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Sought & Found

We want to hear from you!!
  Please let us know when you find your friend or loved one! Everyone likes to hear about successful endings to other peoples searches. After all, they have been reading your messages daily and have been wondering whatever happened to you! Besides, if you don't tell us, your message will stay with us for a very long time! Unfortunately, most of the time, the only time we hear from you again is when you try to answer someone else's message and the e-mail address is bad!

We appreciate your telling us when you find your missing person so we can remove your message, but we prefer to put stories in here from those who have said how they found their missing person.  Even if we didn't help you, your successful reunions will help and encourage others.  If you have a story you want included here, just write to comments@the-seeker.com and tell us HOW you found them.

Here is what some of our viewers have said: 

I found my father and family, thanks to this site.  After I posted the information on seekers someone contacted me and said they would help me find my father, being that I never meet him I was sure that it couldn't be done, but it was done I know who my family is today.  My father passed away two years ago but I now have a photo of him and I found out I have 12 sister and brothers, I have spoken to them and sent a photo of me we call each other once a week and plan on meeting in August.

Thank you. RobJenki9@aol.com

Hey everyone, Just wanted to drop a line and tell you how much you guys helped me find my friend.  It was FAST too!  My friend, Ardith, is now in Texas and just go married, so I just missed her!  We have shot each other emails to catch up  and its been great!  Thanks again and keep up the good work.  
  Michael Doss

I was looking for my brother and a friend told me about search angles so I found an angel her name was sandy she got back with in two days with info and it was write on brothers name dads name moms and sisters name and phone number witch was write and address witch was write. I contacted them and found out brother had passed away put i am still going to get to know his family they really would like to meet me and my family. I would not have ever known if it wasn't for angels like you guys now i can move on and spend time with his family i new my chances the out come could be good or bad but i will make the very best of this thanks again Sandy my (angel)     Brian Bfreeman28@aol.com 

I registered on this site probably 2 or 3 years ago.  I can’t find my listing anymore.  I don’t know why, but it doesn’t matter.  I had listed my information on several online registries in hopes of finding my son.  I gave him up for adoption in 1970.  When Georgia passed the law allowing adoptees to initiate a search, I put a Letter of Consent to Disclosure in our file, so if he was looking, he would know I wanted to be found.

I prayed for him all his life, and hoped that someday we would meet.  On March 28, 2004 , my son who was inspired to look once more, looked at one of the online registries and in two minutes had my information in front of him.  His younger adopted brother has been actively searching for his birthmom, and because of that my son decided to try too.  He called our home the following Friday, April 2, 2004 .  He asked for me and I told him, “This is she.”  He said he had a document on which he could read a name, though it had been marked through.  He then asked me if the name Daniel meant anything to me.  I told him, “Yes.”  Then he said he was born on Dec. 3, 1969 ; did that mean anything to me?  I replied, “Yes.”  He asked me if I knew how much he weighed.  I told him that he weighed 4 lbs. 5 oz.   He asked me did I know why?  I told him it was because he was early.  Then he said, “I think I’m your son.”  I was sobbing on the floor at this point and thanking God he had answered my prayers.

He was on his way home from work and wanted to come by and meet me.  He said that we lived 2.7 miles from him off of the same road.  We couldn’t believe it.  All my prayers for him were answered.  He had a wonderful Christian couple raise him.  He had a great life.  He married his college sweetheart and they have two wonderful children.   The most important thing and the biggest blessing is when he asked me if I knew Jesus.  I asked him too, and we both were thrilled to be able to say “YES!”  Matter of fact he had his church praying for our reunion that whole week. 

The next day he brought his family over to meet all of us.  He has three brothers, a sister-in-law and two nephews.  His family grew considerably in one week.  We had a wonderful reunion.  I am so thankful for online registries.  They are great and made the hope of life come true.

Thanks, from Janice Maxwell (Birthmom) and Son (Michael L. Tanner) and Family

   Janice Maxwell

I had lost contact with my little brother back in 2001. You really don't think about it much when you're caught up in the day-to-day of living. I always figured he must be doing fine as he hadn't called me. Then late in 2003 our father passed away. I needed to find my brother, but all the contact info that I had was old and of no help. So I did some looking on the computer.

I found some stuff on my brother but seemed to mostly end up at some high dollar pay-to-search or genealogy site. Even with some well meaning e-mails from people and various law enforcement agencies, I was getting nowhere. After 4 months I stumbled onto The Seeker and posted an "ad". 

