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The Seeker's
On Air Radio Show

Bio of Linda S. Hammer, 
Publisher, Host, and Columnist of The Seeker

I started out as a child.

A child who was born in Miami, FL.  Thankfully, we moved up to Ft. Lauderdale when I was 8, then over to Venice, FL when I was 16.  My father was in banking and was offered a great opportunity.  Shortly after high school, I joined the U.S. Navy, and was stationed in Norfolk, VA. 

Upon leaving the service, I moved to South Carolina for the ensuing 3 years.  Family reasons brought me back to Florida.

I went to work at the State Attorney's Office, and at the same time, I went to college at the University of South Florida and obtained a degree in Criminal Justice (courtesy of the Navy and the Law Enforcement Educational Assistance Program) and I have been in law enforcement in some form or fashion for most of my life since then.

Most significant of all my endeavors, I was a the first private process server in Sarasota, FL - and the first female process server in the State of Florida.  

I later moved to Houston - ultimately Dallas  - where I was in Banking, in the regulatory side of it, off and on for ten years.   Then went back into process serving and private investigating, licensed through Texas, investigating primarily life, health, and disability cases.  

Searching for people is second nature to me.  I saw a need to help people find missing friends and relatives and not just dead beat dads or people being sued or people who defraud insurance companies. 

One day, while listening to Kasey Kasum on a Top 40 radio show, I was thinking, he is syndicated, and wouldn't it be great if he could say on his show that Linda Hammer is looking for John Duffy (a guy I always wondered what ever happened to...).

Then I started thinking that I could do a radio show myself and syndicate it and help people find missing friends and relatives.  But then I started thinking "what if John didn't listen to that station?"

I ultimately did find John on 10-24-99!!  I used my own Site Seeking section to find him.  I should have done it a long time before that.  But then, The Seeker may never have come to pass if I did that!  

Unfortunately, since I wrote this, John lost a battle with cancer, he passed away early in the morning on October 1, 2005.  Thankfully, John came to Florida to visit me the year before, and I spoke with him the week before.  We always emailed each other, but hearing his voice was better.  While he was the reason I began The Seeker, he is also the reason The Seeker will be around to help others get reunited with their friends for years to come.  John has a son, Casey, by his first wife, Drucy, who is going to Cornell University, John's alma mater. I will continue to encourage people to search for their missing friends and relatives - before it is too late.  John will eternally be missed. 

John Duffy

I began my radio career on a Jacor station (later Clear Channel) WSPB 1470, in Sarasota, FL doing taped shows (ugh), but they weren't live.  Taped shows - reading messages people posted in my site, just wasn't what I wanted to do.   Although they promised I could do live shows through them, their facilities were never equipped for the AM station to do so.

I then syndicated myself (I do NOT recommend doing that by yourself) by putting my show live up on a satellite.  My Flagship station was a 50,000 watt station, WQYK, out of Tampa - an Infinity station, and I was live on 5 stations - including two Clear Channel stations, throughout Florida.

Sadly, WQYK went to an all Sports format - of which I was told 4 minutes before I went on the air.  My radio career has had its ups and downs, let me tell you!

I later went to Talk America for syndication and was (allegedly) on 43 stations across the nation thru them and live on the internet.  Problems with the -then - President of TA (who, and which, ultimately went off the air) forced me to go to Peoples Radio Network (their 'sister' company) where I was again on about the same amount of stations and on the internet.  Then THEY went out of business! I then went to internet broadcasting through Live365 via WTMY 1280 out of Sarasota.  ASCAP and BMI problems occurred across the nation, forcing us to take the show off live internet broadcasting.

So then I was on WTMY only for a while.  I did live presentations throughout Sarasota in various venues, i.e., retirement centers, native American pow wows, genealogy groups, etc. from time to time as well - well, still do occasionally.

I later began broadcasting, via ISDN, on a 50,000 watt station, WWNN 1490 AM out of West Palm Beach, heard from Vero Beach down to N. Miami, FL and once again, heard live on the internet!  I was very excited about that!  But, the economy being what it was, prevented me to continue paying to be on the air.

I ultimately went back to just being on WTMY and heard live on the internet, while doing my show live and in person throughout the area, and have been touring locally - Reuniting America Tour 2004 - and soon to be across the country.

I also had a column in the Venice Gondolier Sun Newspaper and the North Port Sun - both in Florida.  It was kinda like the Ann Landers' column - only of the people finding people business.  Look for me in a newspaper in your town soon!

My advice to radio talk show host wannabees:  get fully sponsored first!  Do not say the first word on the air until you are sponsored!  Do not think that because you think you have an interesting topic that the world gives a damn about what you have to say.  It doesn't matter.  What matters is what you can sell!  To those of you who think a syndicator will buy you, first of all - think again, because if you can't sell yourself to sponsors why should anyone else want to buy you?

You will have to pay to be on the air at first, but why do that without sponsorship?  Pay to work?  Not!  Don't do what I did, learn from people's mistakes.  Get sponsored FIRST.

In February, 2006, I moved to Carrboro, NC along with my sister, Karen.  I put the radio show on a temporary hiatus and moved here.  It is an amazing place, I swear it is God's Garden.  It's like he touched every flower and made it shine brighter than the other.  I am amazed every day by the beauty of this state.

My sister has two daughters here and a granddaughter by her second daughter - about to be a grandmother again by her first daughter in May, 2006.  That is why I picked this part of the State of North Carolina, tho any city would probably have done just fine.  It is awesome here.  A trite word to describe the beauty of this state.

BMI issues have again plagued my station in Florida, so I will wait to find another station that has no quarrels with them and will be up and running again live and on the internet very shortly.

Until then, please feel free to use this website to find your missing friend or relative.

Drop me a line sometime!

In Loving Memory of My Father

N. Robert Hammer
July 3, 1925 - August 19, 2001

Hammer Family Tree

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