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whiteball.gif Generally Seeking
    •Seeking Classmates
    •Seeking Ex-Coworkers
    •Seeking Ex-Neighbors
    •Seeking Ex-Lovers

whiteball.gif Relatively Seeking
    •Seeking Missing Parent
    •Seeking Birth Parent
    •Seeking Adopted Child
    •Seeking Missing

    •Seeking Other Relatives
    •Seeking Heritage

    •Seeking Missing

whiteball.gif Militarily Seeking
    •Seeking Miscellaneous

    •Seeking Military Brats
    •Seeking Navy Veterans
    •Seeking Army Veterans
    •Seeking Air Force

    •Seeking Marine Veterans
    •Seeking Coast Guard

whiteball.gif Seeking Beneficiaries
    •Seeking Heirs &

    •Seeking Treasury Dept.

    •Seeking IRS Refunds
    •Seeking State
       Tax Refunds

    •Seeking Misc. Insurance
       Policy Holders

whiteball.gif Place Your Own

whiteball.gif Site Seeking
    •Miscellaneous Database

    •Other Miscellaneous

    •Genealogy Sites
    •Adoption Sites
    •Military Sites
    •General Interest Sites
    •Missing Children Sites

whiteball.gif Native Americans

whiteball.gif Sought & Found

whiteball.gif Factually Seeking

whiteball.gif Instructions

whiteball.gif Comments

whiteball.gif FAQ

whiteball.gif Accolades

whiteball.gif  Radio

Product Specifications

Three ad banner sizes are allowed for The Seeker's website:

Full Banner - 460W X 60H pixels - Animation allowed - 25K max
One Half Banner - 230W X 30H pixels - Animation allowed - 25K max
One Quarter Banner - 115W X 15H pixels - No animation allowed.

Creative must be supplied in .gif or .jpg format and must be saved using 256 colors system palette (not custom palette). Our site can accommodate Shockwave, RealAudio, and JAVA.

Banners should be e-mailed to comments @ (without the spaces) at least three days prior to the start date.

Please specify:

Contact information for the person who should receive the reports
(name, e-mail, fax) The URL to which the banners should be linked. Alternative text.

Contact your sales person for further details.

Please e-mail: comments @ (without spaces) with questions or your sales representative. Or contact Linda Hammer at (941) 379-2559.

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