Within 2 days I received 2 "new" addresses!  Letters went out the next day. One was forwarded (he had just moved - again...) and my brother was found! I feel very lucky that I found him alive and well  - and so fast; even if it was to deliver bad news. I will try harder to keep track of my own family after this, but it is comforting to know there are people that are so knowledgeable and willing to help. I will keep coming back to The Seeker to read the "ads".  Maybe some day I might be able to help someone in return. Thanks! and Kudos! to all the Angels who responded to my need!
~Kimberly Benway

Linda, Thanks so much for the emails...but I recently located my birth son, Ryan.  I had only been searching for him for about five months if that, and he was found.  We met about a week or two after we first spoke.  He has met his brother and sister and has an ongoing relationship with them and myself.  In fact, he is coming in town tomorrow to go to a concert with his sister.  They are only 16 months apart, so they have some things in common.  Good luck to everyone and I hope that they do find who they are searching for.  It ended being great for me because now I don't have that doubt that I had for twenty years on where and if my child was ok.  He didn't know he was adopted until he was 18, he is 20 now but said he wanted me in his life as soon as he knew.  Best wishes, Michaeleen Wilson


Due to your  free web sight I found my brother after 29 years of being lost without him,  I can't even begin to explain thankful I am to the seekers. I will up date you when we have the money fly out to AZ to meet him face to face. I live in MI and he lives in AZ.  You will never fully understand how happy this has made my father, my brother and myself.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Forever grateful, Charlene Bradley

Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to let you know that they do wonderful work at this website.  I placed two ads for lost friends and they have found both of them alive and well.  If you need to find someone than this is your place.

I just want to say that The Seeker.com was so useful in helping me find an old pen pal.  The service was efficient as well as friendly.  I just want to recommend this to anyone who has lost touch with a friend or family member.  The Seeker will help you find that person quickly and easily.  Thanks again Simone.

Sara Hampton

I would like to especially thank Ed, Bob, Johnny, and Simone for the great work that you did in helping with my search for my brothers. The information that you found and sent to me brought my search to a long awaited end. I finally have the big brothers that I have been searching for. I looked for them off and on for the past 15 years and now I found them or I should say that you found them. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  April 1, 2004 I made the phone call to Bobby Lee and I knew from the moment he answered the phone that my search was over. He made a conference call and we had William on the phone, he thought that it was an April Fools' Day joke, he was thrilled to find out that it was no joke and I really am his sister.  We live across the country from each other so right now we are just emailing, calling and sending conventional mail to each other . This will have to do until we can all afford to take a trip to California to be with each other in person. The reason that we will someday meet in CA. is because my brother Thomas P. had a bad motorcycle accident and can't really travel. I have so much to be grateful for and you guys are truly angels.
Thank You Again,
Fran Carroll 
- Cunningham

About a week ago I posted trying to locate my cousin Debbie, whom I haven't seen in almost 30 years.  All those years we wondered what had become of her, not knowing anything.  I began to research our family genealogy about 3 years ago, and always knew that a part of our history was missing concerning Debbie.  So I posted in hopes that Debbie or someone who knew of her could help me.  I posted at The Seeker and Simone wrote back to me, offering assistance.  To make a long story short Simone helped me find Debbie, with whom I had the pleasure of talking to for almost 2 hours today.  And we are planning a reunion this summer.  For those still looking for their relatives I say keep the faith!!  It was a bazillion to one shot of finding Debbie, and she was found.  Some where, some how, some day, you will knock on the right door.   So keep posting, and never stop looking !!!  Best wishes, 

My name is Geneise and I want to tell you a wonderful dream that became a reality. I have a half sister that I haven't seen since I was 1 year old. I am 42 now. Our father has recently been diagnosed with cancer and I decided it was time to look for her. I only knew her last married name, what state I thought she was in and the year she was born. First I went through findpeople.com, paid my fee, and they did not find her. I then luckily ran across The Seeker. They were all so diligent in looking for her. My dream came true and they did find her!! I called her and we talked for hours. Thanks to Simone, Mister Keene, Bob and especially Johnny!!! Very Kind people. We need more of them in this world.

Thank you for your message board.  I found my birthmother even though she wasn't looking for me.  I was helped by a search angel who helped me fight my way through the internet.  We have been in contact and exchanged pictures and I am extremely happy as is she.  Thanks for your help.  You can remove my message.  The number is 107872.  Thank you again.

