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Genealogy Sites

The Seeker provides links to many sites across the globe to help you.  While we try to link to the sites we feel are the best in helping with your search, The Seeker does not specifically endorse the sites we link to, they are only here for informational purposes.  When you go to a site that doesn't have www.the-seeker.com before it, you are no longer in our site.

Tags with "Steer Clear" are based on numerous complaints about a company or website to us.  Whether people are complaining about being spammed, harassing, or being ripped off.  Contact  http://www.cybercrime.gov/reporting.htm if you have a problem. 

  1. A Barrel of Genealogy Links

  2. Address Look Ups by Phone Number
    You can even find a map to the person's house here!  Just type in the person's phone number!

  3. Adoption Links

  4. The African - Native Genealogy Homepage

  5. AfriGeneas

  6. Alberta Genealogical Society

  7. Allred Family Roster
    Over 60,000 Allred descendants and 9,600 surnames.

  8. American-French Genealogical Society
  9. AncestralFindings.com

  10. Ancestry

  11. Association for Gravestone Studies

  12. Baby Names - Origins

  13. BaiCon Genealogy

  14. Behind The Name
    The etymology and history of first names 

  15. Belgium Roots
    Surname lists

  16. Burial & Memorial Benefits
    Veterans Benefits and Services

  17. BYU Molecular Genealogy
    Find out how your blood/dna can help you find your family!

  18. California Genealogy Group

  19. Canada 411

  20. Canadian Genealogy Resources
    This site has lots of Canadian postings.

  21. Cemetaries/Funeral Homes/Obituaries

  22. Cherokee Fire
    Excellent Resource, and mega links!

  23. Cherokee Nation's Official Web Site

  24. CompuServe's Genealogy Forum home page

  25. Cool Sites for Genealogists

  26. Cuban Genealogy Resources

  27. Cyndi's Genealogical Sites
    Not only does it have genealogy links, but it tells you how to build your own website!

  28. Dawes Enrollment Cards Database
    For the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, Delaware, Mississippi Choctaws (also rejected), and Seminole tribes

  29. Dear Myrtle

  30. Denton Family Genealogy
    Excellent source for links!

  31. Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of Florida  


  32. Featured at Deseret's Best Web Sites

  33. Dick Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter

  34. DNA Banking

    DNA Banking to help adoptees and birth parents reunite!

  35. Ellis Island

  36. Family History.com
    Over 100,000 family history message boards.

  37. Family History Library

  38. Family Reunion.Com

  39. FamilySearch Internet Genealogy Service

  40. Family Tree Connection

  41. Family Tree Magazine

  42. Family Tree Maker Online

  43. Family Tree Searcher
    Enter your ancestor
    data just once to search for family trees at multiple web sites.

  44. Family Workings

  45. Federation of Genealogical Societies

  46. Federation of Genealogical Societies

  47. Genealogy

  48. Genealogy.com

  49. Genealogy: Advice for Effective Searches
    Answer a series of simple questions and get free, customized advice on the most effective 
    next steps for searching your ancestors.

  50. Genealogy Binders
    Includes mega links to genealogy sites!

  51. Genealogy Buff

  52. Genealogy Exchange & Surname Registry

  53. Genealogy: Finding Roots on the Web

  54. Genealogy Forum (Dick Eastman)

  55. Genealogy Helplist - Canada
    Lists helpful searchers in Canada!

  56. Genealogy Gateway to the Web
    Over 47,000 genealogy resource

  57. The Genealogy Home Page

  58. Genealogy Home Page of George Weiss
    Note this is in German

  59. Genealogy Listservers, Newsgroups, Special Homepages

  60. Genealogy Online

  61. Genealogical WWW pages

  62. Genealogy Research Hot Links
    Another one!

  63. Genealogy Resources on the Net
    Another collection of sites!

  64. Genealogy and Roots...The Search Beat
    Excellent resource!

  65. Genealogy Today
    Not just "fluff and stuff", this site has mega resources to to help you, tons of articles, including 'how to' tips.  Absolutely a MUST SEE site!!

