chicago Tribune (IL)  02/15/01
Saving Babies From the Dumpster

Schenectady Daily Gazette (NY) 02/06/01
State to advertise abandoned baby law 
New rule seeks to save newborns

Rapid Journal Journal, 01/25/01
Baby drop-off bill on hold

Rapid City Journal, 01/24/01
Baby Moses bill passes first test

Oakland Tribune (CA) 12/29/00
Law aims at ending fatal baby dumping 

Sacramento Bee (CA) 12/29/00
2 foundlings, same mom?
Woman suspected in two
abandonment cases

Evansville Courier & Press (IN) 12/28/00
Abandoned baby law shifts focus 

Detroit Free Press (MI)
Mitch Albom: Lessons from a teen's troubles

Houston Chronicle (TX) 12/22/00
Mom abandons newborn safely, to medics 
New law keeps her from facing charges

Daily Gazette, Schenectady, NY, 11/12/00
Getting word out on babies 
Abandonment law yields few results 

Miami Herald (FL) 11/8/00
No prosecution for parents of abandoned baby

Nebraska Star Journal
Abandoned baby issue considered 

Baby box controversy at mothers' charity

Albuquerque Journal (NM) 9-12-00
Law May End Baby Dumping

Denver Post (CO) - 8-14-00
Left-Baby Law Has Skeptics

Denver Post (CO) - 8-14-00
Statute may frighten moms, volunteer says

ABCNews.com 8-11-00
Abandoned Babies

Bastard Nation Action Alert 5-28-00
Legal Abandonment Laws Open The Door to Fraud, Don't Save Lives

Boston Globe 5-5-00 (MA)
Measure Aims at Saving Abandoned Babies

Ft. Lauderdale Sun Sentinel (FL)
Bill to allow baby drop-off sends the wrong message

Discussion group on Baby Dumping

Gwinnett Daily Post 4-13-00
Abandoned Babies Die From Parents' Shame

Denver Post (CO)- 4-11-00
Abandoned-baby bill gets a
'never mind' provision

Boston Globe Online  4-10-00 (MA)
Politicians Push For Legalized Baby Abandonment

Traverse City Record-Eagle (MI) 4-1-00
Safe haven law provides chance to save children

The Oakland Press 3-29-00 (CA)
Bill on Abandoning babies draws criticism and support

Seattle Post-Intelligencer Reporter - 3-25-00 (WA)
Alternatives to baby abandonment are available

Daytona Beach News-Journal 3-20-00 (FL)
Baby-safety bill ignores reality of teen pregnancy

NurseWeekHealthWeek 3-17-00
Abandoned Babies
Legislators, health officials
unite to curb recent trend

Law News Network 3-10-00
Bills Would Decriminalize Some Child Abandonment

ABCNews.Com 3-7-00
‘Operation Foundling’ 
Germany Opens ‘Baby
Bank’ for Unwanted Kids 

Denver Post (CO)- 3-3-00
House cuts amnesty time on
abandoned-baby bill

Information Clearinghouse on Legislation February 2000
"Child Abandonment" Bills
An Analysis of California's Proposals and Comparison with Laws in Other States

Brute Introduces Abandonded Baby Bill.  What do you think?

A California Senator queries 

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Baby Dumping
Baby Abandonment
Legalized Black Market Adoptions!

"If we can save just one baby..."


Legislators, pay attention:  You 'MAY'  win 'A' battle, but you are NOT going to win 'the' war against baby dumping by legalizing it!

You have the answer right at your fingertips! Listen:

Having sex isn't new!
Having babies isn't new!
Dumping babies in trash cans isn't even new!

Here is what IS new:


This is ALSO new:

Allowing young GIRLS to give away their children, forever sealing their child's  family heritage and medical history!

AND, even Newer!  Just recently in Milwaukee, WI, a woman got arrested for giving her 13 year old condoms!  She knew he was sexually active, and, while, not condoning it, she bought him condoms and GOT ARRESTED!  Go figure.

The State of Florida is in a $2.5 BILLION Medicaid deficit - why?  Because we have so many children on Medicaid - and babies dumped add tremendously to that - especially premature babies!

Why do we allow that?

Because PARENTS are afraid of teaching sex education, talking about condoms, or birth control pills!   They think it condones sex.

We've all heard of teenage pregnancy, but now, when college is so important, why help them ruin their lives?   All we have to do is educate them!

So, legislators, instead of encouraging parents to talk to their children, decided this was the best course of action.