Linda,  I wanted to thank you for connecting me to Gale Sipple. She has located my son, and has given me great advice on handling the initial contact. I have researched a little more since I received her information, and if this is the son that I placed for adoption well I am a grandmother of two!
Karen McGuigan

I recently posted a bulletin at your site searching for my lost love. I was desperately seeking her as I had to be away for year and we could have no contact at this time. I was contacted by one of The Seeker's Search Angels, Simone, and after an (extensive) search came back with the info I needed. We are now reunited and I owe it all to Simone and your site. Simone kept me posted daily and I felt as if she really cared. She is awesome at what she does. Thank you Seeker and kudos to Simone.

Rob Odum

I am writing you to inform you about 3 very special Search Angels you have working with you. They are Bob, Johnny, and Simone. They have done so much for are family, it is amazing.
First they (your Angels) popped up out of the blue after a post I made about searching for my husband's and my families. My husband was searching for his birth mother, sister, and 3 brothers. I found the sister and mother on my own. Your Angels found 2 of the boys and the mother connected us to the last  brother.  Then I was looking for my birth father, 2 sisters, and a brother (not yet found but the Angels are looking).  Needless to say they did it again - found my father and 1 sister and my aunt who adopted my sisters and who connected me to the other sister I was looking for and then my brother. So in just a little under a week they found all 10 family members who were missing in our lives.

We owe them so much and are so grateful for their efforts that we don't know what to say but thank you they are all angels.  My husband and his family have bonded and doing fantastic and they are overwhelmed with joy, happiness, and sincerity. As for me, the reunion with my father did not work but my sisters and I are getting along fantastic and I ended up with 2 aunts 3 uncles 2 more brothers  and a lot of excitement, love and hospitality.

We owe this to your Search Angels, so Bob, Johnny, and Simone, we thank you from the bottoms of our hearts and we will never forget you all.  You all have fulfilled our lives with new family's, love, joy, gratefulness, excitement, happiness, a lot of tear, laughs and a life time of memories.

Your 3 are most definitely angels and fantastic at their jobs.  Thank you - we will send you all pictures as soon as we all get together this summer.  See, plans are already being made!  Our new families thank you and we do also.
           Sincerely  Teresa and Jim Foltz
                           Teresa and John Porter
                           Barbara and Dave Pratt
                           Donna West
                           Gary, Tim, Rick, Matt, and Larry Jr. Jones
                           Angie Manly
                           Charles, Torado, and Ron Knight
                           Ann and Mike Morningstar
                           Barbara Cox
                               and all 23 Kids

Hello my name is Tiffany Clouatre and I posted a message with your site searching for a brother I had never met.  The next day I received an email with his mother's address and driving record.  I wrote her a letter, and Friday she called me.  One hour later I was on the phone with my brother, who until that day I did not know if he even knew about me.  I just want to share this story because I had come to believe that I would never find him.  I am so happy that i literally stumbled onto the site, and now I have actually spoken to my brother.  I can never thank you enough.
God Bless,
Tiffany Clouatre

Christina Huerta has been found!!  I received an email with all her info from someone who read my post in The Seeker and found her on a birth index.  I have a phone number and I have talked with her father.  She is now living in Las Vegas.  He has my number to give to her if she wants to talk.  Thanks again for all the help!

 I would just like to let you know that Simone was such a  big help in finding my lost relative.  Almost as soon as my ad appeared in The Seeker, she emailed me with suggestions and links to go to regarding finding this family member.  The second phone number I called was the correct one.  

So give Simone a big hug and a raise!!

Thanks, Becky Hanes

I would like to comment on a Search Angel you have
by the name of Simone.  She helped me find someone I have been looking for who was taking me 5 years to locate.  He was my first love and I couldn't sleep just thinking about him and I want to say that you have a wonderful Search Angel and I thanked from the bottom of my heart and now I would like to thank you for having her, she is a blessing.
Lisa Kenney

Thank you SO much for the information below. This is our long lost brother and we were able to connect on the phone this past Monday.

An excellent site and service you provide. God speed, in all your efforts to reunite families.

