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Eagle   Military Sites

The Seeker provides links to many sites across the globe to help you.  While we try to link to the sites we feel are the best in helping with your search, The Seeker does not specifically endorse the sites we link to, they are only here for informational purposes.  When you go to a site that doesn't have www.the-seeker.com before it, you are no longer in our site.

Tags with "Steer Clear" are based on numerous complaints about a company or website to us.  Whether people are complaining about being spammed, harassing, or being ripped off.  Contact  http://www.cybercrime.gov/reporting.htm if you have a problem.

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American's WWII Orphan's Network

Bon Homme Richard CVA31

Burial & Memorial Benefits
Veterans Benefits and Services

City News
Post a free ad practically anywhere!

Combat Tracker Teams of the Vietnam War


For Navy veterans to find each other.

Found Dog Tags

Forces Reunited


Globemaster, US Military Aviation

The Goat Locker
Informative, and has many Navy links

Finders of the Lost - STEER CLEAR - major spammers!

Korean Way Project -Korean War Casualty Lists

Lahr Revisited
A site for Canadian Military Brats who ever lived in Lahr, Germany

London Central.org

Marine Quest

Marine Reunions

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Military Connections

Military Family Institute

Military Locator


Military Search Bulletin Board


Military Women Message Center

Minerva Center
Women in the Military

National Archives and Records Administration

National Association of Destroyer Veterans

National Reunion Registry

National Vietnam Museum (The)

Navy Personnel Records

Navy Reunions
All kinds of upcoming reunions listed!

Navy Active Duty Locator

Nedsite, the Ultimate People Finder!
Excellent resource!

This site helps the Gold Star Mothers take a pilgrimage to visit the last place their sons or husbands were during a war.

The Original 819th Redhorse


This is one of the best sites for resources we have seen!

A UK site, looks very helpful!

Special Forces Search Engine

T.A.P.S.  - Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors
Provides a wide variety of programs and information to survivors, military and casualty personnel and others. 

US Army Active Duty Locator

US Army Retire/Separated Locator Military City

US Locator Service

United States Department of the Navy
Personnel * Locations* Organizations

USS Hissem DE/DER 400

USS Richard S Edwards DD950 Home Page

Veteran's Archives

Veterans in Electronic Media

Vet Friends.com

Vets.Com Magazine
Great site - one of the largest sites with military
links we have seen!

Vietnam Babylift

Vietnam Center

Vietnam Vets

Vietnam Veterans of America

Vietnam War Casualty Search

Virtual Wall
A digital legacy for the men and women who gave their lives during the Vietnam War.

Dedicated to the men and women of the United States Navy flying "ASW" (VP/VPB) Patrol Aircraft (past and present). Very cool site!

We The Taxpayers
On line Petition to restore PROMISED lifetime medical care.

Women in The Navy


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