So, now, we, as a society, will take care of those babies.  And pay for them.  Some of them for the rest of their lives!

They may as well be "test tube babies" for all they know about themselves!

Isn't it bad enough that we, as adults, have stripped legal adoptees of their family heritage?
 NOW we are allowing
teenagers - or younger - and drug addicts to strip a human being's family heritage right out from under them!

We don't allow teenagers to have abortions without parental consent - yet we allow them to dump their babies off in 'safe havens' without parental consent!

Should Baby Dumping be legalized?

Our thoughts are: NO!

These laws are being passed in greased lightning speed - and we will ALL - including the baby - pay for it!

Remember - Medicaid pays for these babies - and at the rate these Bills are passing across the nation, Medicaid won't be here for us, OR the baby when he or she grows up!

Baby dumping didn't work in the 15th century in Europe and "Orphan Trains" didn't work in the in the U.S. from 1853 - 1930:

"We cannot afford to have the State made a dumping
ground for the dependent children of other states,
especially New York."

(William Stanley, Governor of Kansas,

"Since 1747, the Cork Foundling Hospital had been ‘caring’ for the abandoned and unwanted children of the city – between 200 and 500 children at a time.  In the 1820s, as many as two-thirds of the children died. A sobering thought…
In 1838, the Poor Relief Act provided for the closure of the

And sad, but true, some agencies, will allow a child to die because they don't want to be straddled with deformed children.  They just don't feed them.  This happened in Canada with the "Butterbox Babies".

Legalized 'Baby Dumping' started out in the Bible Belt of the US in 1999 - in Alabama.  In a century where adults should no longer close their eyes to the fact that their "babies" are having sex!  Teaching "girls" to dump their babies in "safe havens" rather than teaching them how to prevent it is wrong, and their parents are just as guilty as they are in their ignorance.  Parents know better, but don't do a damn thing about it!  But now the taxpayers will take care of their grandchildren.  My God, what happened to our morals!?

Wake up folks - it ain't workin'!!!

In the first 4 months in Texas after the Bill was passed, 9 babies were still "dumped" - first year total = 15.

And, the Children Services do NOT want these laws passed, and they will STILL look for the birthmom!

A girl with a propensity to dump a baby in a trash can will STILL dump them in a trash can.  This law only makes a women with full insurance - who has a not "well" baby, and doesn't want to get saddled with it - to dump it, no questions asked.

We will all pay for it!

Basic issues:

It legalizes Black Market Adoptions;
It legalizes statutory rape;
It hasn't been proven to save babies;
It is a "smokescreen" law to keep adoption records sealed forever!;
The girls who would dump a child in a dumpster will STILL dump them in a dumpster;
It is a legislative "feel good" Bill that does nothing to prevent babies from being dumped down dumpsters;
It is being pushed through by adoption agencies;
It teaches kids to be irresponsible;
It seals medical records forever;
It is wide open for abuse - a father who doesn't want to pay child support could dump the kid, and it would never be found;
It doesn't allow fathers who may want the child to speak up;
It doesn't work as it is currently written!

We don't let 13, 14, 15, and 16 year olds:
-drive cars, much less buy one; or
-vote; or
-see R rated movies; or
-drink beer; or
-buy cigarettes; or
-own guns; or
-get married; or
-enlist in the Army; or
-play video games in public after nine; or
-go outside at night after a certain hour in some cities.

And we don't allow drunks or crack heads to legally sign contracts!  One of the rules of a contract is you must have a "meeting of the minds".  Hello????

But NOW we are letting them make a lifetime decision, not only for themselves, but the life of another human being!

Not So Basic Issues:

The cost of raising these 'dumped' babies is paid for by taxpayers;
Medical expenses for NOT "Well" babies is paid for by taxpayers;
Taking care of "Down Syndrome babies; MS babies; blind, deaf, or mute babies; deformed babies - paid for by taxpayers - FOREVER via Medicaid;
Abuse of the system by mothers whose child is NOT "well" to drop it off and later reclaim it when it is "well" - hospital bills paid for by taxpayers in the meantime.

Abuse of the system by mothers whose child is born deformed to drop it off - even though they have full insurance - taxpayers pay for it FOREVER!

Or are we only allowing perfect babies to be dumped at hospitals/adoption agencies?

We are passing laws rapidly across the nation allowing children to make life long ILLEGAL decisions for themselves and ANOTHER human being! 

What can we do about it?

Our thoughts are: Educate!