Most sincerely,
Noah and Roseanne Rader

 I was searching for my nieces who were lost from us for 20 years. Due to a-lot of determination and help of friends and my sister, this past weekend we were reunited with both girls. We had a lot of information but just didn't know how to use it.  A search with the social security numbers (from Nancy) showed they were active in Iowa. With the help of a friend (Morski), we got an old address and a last name; also ran with the social security numbers. From that last name and address, Information was called and we were given the names of the adoptive parents that matched the address and a phone number. On Thursday we called and spoke to the adoptive father and didn't really get anywhere because both girls had moved out. He did say one was in TN. Later on Saturday another call was made to the adoptive mother to see if perhaps she wanted to see pictures of the girls as babies, this was the break we needed. She gave us an old address for Patty that was 4 months old.  Actually, 30 minutes after we got the address we were in the car headed on a 2 hr drive.  ( Thank you again Tim & Ken)  Patty was not at the address but, the young man ( Matt) knew where to find her and took us to her. We actually met her in the middle of the street and she looked so much like her mother that it was almost like looking at a ghost. She knew where her sister Melissa was located, in TN and we called and spoke to her and, less than a week later, drove to TN. Thank you to Tim & JD to see her as well. I think love & determination paid off and as well as having good friends and family. For others that are looking never give up, when you hit a road block, turn and run in another direction. We were lucky that the girls were kept together. They knew they were adopted, however they did not know that their mother had died. Now Melissa & Patricia know they have family who love them and will always be there for them and will never let them get lost again. Thank you for your time in letting us share our story. God bless all. puttinplates@iowatelecom.net 

Just wanted to say thank you for having this site.  I posted on two family members. I have now found one, Melvis Ray Connor thanks to posting on this site. I received and email from someone who referred me to someone else that he thought could help me. I emailed him and  later the same day he emailed me the address and it was the the right one. It all began with a little posting on here. Thank you so much. My mother is so happy. I still have one more I'm searching for but this gives me hope not to give up.  Bless you.
 Shannon Wolverton

Bless you!!!! You found, in one day, my long-lost cousin!!! After my searching for 10+ years ------ you found him!!!

Sorry -- -don't know the number. I was searching for Grayson S. Davis. You found him in IN. I contacted him, asking for identifying information, which he supplied. What a thrill! Our parents, long dead, would be so happy about this reunion!!

Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart!! 
Sincerely, Lee Vanderlin, Keizer, OR 

Two days after posting the message looking for my son's dad, I received an e-mail listing an address which proved to be the correct address.  My son mailed his father a letter and a week later received a phone call from his father.  They are planning a Thanksgiving reunion.  My son has not touched ground since the phone call.  Thank you all so much.  janetharris810@yahoo.com

I would like to thank you for all your help, My friend Jimmy and I followed up on the address you supplied and we found Terri, She was so surprised to see her brother after all the years she spent apart from the family. She thought no one cared about her any more. she had no idea that anyone was even trying to find her. So once again Thank you 
Theresa DiGiorgi

 I was very excited when I was contacted by Simone and she sent me information that I needed to find my cousins.  I started down the list and the 2nd person I called was my cousin.  My other cousin, his brother, lives only one hour away.  I also told him of another cousin he has not seen in 45 years and lived only 30 miles away.  Oh my, what a wonderful time we all have had talking and we are getting together soon.  I would like to thank The Seeker and Simone from the bottom of my heart!! It really works!!
Janell Overstreet

 A few months ago, I found some friends through "The Seeker" and sent you a thank you card and little package with an elephant in it.  Once again I have had success with an ad on your site. I place an ad for friend's of my Mom's on Friday. This morning I received a response from someone with the correct address and phone number. I called the number and lo and behold, it was the right people. The lady who responded to my ad sent me their address and phone number.

Please accept my appreciation for having a site like this. 

Thanks Linda for all your hard work and please remove my ad # 103994
Lorrie Whatley Greenberg

Thank you so much for your immediate response and all the tips and sites to help in our search.  In fact, as it turned out, I didn't need them -  the first number you gave me for Brian was all I needed.  As it happened, the cousin who had found my message and gave me the starting point, had contacted another cousin who, in turn contacted Brian himself, so that when I rang the number you had found, he was expecting me - and yes, was in touch with our sister, So, after 55 years, we have all spoken together for the first time.  Really unbelievable.
Liz Blain 

You  can remove my listings with number 102235, in which I was searching my friend.  The story is very simple.  Same time, while I  searched him, he also looked at this web page, to find me.  So he could read my message.  2 hours later I got an e-mail with his message.  Thank you for the help.
Ute from Germany

