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Audience Demographics

The Seeker attracts individuals who are or were:

Military Personnel
Military "Brats
High School Graduates
College Graduates
Birth Parents
Heirs and beneficiaries
Native Americans

The below demographics are based on actual messages placed in The Seeker by our viewers.  When posting a message, the user tells us where they live and their phone number.  When calling in to the radio station, we say right on the air where they are from.  They call in from all over the country, and Canada!

Their age, gender, and level of education are easily found out by their names; their level of education, and age is determined by their graduation class.   People post messages like, "The Class of 1964 from Richmond High Virginia is having a reunion" - which shows the age; or "I am looking for Todd Smith, who graduated from Virginia Poly Tech in 1972" - which shows the age and sex; or "I'm researching the Sinclair family tree.   My father, John Sinclair, was born in 1918 in Portsmouth, VA.  If you are familiar with this line, please contact Al Sinclair at..." - which shows age and sex again.

For All Sections Combined - in the Website
The Radio show is an equal percentage

For The Seeker as a whole,  the total average age groups of all viewers is 46; the total average gender is 65% women.

Sections Broken Down by Category

In the total Militarily Seeking section, 79% are men, average age is 49.
Within that same section, in the Missing "Brats" section, 64% are women, average age 46.

In the Relatively Seeking section, 82% are women, average age is 45.
Within that section, in the Seeking Heritage Answers, 78% are men, average age is 54.

In both the Generally Seeking and Seeking Beneficiaries sections the demographics are difficult to pinpoint because they are posting class reunion notices, with no names or they look for beneficiaries with no age listed.  However, more women post in the Generally Seeking section and more men post in the Seeking Beneficiaries section; but men read the Generally Seeking and women read the Seeking Beneficiaries section.

Messages are posted not only by individuals, but by insurance companies and lawyers looking for heirs and beneficiaries; alumni associations; genealogy associations; adoption agencies; and military groups.

To see the actual logs of visitors, per page views, referring URLS, and other statistics, click here.

With thousands of visits per day on the website - and climbing - visiting The Seeker, your company will reach the audience it intends to reach.

The people who come to The Seeker are focused on one thing - getting reunited with a friend or a loved one.

Most everyone has lost touch with someone over the years. The incomes and occupations of those people vary dramatically. Our viewers come from all walks of life.

One thing they all have in common, however is that when they find their missing friend or relative, there will be more phone calls made, parties, pictures taken, travel arrangements made, credit card used, flowers and cards sent, hotels booked, and cruises reserved.

With you as The Seeker's sponsor, we can truly help Reunite America!


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