Laws need to be offensive - not defensive;
Educate kids, teach them prevention or precaution;
Teach grammar school kids about safe sex;
Have condoms available and other forms of birth control;
Preach that Aids kills
Teach SEX = Babies!!!!!

And the Number ONE thought:
Hug your children more, babies do kick!
If it does, hug her harder and, get your child to a doctor! 

Hold the parents accountable for accessory to murder if their child dumps the baby and it dies!

You can BET more kids will get hugged!

Our legislators can't come up with a solution to these crimes, so they legalized it!  They need our help.  Call your local radio station, voice your opinions, and have the DJ ask his or her listeners what they think should be done about it.  Especially stations that teenagers listen to.  Bring public awareness to this situation.

Heck, they advertise jock itch, breast implants, vaginal itch - why the hell can't they advertise condoms!

These teenagers don't have transportation, they aren't going to drive to a "safe haven", they look out their window for the first place to dump it.  

This law only makes honest girls dishonest!

We aren't dealing with the brightest bulbs in the chandelier!  They can take their baby to a church right now.  No one would stop them.  So who are we really kidding?

The State of New Jersey alone is spending $500,000 on billboards teaching girls that it is okay to shirk their responsibility, and encourages young ladies to dump their babies off in "safe haven's" rather than spending that money on sex education.  

Open your eyes people!  This is a legislative feel-good-bandaid fix ONLY!  They think you will vote for them if they push this Bill through.

Write to your legislators, and refer to this page.  Tell us YOUR thoughts, include your city and state.  Show them how YOU feel!

Your Thoughts

What are your thoughts?

I agree with you totally about the dumping of babies if, a girl is going to dump her baby she will dump it with out this bill and yes this will stop all records....
And yes this will destroy these children's lives, they will never ever be able to get information on their health or
family history. These kids/girls are way to young to make this decision they have no idea what it will do to them
as they grow into young ladies. I think the state needs to think about what kind of health care these girls are
going to need in later years as they think about what they have done. Depression, even suicide (course the
state wouldn't have to pay for that would they) but the girls will definitely need counseling etc. etc..
Thanks for listening.
Gwendolyn "Beebe" Jones
FOUND Ryan Christopher Dettmer 3/5/00
F2F 3/18-19/00

There was a big article in our Baton Rouge, La. paper (The Advocate) titled "Bill creating baby 'havens' advances" by Marsha Shuler. It's seems as though Louisiana is also jumping on board. The House Health and Welfare
Committee just endorsed legislation to make it easier for mothers to bring newborns to hospitals, health clinics and even fire stations...in order to give them up....The intent of the legislation is to allow a mother to turn.. without having to reveal her identity. We had a baby dumped in a
dumpster in Shreveport, La. very recently...this is what they keep referring to. A Representative Cedric Glover/D.Shrev. and State Rep. Tony Perkins/R-Baker, La. are the two authors of this bill. HB223 is the
name of this bill. Rep. Buddy Shaw, R-Shrev., failed in an attempt to required that the mother be advised that support such as counseling is available if she keeps the baby...But Rep Schwegmann, D-New Orleans...said the whole idea of the program is anonymity....I gather this is the same
jargon being pushed across the United States.....What can our group from La. do.....any suggestions....thanks.

Please take the time to think of the ramifications of a law like this.
First and foremost would be a lack of medical information on the child's maternal and paternal families.
Adoptees deal with many issues but foundlings are usually in very bad shape feeling abandoned during their entire life.
This law can work for all if it is changed before it is too late. Let the teen mothers know very loudly via media that they can relinquish privately to any hospital, Family services and even the public library for all I care but
make provisions to collect data.
Don't ruin the life of not only the infant but the lives of the birth and adoptive parents.
Think of the impact this could have on the state when adoptive families start suing the agencies for severe damages when serious medical or emotional problem appear and they will for many. Look no further than NY to see the huge settlements which have been paid.
Make sure every school age child learns they can get help with this problem by pushing it in the school system but don't feed these babies to the adoption sharks that we all know lurk.
This law also removes chance of reunification of a family that could be saved. I am the parent of a child who was pregnant at age 15 and had she feared me she could have done the "dumpster deal" but she did not. Instead
she gave birth to a beautiful little boy. She never missed a beat in school and is now in her second year of college with very high grades. It can be done with family backing!! Many of us as parents are willing to help and I
know I am not the minority here.
Maureen Eisman
Odessa, FL

I think this is absolutely appalling and disgusting. Just the thought of this "baby dumping" makes me sick.
The solution to this is protection. I'm sorry if this seems cold but its not, clearly its better than what this idiot offers. Dogs and cats get treated better than this. Sorry I'm on the bandwagon with my statement.
I'm going to check around in my area and see if any of this is going on.
Take care, Linda and thank you.

