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Hosted by Linda S. Hammer

Previous Radio Show Guests

(When Listening to archived shows, they are done in 15 minute increments, so you have to click on each of the four parts.)

12-06-03 - Joyce Harvey, Director of Peer Support for TAPS - Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors

she is also author of:

"I'm Fine...I'm with the Angels", and Co-author of "Chicken Soup For the Grieving Soul" and also Co-author of "Chicken Soup For the Unsinkable Soul"

 Listen to the show right now, right here!! 

1st Quarter 

2nd Quarter

3rd Quarter

4th Quarter

11-22-03 - Barbara Turner, President of WAVES National - Women in the Navy

 Listen to the show right now, right here!! 

1st Quarter 

2nd Quarter

3rd Quarter

4th Quarter

11-15-03 - Karen DeLuca, author of "Locating Birth Family: A Searcher's Guide"

 Listen to the show right now, right here!! 

1st Quarter 

2nd Quarter

3rd Quarter

4th Quarter

11-08-03 - Veteran's Day Special Show

  Ann Wolcott, President of Gold Star Mothers, mothers of men and women who lost their lives while in the service


Bruce Geiger of Operation Gold Star - the group that actually brings the Gold Star Mothers overseas


Two past National Presidents of the American Gold Star Mothers who are among the women escorted to Vietnam in 2000 and 2002 by Operation Gold Star:

Georgianna (Georgie) Carter-Krell - Who made the trip in the summer of 2002.  Her son PFC Bruce W. Carter, USMC was killed near Khe Sanh August 7, 1969, and was posthumously awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.


Mary Wheeler from Utica, NY - who made the inaugural trip in 2000.  Her son PFC Joseph Keith Wheeler, USMC was killed March 31, 1968, at Khe Sanh.


Lana Noone, author of "Global Mom: Notes From a Pioneer Adoptive Family"

Listen to the show here!
(There was a slight bit of technical difficulty, but you should be able to hear the whole show)

1st Quarter  (after the intro, there is a 45 second delay - you don't miss anything, just a screwup)

2nd Quarter

3rd Quarter

4th Quarter

11-01-03 - Courtney Frey, Editor-In-Chief of FM Magazine

A magazine By First Mothers For First Mothers

10-11-03 - Katrina Carlisle, co-author with Tracy Barr in: 

"Adoption For Dummies: Your Guide To Building Your Family Through Adoption"

~ and Katrina's adopted daughter ~

Kara Carlisle, contributing writer in:

 "After The Morning Calm: Reflection of Korean Adoption", a book of essays written by adult adoptees

9-20-03 - Bill Field, Korean War Veteran reunited with his boot camp buddy who was a POW during the war - right after being released from a Concentration Camp in Germany!
 Click Here to listen to the interview!

8-30-03 - This is a special military show, suggested by a disabled Navy Veteran, Jeff Redding, regarding the recovery mission of the Navy's VP-5 Crew, which is still ongoing.  

Patty (Kozak) Masciantoni, daughter of CDR Kozak, the pilot of LA-9


 Robert Pettway, as well as other Veterans from across the US to discuss the January 12th, 1962 plane crash, when a Navy VP-5, P-2 aircraft departed Keflavik, Iceland and never returned.

8-2-03 - Charles Seruntine, National Locator Service, helping you find people live on the show!

7-26-03 - Larry Helm Spalding, Attorney, ACLU, Tallahassee, FL discussing hereditary tendencies

7-19-03 - Dr. Tony N. Frudakis, DNAPrint Genomics, Sarasota, FL

~ and ~

Jett Williams, singer, Hank Williams, Sr.'s daughter, an Adoptee - reunited - She will show how genes DO affect who you become

7-12-03 - Special PSA - Animal Adopt-A-Thon- live at the WTMY studio in Sarasota, FL!

6-28-03 - Stephen Caldwell - adoptee abandoned at birth - his search story is here on "Abandoned Twice in Manhattan"

6-14-03 - Sally Howard, author of "Finding Me In A Paper Bag: Searching For Both Sides Now"

5-24-03 - Lana Noone, author of "Global Mom: Notes From a Pioneer Adoptive Family", discussing Vietnam Babylift Adoptees' Program airing on C-Spam for upcoming Memorial Day weekend schedule

5-17-03 - Ellen Durant discussing NY's upcoming open records bill

4-26-03 - Rep. Barry Fleming, R-GA discussing SB 192 - an adoption related bill, and his amendment prohibiting open access to original birth certificates


Marley Greiner, of Bastard Nation, an activist group that strives to help adoptees obtain access to their original birth certificates

4-19-03 - Charles Seruntine of National Locator Service

3-1-03 - CO House Rep. Lynn Hefley, discussing HB 1286 pertaining to adoptees

1-11-03 -  Diane Girodat, Therapist from Canada, discussing how identities are sealed in Canada

1-04-03 - Harold "Bud" Beck, publisher the "Mountain Laurel Review" and author of "The First Terrorist Act"

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