Found Husband's Brothers!  I was looking for my husband's brothers and came across The Seeker and was reading the ads and my husband's brother had an ad (#75112) on here looking for his mother, well my husband and his brothers  found each other with in a week - thanks to The Seeker and Search Angel Beth. So much thanks to ya'll. They haven't met yet but will in the near future. God Bless

With the help of The Seeker I found my brother and sister!  I had never met them but thanks to The Seeker I will be meeting my sister this weekend and I will be meeting my brother soon. They are really close to where I live my sister is about 45 miles away and my brother is about 4 hours away.  This is a blessing I'm 35 yrs old so this is wonderful after all these years it just took a few hours to find my brother and a few days to find my sister.   THANKS AGAIN FOR YOU HELP

I found my bio son just 4 days after I was on your radio show on April 19.  We talk all the time on yahoo and my daughters all do too.  His a/mom is as excited as we are and I am still waiting to hear from my friends that Charles, on of your sponsors, of National Locator Service found for me.  Thanks and you can remove my listing # 100448 Thanks again! 

Your angels are truly miracle workers! I have been trying on my own to locate my birth father for about 6-8 months. I placed my add on The Seeker on Sunday 3/2 at about 11:00 pm. By Monday morning, I had three angels e-mail me with information about my father and possible siblings. The last e-mail from Wayne had his phone number and the news that he had spoken to him and he was willing to talk to me!  I haven't made contact yet, but am sure it will happen.  It took me 55 yrs. to get motivated enough to search for him and thanks to your angels, Wayne, Bob and Ann, only hours to find him many states away!  Bless all of the caring people who take their time and resources to help make dreams reality!  You may remove my ad to make room for the next needy person, and rest assured that I intend to "pay it forward".
Joyce Golden 

Two years ago after I had practically given up ever finding my birth parents I jumped onto your site and discovered an ad from a woman looking for her daughter.   The birth date and city matched and through emails and contact with the Oklahoma Adoption agency we were able to confirm the match.  Since that time my birth mother has also helped me find my birth father.  We have all been reunited, and they have accepted me into their lives.  It has been a blessing to find them all and have such a large family now. I have visited Oklahoma twice now and have met them both, as well as, all my brothers, sisters and other relatives.  We email and talk on the phone regularly as we are several states apart. It has been phenomenal to see the bonds of love growing each week.  I can't thank your site enough for the service it provides.  You have truly filled a hole that had been in my heart for 41 years.  For those of you still looking for loved ones don't give up hope.  Miracles do happen!
Becky Schlaegel

You may remove message #97521. I was seeking a daughter. Within 24 hrs of posting my message, a kind soul who read it, did a lot of research and came up with an old address and partial phone number.  With some other research online, I was able to call my daughter the same day, and, to my complete surprise, I had a son I did not know about!  We have been in contact for 3 weeks, email and phone, and I will be seeing both very soon. I abandoned them 30 years ago, as a drunk, and the Lord has seen fit to give me the grace to find them. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
 Don W.

I found out that I had a brother and sister back in 1997.  The idea of searching for them was in the back of my mind for a few years.  One day as I was looking at sites I came across "The Seeker".  I posted a message and quite frankly I forgot about it.  This was January of 2002.  Eleven months later an angel was looking for someone to help and came across my posting.  Gabby did a bit of research and send me an email stating that she found some prime candidates.  I was drawn to one.  I found and address and phone # for three people with the same name.  I called.  Two were wrong numbers and the third was disconnected.  Something told me that the first one was my brother.  I sent a letter and waited.  Two weeks later the letter came back undeliverable.  I was disappointed.  But something inside told me to look up the address and found that it was an apartment building.  I made a few phone calls to tenants of the apartments and one lady told me that he used to live there but moved away.  She told me that she new the landlord would probably know where they were being they went to the same church.  Two phone calls later I contacted Edith, his wife, and we compared notes and I got this tingle up my spine.  I found my brother.  Three conversations later, I was talking to my birth-mother and she told me that she would tell my brother and sister that night that I existed and was looking for them.  The following Monday I spoke with both my brother and my sister.  Then on Saturday, I and my daughter drove up to and met them.  We have been in contact ever since.  I want to thank Gabrielle Smith for helping me find my brother and sister.  God Bless her and The Seeker.com
Rosemary M. Galan

Dear Seeker Friends,

I happened upon your web site on November 13 and posted a message (ad # 96180 ) looking for some good friends in Philadelphia. In a few days, I received an email from a man who saw my ad and he sent me the address of my friends. The same day, I sent a card and letter to them. Three days later, I received a phone call from them.  I can't tell you how happy I am. We spoke for an hour and will never lose touch again, it seems they have been looking for me as well.  Thank you so much for providing this wonderful service. Thanks again, 
Lorrie Greenberg

Please remove message # 96320.
Peggy Sue Hoofard has been found!!