  66. geniespeak.gif (5787 bytes)

  67. Genealogical Society of Finland

  68. Genealogical Society of Ireland

  69. GeneTree, Inc. Paternity Testing Fee

  70. GenForum

  71. GenTech

  72. German Genealogy Information and Resources

  73. Germany's GenWeb
    Featuring Hessen, Germany - excellent site!

  74. Gregath Publishing Company

  75. Hammer Family Tree

  76. Helm's Genealogy Tool Box

  77. Helping Each Other With Genealogy

  78. Heritage Quest

  79. Historic Information Resources

  80. Immigration Records - Genealogical Sources in Canada

  81. Ina's Genealogy Room

  82. Index of Surnames

  83. Individual Family Trees

  84. Infinite Humanity

  85. Irish Genealogy

  86. Italian Genealogy

  87. JewishGen
    The Home of Jewish Genealogy

  88. Jewish Genealogy Society, Inc.

  89. Jewish Genealogical Society of Rochestor

  90. Jewish People Finder

  91. Jonat - Hecht
    Family History and Genealogy

  92. Kaite's Genealogy Page

  93. Klippel Genealogy/History

  94. The Leve Family Genealogy

  95. Library of Congress

  96. Link-O-Mania

  97. LookUpUK
    The Resource Centre for finding that
    Lost Friend or Relative in the UK.

  98. Manasota (FL) Genealogical Society

  99. MapQuest

  100. Maps Can Help You Trace Your Family Tree

  101. Massachusetts Genealogical Research Services©
    Finding people and the records they left behind. It's our only business.

  102. Melungeon List Homepage

  103. Melungeon Ancestry Research Page

  104. The Moravian Church Genealogy site
    These people kept records on American Indians back to the Mayflower

  105. MyFamily.com

  106. National Archives of Canada

  107. National Archives and Records Administration

  108. National Archives - Genealogy Page

  109. National Genealogy Society

  110. National Jewish Organization Reunion

  111. New England Historic Genealogical Society

  112. National Archives of Australia - Family History

  113. Native American Genealogy
    This is an excellent NA site.

  114. Native American Sites

  115. Nedsite, the Ultimate People Finder!
    Excellent resource!

  116. Norwegian Emigration Center
    Many helpful links to Norwegian Sites!

  117. Norway Emigration Info

  118. ObitFinder
    Searches newspapers for RECENT obits.

  119. Obituaries
    Large collection of newspaper obits.

  120. Obituaries Births and Marriages Part 2

  121. More online Obituaries!

  122. Old Maps

  123. The Old Map Company of Great Britain

  124. The Olive Tree Genealogy

  125. OneGreatFamily.com  

  126. Ontario GenWeb

  127. Orphan Trains of Kansas
    Unbelievable stories of Orphan Trains!

  128. Orphan's Home Website

  129. Other Genealogy Sites

  130. Palatines to America -a National Society
    Research German speaking Ancestors

  131. Poland Master Page
    Select Friends and Family and find out if someone is researching the same name!

  132. ProFusion
    Searches through more than one search engine.

  133. Rand Genealogy Club Home Page

  134. Remembrance (Vietnam)

  135. Resources
    One of the best places we have seen yet for resources!

  136. Resources for Researchers

  137. Roots to Norway

  138. RootsWeb.com

  139. RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project Global Search

  140. Scottish Names Research

  141. Search Beat
    This is a new search engine with many genealogy links!

  142.    Searchable Genealogy Links (Lauren Knoblauch)

  143. The Seeker, Reuniting The World!

  144. The Self Family

  145. Self Portraits

  146. Sephardim.com
    A research tool for Sephardim Genealogy/Jewish Genealogy

  147. Sharyn's Genealogy Home Page
    This site has tons of links!

  148.   Social Security Death Index - FEE
    Find ancestors by date of birth, death, SSN by Ancestry.com.

  149. Social Security Death Index Interactive Directory
    Free ssdi search from Rootsweb.com

  150. South Orange County, California Genealogy Society

  151. Spano Benedetto Barnao
    Place for Italians to reunite!

  152. Sparks Genealogy

  153. StudyWeb: Family Genealogy: Search and Vital Records
    Very informative site!

  154. Surname Search

  155. Tennessee Valley Genealogical Society

  156. Beckett Tognoli Bunch

  157. Top Genealogy Sites
    This site has over 27,000 links!

  158. Treasure Maps the How-to Genealogy WWW Site

  159. The Treemaker.com Fee

  160.   Tsalagiyi Nvdagi Home Page

    Tribalsymbol.gif (7725 bytes)
    A Native American (Cherokee) site - great!

  161. The Ultimates
    Searches multiple white pages and email addresses.

  162. Vital Records
    Birth, Death, Marriage, etc.

  163. Vital Records Searchable Databases

  164. Websites of Italy

  165. Who Are They Searching For?
    A Netherlands website.

  166. YourFamily.com

  167. YourIrishRoots.com


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