Rachael P. Coshak
Licensed & Board Certified
Sarasota, FL
(941) 926-0063

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For over 20 years Rachael Coshak has been helping remove hair permanently.

She uses the ONLY known permanent method for hair removal:


Discovered in 1875 by Dr. Michael, an ophthalmologist, (who was trying to develop a cure for ingrown eyelashes), Electrolysis has developed over the years to be THE permanent solution to unwanted hair!

This process isn't just for women who want to stop doing bikini waxes! 

It is for men as well!  Men who don't want to keep using tweezers for nose hairs, or pluck ear hairs, or hairs on their backs!  We are talking permanent solution!

Sure, you can shave, it's quicker, but you have to do it every day.

Sure, you can use tweezers, but hair grows back, and sometimes more bristly!

You can use creams, but many people are allergic to them, plus they stink!

You can even wax, but you must repeat the process about every other month.

Electrolysis is the safest and most efficient method for PERMANENTLY destroying the hair follicle.  As a skilled Electrologist, Rachael Coshak inserts a sterile probe into the hair follicles and applies an impulse to destroy the root papilla.

This process gets to the very root, ensuring that the hair will never return!

"Will this process hurt?"

Most people feel nothing more than a slight tingle, other people fall asleep during the process.  Every individual's tolerance level is different, but at the most, it would feel like a mosquito bite.

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Sarasota, FL