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Personal Endorsement:  This site will help you trace your family's tree back for many generations.  Very helpful.  Linda Hammer


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Site Seeking

Other Miscellaneous Directories

The Seeker provides links to many sites across the globe to help you.  While we try to link to the sites we feel are the best in helping with your search, The Seeker does not specifically endorse the sites we link to, they are only here for informational purposes.  When you go to a site that doesn't have before it, you are no longer in our site.

Tags with "Steer Clear" are based on numerous complaints about a company or website to us.  Whether people are complaining about being spammed, harassing, or being ripped off.  Contact if you have a problem.
Searches 37 search engines at once.
Very cool site - the name says it all!

Fee!'s Home Page or's Fast Area Code Look-Up

1584 Internet Service Providers & Growing!
Find local, regional, national, and international Internet-access dial-up numbers.
(This site is a must for "AOL Challenged" users!)

Address Look Ups by Phone Number
You can even find a map to the person's house here!  Just type in the person's phone number!

Tons of search sites

All The


America Finds - Houston, TX
Fraud.  Claims to find exact person you are looking for or no charge - but refuses to refund payment when they don't.

Americanada Information Broker
Be leery.  Very pricey.  We don't know anything about their credibility, but site professes to be able to get unlisted numbers - not normal, or legal.

Be leery!  Fee!
This is site is part of - has a $50.00 fee - although site says no find no fee, it also says "You are about to view all the matches we find in the U.S. Voter Registration archives and the Motor Vehicle Registration archives" = both sites are accessible for free under the F.O.I.A.

AnyWho Reverse Directory

Ask Jeeves
Have a question?  Just ask him!

Bell South Yellow Pages

Better Business Bureau Web Server


Biz Finder Database
Silly name, lots of stuff listed tho.

Campus Registry

Chambers of Commerce Directory
This site even lists international Chambers!

The Online Chambers of Commerce HomePage

World Chambers of Commerce
Chamber Navigator - Canada, United States, Europe

Chambers of Commerce in the Florida Keys

Association of Bi-National Chambers of Commerce in South Florida, Inc.

City Directories

Classmates Online


Colorado Marriages and Divorces Index

This site links to other search type sites, it even does graphic work!

County Locator Database

Cyber Investigator
Steer clear!  They are major spammers!

Digital Yearbook


Driver's License Lookup
FEE, but it appears reasonable.
This is VERY cool, type in your name and see where it appears across the internet!

Find Out About Anyone
Steer Clear!  Big time spammers!
Find unclaimed money you never knew you had!

Find eMail
Changed your e-mail address? Register here!

Find Lost Ones - People Finders

Finders of the Lost - STEER CLEAR - major spammers!
Excellent resource, searches all search engines!

Freedom of Information Act
Fully Automated, Fill-in-the-Blanks State Open Records Law - Request Letter Generator

Gone Missing UK
Lots of UK links here!



High School Alumni.Com

Search for Criminal Records

InFind Meta Search Engine

Terrific place to find a person, with section that tell you about a particular city. 


International Directory

International Telephone Directories on the Web

Internet Web Directory
The internet's fastest growing directory of the best web sites. 
Fully searchable and updated regularly.

Internet Law Library

Investigative Links
They are listed below, but we haven't checked them out yet.  They look great tho.

Jenkins Detective Agency
Steer Clear!  Another big time spammer
and they promote Sean and Dan Doherty.

Law Depot

Locate a City
By a phone number

Be Leery!  Fee!
$50.00 fee - although site says no find no fee, it also says "You are about to view all the matches we find in the U.S. Voter Registration archives and the Motor Vehicle Registration archives" = both sites are accessible for free under the F.O.I.A.


The Resource Centre for finding that
Lost Friend or Relative in the UK.

Lookup USA

Lost Friends

Lost 'N Found

Lynk Enterprises - Fee!

Magellan People Finder
A place where women can post their maiden names - men can visit too!
Mother of all Search Engines

Mesa Email Search Agent
Found me!

National Archives and Records Administration

National Credit Information
Fee!   Seems reasonable tho.  

Nedsite, the Ultimate 'People Finder' Index

Net Detective
Steer Clear!  You will pay $25.00 for what you
are seeing right here for free!

