Geraldine "Gerry" A. Nichols, Owner
Sarasota, FL
(941) 792-1911

Are you someone who could use a little help getting your affairs in order?

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Managing Money Matters

Daily Money Management

We all need personal assistance from time to time, and that is why Gerry Nichols started Nichols Bookkeeping Services. Gerry has been a bookkeeper for over 35 years. She can help you with your banking needs, filing your insurance claims, organizing your tax records, she can even help you with writing letters.

Daily Money Management is Gerry Nichols’ specialty. She is manager of the American Institute of Bookkeeping and Managing Director of Daily Money Management.

Gerry’s services makes a great gift for someone who could use help managing their personal affairs, most especially if that person has never HAD to manage their affairs in the past!

Let Gerry do your bookkeeping for you, then relax, go shopping!