Bonnie Duncan, RMA, LMT, NMT and Associates
Massage Care Therapies

Is a man in your life a stressed out mess?

Whether he's your boss, boyfriend, husband, relative, or just a good friend,
give him an
attitude adjustment!

Give him a gift certificate for the BEST massage in town!  And, don't forget,  Father's Day is JUST around the corner!

A happy body for HIM equals harmony & tranquility for YOUl!

When life gets a little too stressful, it is time to step back and smell the roses!

Life is too short not to take care of yourself!  Sometimes though, we just need a little help.

Take five! Take 60 - minutes that is and let Bonnie Duncan and Associates relax you so you can think clearly again. At Massage Care Therapies, they know how to take the stress right out of your body. You will leave there with a positive, euphoric feeling!

When normal daily activities get too much for you, often times it is because your muscles have tightened past their normal capacity. Bonnie Duncan and her associates can help ease those muscles and bring new life back into your body.

If you have been involved in a car accident, or have had any trauma to your body, you need the help of a licensed therapist, one who cares about your health.

 Let Bonnie Duncan and her associates change your whole attitude on life today!

Get treatment from someone who has been easing peoples' pain for over 13 years!

Once they get the "kinks" out of your body, you will sit up straight, walk lighter,
and smile a whole lot more.

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