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A Profile of The Seeker

The Seeker is a website, an online magazine, a radio show, and a newspaper column that  helps people find missing friends, relatives - including adoptees and birth parents - as well as tracing family history.  The site also helps locate military pals, college and high school buddies, former lovers, former co-workers, former neighbors, even beneficiaries of wills and insurance policies. It is a bulletin board - info is provided by the person searching - and the website even has the Site Seeking section, which links to hundreds of searchable/helpful sites.

The Seeker online is linked to - and by - thousands of other sites, including universities, on-line newspapers, libraries, genealogy sites, military sites, adoption sites, and all other search sites.

Our radio show is live through WTMY 1280 AM in Bradenton, Sarasota, and Venice, FL, and heard throughout the world on the internet!

Our Newspaper column is read in the Venice (Fla.) Gondolier Sun and the North Port (Fla.) Sun and is like the Ann Landers of the people looking for people type column.

Visit our Accolades section to see wonderful articles that have been written about us and TV and radio stations who have raved about us, and have had us as a guest on their shows!

In addition to helping locate missing people, The Seeker also has informative articles and facts about the various ways to locate missing friends and relatives, how to trace genealogy, how to research Native American Heritage, as well as other ancestry facts.  And we interview very helpful people on the air.

We even post ways to find out if a person is a beneficiary of monies they never knew existed in our Factually Seeking section!

The Seeker online is divided into four main headings. They are Generally Seeking, Relatively Seeking, Militarily Seeking, and Seeking Beneficiaries.

The Generally Seeking section is for people to find out if someone has posted a message looking for missing friends, classmates, ex-co-workers, ex-neighbors, even ex-lovers. High Schools and colleges are encouraged to put in their reunion notices for their classmates. It is for anyone looking for someone who is not a family member, military pal, or beneficiary.

Many relatives have lost touch with one other over the years for various reasons. The Relatively Seeking section is for them. When women get married, it is very hard to find them later in life. Children get separated from their families in divorce situations, adoption, even kidnapping.

In the case of an adoptee looking for a birth parent, The Seeker will help them with nothing more than a date and place of birth. For example, a parent puts in the child's date of birth, and when the child comes to The Seeker, he or she simply types in the year they were born, and when it matches the date the parent puts in, they are then reunited. There are approximately 60 million people touched by adoption in the US - that is one in four people!

We provide assistance to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, by linking to their site, as well as other missing children sites.

The Relatively Seeking section also helps people researching their family heritage. Genealogy is the third largest hobby in the country, and people from all over the world have put their messages in our site trying to find answers about who they descended from.

There are approximately 20 million living veterans, including 100,000 veterans of World War I, more than 9 million veterans of World War II, 5 million veterans of the Korean War, and more than 8 million veterans of the Vietnam War. The Militarily Seeking section has helped numerous military friends find each other.

In addition, those veterans had children, who commonly became known as "military brats". There are millions of those people trying to find their friends and classmates who they went to school with overseas.

Seeking Beneficiaries. Anyone can be a beneficiary, without even knowing it! The State Treasury Department of Florida, for example, looks for 3 million people on any given day to give them approximately $15 million. This money could come from utility deposits never claimed; proceeds from an insurance policy, when they can't locate the beneficiary, (or the insured if he is not deceased by the time he or she reaches age 99); oil & gas royalties; bank deposits; safe deposit, etc. All of the Treasury Departments are listed here, as they develop their own websites, we will be linking to them.

When a person names another as a beneficiary of a will, and that person cannot be found, that money gets tied up in probate, sometimes for years! Lawyers are encouraged to list those beneficiaries.

Insurance companies are welcome to list the folks they are looking for in The Seeker, both as a beneficiary, and as a missing policy holder.

In addition to allowing visitors to post and read messages in The Seeker online, our Site Seeking section allows our viewers to access telephone book directories from around the world!

We have had our site on the Internet since late 1995, and on the radio since July, 1998.  The the response has been more than overwhelming. There are literally hundreds of thousands of folks trying to get reunited for one reason or another. With your sponsorship, we can help them!

We have targeted advertisers that would directly benefit from these folks getting together, i.e., long distance carriers, travel agencies, photography-related businesses, florists, greeting card companies, credit card companies, hotels, car rental companies, airlines, trains, buses, genealogy related companies, military related companies, ad specialty companies, and a myriad of others who have a special interest in folks getting reunited.

Computer-related companies are also our market, because the best way to see and hear The Seeker is through the Internet!

With an average of a 2% click through ratio online, any company that wants to get their product sold is our market!  We have people from virtually every walk of life coming to The Seeker.

We would like to invite you to be one of our sponsors, because together, we truly can Reunite The World! And you know what happens when people get reunited? They will have more of these activities:

Go on more trips;
hop on more airplanes;
take more cruises;
have more train trips;
have group parties in hotels;
buy more food & drinks;
write more letters;
send more flowers;
take more pictures;
send more e-mail messages;
buy newer computers;
buy shirts with group names;
buy ad specialty items;
buy more presents;
buy new clothes;
and spend lots of money on their credit cards!

When you think of parties that people will have because of sponsors like you, for example: anniversary parties, birthday parties, pow wows, shindigs, grand openings, college reunions, military reunions, bat mitzvahs, wedding parties, weeney roasts, group cruises, galas, suarets, gatherings, family reunions, high school reunions, office parties, luaus, barbeques, picnics, boat outings, tailgate parties, well, we could go on and on, what better place is there to advertise your product or services than right here!

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