SOMEONE ..... has to see the girl, teenager, young
woman, whoever..... is PREGNANT.... does anyone
ask questions... offer support to this person?????
a real "no-brainer".... duh! I cannot believe NO ONE
sees the "pregnancy" ....
I am probably the most fortunate birthmother in that
a BRAVE WOMAN became my HERO and took me
to her home and cared for me during and through my
pregnancy and THROUGH A C-SECTION late in the
night... She helped with an adoption plan and she
was there... when I was a vulnerable, hurting young girl.
There needs to be more people like "Miss Etta"....
gutsy and wonderful woman who truly care and love
people unconditionally!!!
In majority of the cases, I believe NO ONE helps the birthmother early....
AND through to delivery... when the baby can be
with its mother, or placed in foster care, or placed with
adoptive parents. ADULTS MUST REACH OUT TO
We have to begin at the VERY youthful level.....
grade school to discuss "family" There has to be SUPPORT and EDUCATION to help the birthmother FIRST... if they are counseled and supported, perhaps, just perhaps, some of these mothers and babies
can remain together...
Just think,,,, I probably would NOT have found my birthson if I had 'dumped' my baby son..... and he would NEVER been afforded his information from his birthmother's mouth... he would never had his medical history (GREAT HEART DISEASE) and we would have missed out on this incredible and awesome experience of reuniting and having a birthmother/birthson relationship..... ours was soooooo wonderful.... I am truly blessed!!!
Hang in..... Lv ya, Sondi

In responding to this:
Now, any woman can walk into a baby dumping facility and drop off a newborn, no questions asked. How do you know she's the mother? She could be the father's mother (or his new girlfriend) who doesn't want him to be forced to pay child support. She could be a kidnapper who's in it for the money.
Karen Joiner writes:
This is one of my greatest fears. Who are we to "know" who the mother really is? What if the birthgrandmother doesn't want the birthmother to have the child, couldn't she just "dump" it at the hospital? Or, visa versa, the  birthmother wants to dump the child but the birthgrandmother/birthfather or relatives want to the child to stay in the family? Who is to say that babies will not become kidnapped and we all know how crooked agencies can be and this might be a stretch of the imagination but people could be "paid" to take children who will later be "sold" into adoption. We all know that babies have already been stolen for sale in Black Market rings. We are just
making this a legitimate business in the 20th century. The "matching" bracelets concerns me greatly too. Can't these bracelets be stolen and used by other's who are not the birthparents/family to retrieve babies? I don't believe
this will work at all.
There are just too many questions left, and holes in this "theory" that by not prosecuting we are "saving" these children. Saving them from what?  Linda is correct. In Italy in the 15th century they opened "abandonment" homes, or orphanages if you would. They finally had to shut them down and close them up because SO many more children were dumped. So many more than they could handle. They couldn't keep up with the number of children that were left, so in essence, the cure for unwanted children became a larger problem in the long run. Just as it would in this day I believe. I live in Texas, the bill is not working by proof of the children still being dumped.
We are going to send the message to girls who would normally go through the proper channels, to "dump" instead of signing relinquishment and adoption papers. We need to reach these girls before they decide to dump their
children by educating and giving them other avenues, "legal" ones to provide their children with a safe home. I for one, have volunteered to start speaking in schools about our concerns. There are many other ways to save
these children, or provide good homes and good backgrounds. If we think the adoptee rights movement is big today, what about the faceless, nameless, recordless generations that will follow in our footsteps, the ones who
will have NO medical records to provide for themselves and their families.
Karen Joiner
Txcare-North Texas Dallas/Collin county Co-Chair
AAC-Texas State Rep

