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Orphan Train Riders

Orphan Train Riders

Orphan Train Riders came about as a result of too many children in the streets of New York City, children of immigrants. 

In 1853, Children's Aid Society founder, Charles Loring Brace, thought it would ease the overcrowding in the streets of what police called "street arabs" by sending these children West.  They were sold as slaves in many cases.

Originally, the Society planned to clothe, feed, house, and educate the children.  Soon there were too many, that the Society couldn't take care of them.  Thus, the Society sent them West.

Orphan Trains to Missouri

The Orphan Trains

Orphan Trains

Orphan Train Resources

Orphan Trains of Kansas - Timeline

Orphan Trains of Nebraska

Orphan Train Collection

37th Annual Orphan Train Reunion

Orphan Trains of Kansas

Dreamwrites - a Play about the Orphan Trains

Orphan Train Series

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