Thanks to Lynn Underwood, my friend that I'd searched for for over
40 years has been found!!  I just spoke to her on the telephone and
was able to tell her that we love her and had never stopped looking for her.  This Search Angel is truly an angel! 
We had a tearful reunion on the phone and hopefully we will be able to get together sometime.  We hadn't seen each other since 1953, so we are much older now and it won't be easy, but we sure hope to be able to give each other a hug someday.
I am so thankful to Lynn, the Search Angel that has brought such
happiness to our hearts.  Thank you ALL for all of your precious work!!

We found my daughters birth father tonight and Amee is so excited. He doesn't have any other children so she is his only child. I found him with all the good clues that people gave me.  I went on the county web site and looked at all the official records there.  I found where him and 3 of his brothers had sold some property. So I looked up all the numbers and got in touch with one of his brothers which gave me his sister's number and his other brother's number. Terry only had a cell phone which was turned off. His sister-in-law called the neighbor and her go over and have him turn it on and told him his daughter wanted to talk to him.  Amee called him and they talked for an hour.  The whole family wants us to come out for Thanksgiving. So you can remove our name from the lost list.  WE ARE FOUND

We found my husband's mother we are still looking for his father. But I'm sure we will be able to find him now that we found his mother!

  A guy read my message on one of the message boards that I posted and had a program that he used to locate her and he called her and told her that we were looking for her and then emailed me the information. So I called him and he gave me her phone number and then I called her and made sure that she knew that I was telling the truth cause at first she thought that I was playing a joke on her. Then I called my husband who was at work that night he couldn't believe I had found her and then that night when he got off work he called her and for the first time in 36 years  him and his mother got to talk. And I'm 2 for 2. I also found my birth parents back and 1998 and it was great to be able to do it again. My husband and his mother if everything works out will get to meet her for the first time on Thursday  Halloween 2002.  And me and my kids are so happy that are little family may be getting bigger. For my husband I hope that this works out and him and his mother have a long time to get to know each other and her 2 new grand kids get the rest of there lives to know each other.

 I thank this guy is a real angle and he does this out of the kindness of his heart. And that is what a true angle does it for. This man had never even knew us or anything about us but has a heart of gold and is a real hero to my family and to lots of other people. So if anyone gets a message from a guy named Wayne answer that email he may just be your angle too. All our Thanks to Wayne!
The Foxx Family

I placed a message over a year ago, and guess what!!  My sister found me because of it--thank you--let everyone know not to give up!
Theda Bonner, Las Cruces, NM

I just wanted to let you all know that these have been found. I want to thank you all for this site. Archie Dale Ponder is my sons Dad and someone he knows read this post and contacted him and he called me the very next morning. Then someone read something I posted , don't know if it was here or one of the adoption sites I visited, but , he too has been found. Thank you ever so much for this site. It has been a real life saver for me. Thanks a million. 
Ruth Groves

I can hardly believe how quickly the search angels assisted me in finding my birth family.  I posted my info and less than a week later I had the information I needed to find my family. I have located and spoke to my sister on the phone. Unfortunately by birth mother has passed away but with the sister I believe I can get the information I need. It is amazing that the ANGELS spend their private time to assist complete strangers. I am so eternally in debt to all that assisted me in my search.  Thank you all so much. Jennifer Cook

What an incredible Memorial Day weekend my husband John had. After actively searching for the last 6-8 yrs, he found one older brother and sister and two younger sisters all in one weekend. His mother was separated from his father at the time of John's birth so she was talked into giving him up. Unfortunately she died in 1958 and his dad died in 1989. The really amazing part is that after his mom died, the family was broke apart. Older sister went to live with grandmother, brother was in and out of foster care and occasionally lived with dad, two younger sisters were adopted out separately. Brother managed to keep in contact with all of them over the years. They found out about John only 10 yrs ago and had no idea where to look for him. So when we found the brother, he, in turn contacted his sisters. All are thrilled with John finding them. They are spread all over the US so getting together will be a challenge. But after 51 yrs apart, we know it WILL happen. Even the siblings haven't all been together in one place for more than 30 yrs.

