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The Seeker provides links to many sites across the globe to help you.  While we try to link to the sites we feel are the best in helping with your search, The Seeker does not specifically endorse the sites we link to, they are only here for informational purposes.  When you go to a site that doesn't have before it, you are no longer in our site.

Tags with "Steer Clear" are based on numerous complaints about a company or website to us.  Whether people are complaining about being spammed, harassing, or being ripped off.  Contact if you have a problem. 

Address Look Ups by Phone Number
You can even find a map to the person's house here!  Just type in the person's phone number!

Ancestry.Com World Wide Web's largest
collection of completely searchable genealogy data.

, Last name, First name

Switchboard People
Nationwide (US) white page database
A place where women can post their maiden names - men can visit too!

411 Locate Locate a Web site or e-mail address by a phone number, name,
company name, or keywords lookup.

() by Phone Number
Last Name, First Name

FOUR11 Directory Services
(Enter person's last name first.)

Internet Address Finder
(Enter person's last name first.)

InfoSpace Phone and Address Search

Directory Assistance White Pages Look up

WhoWhere? People Search
White Page service for locating people on the Net

Major new search engine from HotWired/Inktomi (choose type of search)


  Lycos - The catalog of the Internet

The "new" Lycos indexes over 90% of the web!

Directory of Internet-based businesses (Enter single search word)

Alta Vista



Simultaneous search of almost 20 Internet engines


Genealogy Site Search Engine

Search Common Threads' SURNAME
directory for the following items;

Search Instructions: and, or , not, * (wildcard)

FamilySearch Massive genealogy database with over 600 million names
Last name, First name
Father's Last name, First name

Mother's Last name, First name

Spouse's Last name, First name

AltaVista Language Translator Translates text or an entire web page (Enter text or URL, and pick translation)

FCC Radio Station Database Look up AM/FM radio station information by Call Sign

FM Stations
AM Stations

MapQuest Looking for an address? Get and print maps worldwide.

Street Address
, City, State ZIP
Country Search for military personal, units, equipment, news, etc.

RadioTower Directory of live radio broadcasts over the Internet

Say. . . Text to Speech Translator

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