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Native American Sites

 For other genealogy related Sites, Check out The Seeker's Genealogy Sites!

African Native Americans: We are still here!

American Indian Adoptions

American Indian Tribal Directory

Beadedweb's How-to-Guide for Researching Native American Genealogy


Bureau of Indian Affairs

Cherokee by Blood
Lots of useful info, including the Guion Miller Roll

Cherokee Fire
Excellent Resource, and mega links!

Cherokee Research Information

Choctaw Nation

The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

Cyndi's List of Native American Sites
If you can't find what you are looking for here, you probably don't need it!

Genealogist's Index to 
the World Wide Web

Genealogy Sites

Ghost Children

How To technical info

Indian Entities Recognized

Jatibonicu Taino Tribal Nation

The Moravian Church Genealogy site
These people kept records on American Indians back to the Mayflower

NAIL Homepage

Native American Home Pages

Native Americas - Magazine
A paid subscription magazine.

NA Journalist Association

NAFuture: Educational Resource

NA and the Environment

Native American Genealogy

Native American Indian Websites
You will be here for a while!  Mega links!

Native American Village

Native Americans and Friends

Native American Resource Center
Find out if you are on a Roll!

Northern Cherokee Nation Old Louisiana Territory

Oklahoma Cherokee Women

Oklahoma Indian Legal Services, Inc.

Online Native American greeting card .... free.

The People's Paths Chat

Powersource Native American 
Art & Education Ctr

Seminole Nation of Oklahoma

Seminole Resource

Seminole Tribe of Florida

The Siler Rolls

Six Nations Adoptees

Spirit Walker's Drum Talk

Sweetness' Native American 
Genealogy Links and Resources

Takkons PowWow

Top Genealogy Sites
With over 40,000 Links

Tribal Leaders Directory

Turtle Island
This site is very good, has a great chat room also ask them (any host in the chat room) to put you on list and you will get daily up dates on all na news around the US and world.

United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians

Vicki's Little Corner of the Web
A Resource for Chickasaw Native American History and Genealogy 

Western Cherokee Nation of
Arkansas and Missouri

Young Once, Indian Forever
Great site to search for Native American heritage!

For AOL users, I don't know if they link or not, but I was provided with the following links:

aol://4344:167.surname1.1410129.544939708 Surname Center

aol://4344:167.ancbeth.1418867.542297841 Ancestors

aol://4344:167.Hiscul.1420391.542304937 History and Culture

aol://4344:167.recbeth.1420397.542308237 Records

aol://4344:167.tools.1420381.542308744 Software and Tools Genealogy

aol://4344:662.ec_na8.5671275.572258010 Turtle Island...a gathering of Nations

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