I asked for any statistics on baby dumping. Thanks to all who responded.
Funny they don't need any proof to declare that babies will be saved, but we're expected to prove that they won't be.
I completely agree with you and Linda Hammer on this. A teen-aged girl who gives birth alone in a bathroom is not going to find an adult to drive her and her infant to a baby dumping facility. She's going to dispose of 'that thing' as quickly as possible so that she won't get caught by her
parents, her boyfriend, whoever.
Any mother who is capable of walking into a hospital or police/fire station with her child in her arms is capable of signing relinquishment papers. The day before that damn law went into effect, any woman who did so would have been directed to (transported to?) the nearest adoption
agency. Even if she lied about her name, 18/21 years later, there would have been a trail.
Now, any woman can walk into a baby dumping facility and drop off a newborn, no questions asked. How do you know she's the mother? She could be the father's mother (or his new girlfriend) who doesn't want him to be forced to pay child support. She could be a kidnapper who's in it for the
The whole idea was dreamt up by the for profit adoption agencies so that they could keep their records closed. 18/21 years from now, all the adoptees will find out that they were dumped. And any disabled baby that
the for-profits don't want will be dumped at another facility.
Plus, the whole thing is ideal for black market baby brokers. Most babies are abandoned in hospitals by their mothers who don't want to be prosecuted for drug addiction. Each hospital has probably already developed arrangement(s) with one or more adoption agencies for disposal of these the infants. So, steal an infant in Kentucky, drop him off at a hospital in Texas that supplies your agency. Bingo, you have an untraceable child with a brand new legal birth certificate.
Bill Pierce must be laughing his head off. This is better for them than any birthmother privacy claim. They won't even have to say that they had a fire. No court order can open a birth record that doesn't exist.
Shaye Tallman

There are many risky aspects associated with baby dumping. One of the most important, in my mind, is that it might encourage someone to take a baby from a young, vulnerable mother without her permission. Such a person might be the baby's father, or the young girl's mother or father or anyone else who might be negatively affected by the mother keeping her own baby, which is certainly her God-given right, if she so chooses. Who would then know if
the baby being "dumped" was, in fact, legitimately being given up?
The push to pass the Baby Dumping Bill is just another way for adoption advocates to ensure that adoptees NEVER have access to where they came from - who they are. It is yet another way for so-called adoption "professionals" to close access to adoptees' biological families.
In the new millennium, have we not learned anything?!
I was a 17 year old mother in 1966 who gave birth through a maternity home.
It was a shame-filled prison to young girls like me. We were
vulnerable and listened to people we were supposed to be able to trust. Doing so cost us our babies. We were innocently led to sign papers we didn't understand,
with no attorney present to represent our rights and never given copies of anything we signed. Surely in the year 2000 we as a society, as a human race, have learned something over the past 30 plus years??
Sadly, I think not nearly enough. Adoption is still a huge money making operation and, where there is a market to serve, there will be deceptions and unscrupulous people doing unscrupulous things.
The Baby Dumping Bill will FOREVER sever a man
or woman from knowing who they are and from access to medical information that might save their lives.  Most of us  have known this information all of our lives. Adoptees have not. They should not be denied the right to enjoy the same civil rights we take for granted every single day.
This is a very sensitive and important issue.
Karen Wilson Buterbaugh

Don't you just love the state of FLORIDA!!!! Do these people not have a conscience? The state of Fla presses charges against people who abuse dogs, have to many animals in a house, etc.... but Florida will allow a mom to just dump her baby off.. no questions asked....I live in Fla and a few of these incidents the girls were over 18. While I
agree there needs to be a safe place for these babies so they are just not left anywhere.. I do believe that a mother should not be allowed to drop off and leave. They should be required to fill out paperwork, receive counseling, etc. The easier we make baby dumping the more it is going to happen! I can feel the numbers rising...
Felicia Garrity

I am not sure if you are talking about the story on 48hrs the other night.. It was about a place for young woman to
leave there babies.. They just put them through a slot in the door into a warm bed.. I do not condone dumping babies anywhere, but at least these babies were not dumped in a garbage pile somewhere.. The mothers were never
stopped they never have to tell anybody they are the ones who had the babies.. These babies had medical treatment right away as this place is monitored 24yrs a day.. I realize that will make it almost impossible to find your medical records later.. I am in search of Black market sibs, so I know
how hard it it.. But I still think its so much better for these precious babies to be put through a slot in a door into a warm bed then into a dumpster.. Girls and Boys are not going to quit having sex teenagers have raging hormones. And they don't think about the problems that may turn up
later.. I am not condoning it please don't write me and chew me out..
I know that this is a very sensitive subject.. But we have all read stories about babies being left in awful places and so many are dead when they are found.. I have been frustrated as all of have and I want open records as much as the rest of you.. These babies are cared for from birth and are adopted legally..
It doesn't help them find who they are as adults but at least they are still alive............
Havre, Montana

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