We have a couple of incredible search angels to thank for giving so much help. None of this would have been possible without them. Linda and Simone have also been wonderful. They were always there for support. Thank you all so very much.

Please remove our postings. #43949, #47674, #47675, #59376, #64114 and #77087.

Thank you again for such a wonderful and helpful site. Good to all still searching.

Reunited !!!!

I have been reunited with my birth sister who was given life near 41 years ago.

I found out about this 5 years ago and with my Mom's blessing, I began my search online, at every registry I came across I registered with all the information that I had. I worked on this for at least eight hours a week. I was beginning to feel that if she was looking to be found, I would have seen or heard something from her.

My search ended on April 3rd.

It was our Easter vacation and we were visiting my parents for a week and I had no access to a computer. We were visiting at my husbands uncle`s, He had a computer so I checked my E-mail, there it was "re birth sister 1961" I opened it and it read: "omg, I know in my heart, I am your sister, my name is Janice, please phone me._ _ _ _

So I did right then and there, (after my nervous dance) We spoke for 20 min, I told her I had to go tell Mom & Dad and our brothers and would call her back in a couple of hours.

I ran into my moms house with my husband and kids trying to catch up to me, I told Mom and then we told Dad and the boys. Mom made the next call to Janice, then when they had their time, I joined on another line, we laughed and cried for near 3 hours. Wow, pinch me!

That was on April 3rd, then on April 4th She called, and it was decided that she and one of her daughters would fly out to reunite with us. She lives in Snohomish Wash, We live in Alberta Canada. My Mother and my Brothers were all there waiting, and when she arrived through customs the luggage went flying and she ran into Moms arms, and was teary and said " Thank you for giving me Life" wow, the puzzle has been put together and we all fit so comfortably. We had an awesome 4 days.

It turns out that Janice`s adopted Mom was a nurse at the hospital she was born and sat with my Mom in her time of loss, and brought the baby in for Mom to hold and wish her a good life, I guess when you give a baby up this is a no, no, Janice`s adopted Mom got to know all she could about her birth mom, so she could share this information with Janice. Janice always knew about her adoption and just how much her birth mom loved her!! As it has turned out, Janice's adopted family is very happy for her, and looking forward to meeting us all aswell. My sister has 5 children and 2 grandchildren, I can`t wait to meet them all. We may have missed out on a childhood of memories, but we plan to be a family, so we will have the rest of our life's to build memories!!

Good Luck to all of you in your search and reunions!!


Would like to thank whoever Debbie is.  She e-mailed me with information about my brother, Thomas Gillenwater and my sister Geri Nay, married to Dennis Nay in Hollywood, Florida. Thomas is no longer in Georgia, but Geri's phone number was listed, and I have found everyone naturally, because she has their locations.   Again, thank you, whoever Debbie is.   I can't believe the Seeker's Ad did the trick.  Had been trying since last year on other sites.  Barbara Gillenwater

I'm happy to tell you that I have found my sister Harriet and my dad.  I placed two messages for them on your site.  The message numbers are 84132 and 84133.  You may now remove these messages!!!!!  I did have some help from someone who read my add on your site and emailed me with an address for my sister.  Although the address was not current, it was a start!!!!!!  They are both safe and sound and living in Long Beach, CA.  My wife and I plan on visiting them in a couple of months. 
Many thanks
, M. Smith

My name is Kristy Wittman.  I'm an adoptee, and I'm listed on the site.  Could you put by my listing that I've been reunited?  All my best wishes and prayers to everybody with The Seeker!
 Thanks a Million!!!

My Great Uncle has been found, although not through The Seeker. My mother began chatting with a gentleman on ICQ who lives in Scotland. He was able to place an add on the television over there with Ernie's information. Someone who knew Ernie e-mailed his information to the gentleman mom chatted with, who in turn gave mom the information. She called him, asked a few questions to make sure it was really him and it was. She made Ernie's sister the happiest woman on earth that day!

