Radio Ad:

The holiday season is upon us.  We all get our hair styled to look good at the parties don't we?  Well, our pets need to look beautiful for our guests as well!  At Muddy Paws Grooming Salon in Sarasota they do just that!  They take a gentle approach to grooming, so your pets will just love them.


Your Fido or FeeFee will look fantastic after Lori Bezet gets through with them!  She is certified as a Master Groom by the National Dog Groomer's Association.

Animals have feelings too!  They love it when you tell them how pretty they are, and you will feel prouder of them when they come strutting out of Muddy Paws Grooming Salon looking better than their best.

You might even consider buying a gift certificate for those hard to buy for friends - even if you don't live in Sarasota!

Give Lori at Muddy Paws Grooming Salon a call today at 922-0849.  They are located just north of Stickney Point Road at 6300 S. Tamiami Trail and are open Tuesdays thru Saturdays from 8 - 5 by appointment only.  That number again is 922-0849.  Visa and Master Card accepted.

New customers, mention this ad and receive $5.00 off!


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