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Missing Children Sites

The Seeker provides links to many sites across the globe to help you.  While we try to link to the sites we feel are the best in helping with your search, The Seeker does not specifically endorse the sites we link to, they are only here for informational purposes.  When you go to a site that doesn't have www.the-seeker.com before it, you are no longer in our site.

Tags with "Steer Clear" are based on numerous complaints about a company or website to us.  Whether people are complaining about being spammed, harassing, or being ripped off.  Contact  http://www.cybercrime.gov/reporting.htm if you have a problem. 

The Seeker, Reuniting America!
Visit the Relatively Seeking section,
subsection of Seeking Missing Children.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
The largest site to help locate missing children.

America's Lost Children Television Network, Inc.

California Attorney General's Office/
Critical Missing Children"

This is a clearing house, 1-800-222-FIND, outside CA, call 916-227-3290.

Canada Child CyberSEARCH

Canada'sMissing Kids

CCSC: Missing Children Society of Canada

Child Find Canada

ChildQuest International, Inc.
A Non-Profit Corporation Devoted to the Recovery and
Protection of Missing, Abused and Exploited Children

Child Search

Central Notice - Missing Children

Child CyberSEARCH Canada

Colorado Missing Children Project

Crime Stoppers/Missing/Wanted

Cyberpages - Missing Children
A directory for Missing Children

A site for distribution of Missing Children
pictures and missing children posters

Florida Missing Children Information Clearinghouse

Fugitive Hunter's Top 100 Fugitives

Hawaii's Own Missing Children

Heidi SearchCenter

Hot City Networking's Missing Children Section

Illinois State Police - Missing Children

Iowa Missing Person Information Clearinghouse

Minnesota Missing Children

RCMP - Missing Children
They co-ordinate with police forces and agencies around the world.

Missing Children's Home Page

Missing Children Web Links, Minnesota

Missing Child Posters

Missing Persons
Free public service to post and search for missing persons.

Nanda's Page Sweet Page (Brazil's Missing Children)

National Bureau of Missing Children

Netherlands - Deadline Missing Persons

Netherlands Missing and Exploited Children
Dutch and English

New York State Missing and Exploited Children

Parent International

Polly KlaasFoundation

This is one of the best sites we have seen for resources!

South African Police Services - Missing Children

Texas Missing Persons Clearinghouse

A Dutch missing persons program made by the TROS broadcasting organization.

Wyoming Missing Persons Clearinghouse

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