After 30 years I got to hold my birthdaughter

 I have only had our computer for about six weeks. I searched for many years thru social services and got little to none help. I did find out her adopted  name tho and her adopted parent was a social worker. I only searched for two days on the web and lo and behold their she was. I e-mailed her twice and she called me the next day. She and her husband came down and she brought me 31  roses one for every year we missed. she also has some more grandbabies for me, now I have 5. I am so happy!!! Just don't give up your search,  God will hear  your prayers like he did mine. I am so very happy, we are having Easter together for the 1st time, and I get to meet my other grandbabies. One bad thing, she drives a Chevy, we will have to get her a good Ford. Praise the Lord for the web. Molly Post

Please remove Message 31411, 40303, 40304 and 40305. I found all of my relatives on my father's side. I now have grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, cousins, and cousins. More than I could ever imagine. I grew up not having any relatives, now I have too many to keep track of.

A cousin me contacted just days before Christmas. She found my message on your site. I immediately started receiving many emails from my newly found family members. That Christmas will surely be remembered! Thank you for the best Christmas gift!


I found my family thanks to your site!  Thank you so very much!  You can read my story here...


Remember the lady who called into your show from Texas searching for her son, and I volunteered to help her.... it has been a few months ago.... I finally found him! Today. This was the most elusive young man, he didn't have the name she gave me, he was using two different names...but, he is found! Finally. 
Chalk one more reunite up to your show... and to you,
she would never have found him with what she had for
him... wrong dob, wrong name... geezz.... this one tested my patience. 
Gale Sipple

Please remove posting #84517. Because I used your website, I was able to find my half-sister, Donna. Someone read my posting and helped me find her faster than I had ever imagined possible. We found her in just one week!! It was truly amazing! If I had not used your site, I know it would have taken me much longer to find her.
Donna and I are both eternally grateful. We are going to surprise our mother with a phone call this weekend at her 60th birthday party. It is so wonderful to have Donna in my life. I have always wanted to find her ever since I knew of her. Now I have a sister!! Thank you The Seeker. I will recommend you to others seeking for lost loved ones.
Jeanie Shenker

I am writing about the ad #12255, Bmom searching for  birth daughter born July 26, 1967, 07/26/67, Melbourne, Florida.

She found me! We have been reunited and I have two 
grandchildren and she has a brother and sister. 
She found me through the internet. I live in Canada and have for most of my adult life.
I posted everywhere I could find. It took me 5 years of postings, but finally she got a computer and started 
looking for me.  I am so thankful for the internet and the connections that it can help you make. I have known several other Bmom's who have found their child in the same way.
It is very interesting, as she has lived her whole life near where she was born. When I went to see her, she was living 5 minutes away from the motel I stayed in while we were waiting for her to be born. I couldn't believe it. Her and husband bought a house right there and a year before, she found me!
Thank You for having the sites so people can find each other. That empty place in my heart has been filled!

Please remove Ad #18290. If you read it, you will see that it is a fascinating story.  I had been helping Craig search for about three years and since he was a foundling, it was next to impossible because there was no paperwork, sealed or unsealed which could identify him. 
About nine months ago, I saw a posting on another site from a sibling looking for her brother. It was the same city, but the date of birth was off by a couple of years. I urged the two people to talk and see if they had anything that might constitute a match and BINGO - finally a tidbit of knowledge that constituted a link between the two of them came up. Everything
started to fall into place and a month ago, DNA testing confirmed that they were a match. It is an incredible story and one that Craig ought to write a book about!! Thanks for all you do to reunite people.

Editor's Note:  This is an 'against all odds' story!  Here is the original post:

 I am helping a friend search for his birth mother, birth father and any siblings. Craig was born either April 29 or April 30, 1951 4-29-51 4/29/51 in Atlanta, Georgia.  He was found at 8:15 a.m. in the back seat of a car parked at Sims Service Station, Piedmont Avenue, Atlanta.  He was taken to Grady Hospital and named Thomas William Grady in honor of the two officers who found him, I. W. Belcher and T.M. Stribling. He was actually found by a filling station attendant named Mark Willingham.
Pinned to a wrapper of a new bed jacket read the
following note: "My husband is dead. I cannot support my other child properly. We are good Christian people.  Please take care of my darling. May God Bless him in his new home. On his father's side he is a descendant of Admiral George Dewey. A Broken Hearted Mother" Craig has had a wonderful life and merely wants to meet the woman who gave him life. He also has some health questions. He has no anger or hatred, only love to share.
Someone knows this secret - also there is another sibling out there possibly born in 1947 or 1948. Please call or write to: Sandy P. O. Box 8025, Athens, Ga 30603 or e-mail at baumwald@bellsouth.net or call (706) 549-7521 

Read more successful reunion stories here.

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