Netscape White Pages

Network Solutions
Find out if a domain name already exists before you get too used to it!
Newspapers, magazines, television
Online Obituary Network


People Finder's Search Engine

Physician Finder

Phone Books of Canada, France,
Germany, France, & UK

Phone Number Search

Planet Alumni

Private Investigator's Licensing - Fee

One of the best sites we have seen yet for resources!


Search Alley

Search Beat
 Excellent Resource!

Search Bug
Excellent resource site!

Search for People & Personal Information

Searching for People

This is a great site, has many links to search type sites.

Social Security Administration
Letter Forwarding Unit
6401 Security Blvd.
Baltimore, MD., 21235
Send an unsealed letter to them and they will forward it to whomever you are looking for -  you don't need number.

Social Security Death Index
Excellent source to look up people by date of birth, death, ssn.

Spyware/T.E.I. Marketing
Steer clear! The Seeker is NOT connected with them in anyway, yet they have our name as their customer service rep!
Complain to them directly at 727-781-0458
P. O. Box 687, Ozona, FL  34660
or email Anthony

State and Local Government

Statewide Searches
Lists of available public records

Telephone Directories On The Web

Telephone Directory Sources

Telephone Directory of Belgium
This site also has great links to other International Sites.

Telephone Directory of Canada

Telephone Directory of France

Telephone Directory of New Zealand

Tracer Services
Fee for services
Find universities all over the world!

United States House of Representatives

United States Senate


Virtual Gumshoe
(Was Webgator, but a cybersquatter took their name.) Has tons of helpful tips on finding people!

Vital Records
Birth, Death, Marriage, etc.
Domain name searches.

Work Buddies

World Email Directories
You have to sign in.

World Pages
Does business and people searches
 and is a search engine.  
Even lets you build maps!  Very cool!

World Wide Pages - Find the World here

World Wide Yellow Pages

 Fee! WorldWide Tracers  

Yearbook Lookups

Y B Lost
This is a very cool site, lots of info



The below sites have not been checked out yet, but they look pretty good!


Vital Records/US County Records Offices/Canadian Vital Records/Foreign Records
Access To Official Federal - State - Local Government Services
The Guide to Criminal Offender Public Records Online
How To Find U.S. Company Information
FEC's Researching Public Records
Unlisted Phone Number Search
The Criminal Justice Gateway
Dumpster Diving
The Records Online Investigators Guide to Sources of Information
Maine Public Records
Pac-Info Public Records (State)
Pac-Info Public Records (National)
Pac-Info Public Records (Canada)
PI Mall Public Records (state by state)
Public Records Database Finder
BRB Public Record Resources
BRB Public Record Retrievers
Obtaining Public Records (state by state laws)
Maine Criminal History d Public Record Statutes
UK Public Record Search
Obtain Birth d Death Records (state by state)
Locate Criminal Records (state by state)
Public Access to Court Records
Crime Time Black Book Online
Crime Time Criminal Records Online
Crime Time State Records Online
Crime Time Federal d National Searches
Las Vegas District Court Online
Vital Records/City Halls & Town Halls
Vital Record Online Records (Map)
City d Town Halls II
Cities Online
City d Town Administrations
City d Towns USA
Land Recording Offices (Northeast)
Tax Assessors Database
Assessor/Appraisal (by county d state)
Property Find
Property Assessments Online
Tax Assessors d Recorders Offices (Property Find)
Real Estate Directories
Real Estate Public Records
Appraisers (National Registry)
Maine Counties
US Counties
US Counties II
US Counties d Cities Criss-Cross Directory
County Government
County Recorders
County Courthouse Addresses
National Center for State Courts
Information System (counties/cities/towns/schools)
Geographic Nameserver
National/State County Files
Bankruptcy Court Directory
Backruptcy Search (Nationwide)
Bankruptcy Locator
Bankruptcy Find
Bankruptcy Court Information (Recap)
Bankruptcy Terms
National Archives d Record Administration (NARA)
National Archives Records Administrations (by state)
Social Security Number Verification (SSN)
Social Security Number Verification (SSN)
Social Security Number Verification II (SSN)
Social Security Administration
Social Security Death Index
Social Security Death Index II
Social Security Death Index III
Social Security Death Index IIII
Drivers License Lookup (Vindico)
Drivers License Release Act (state by state)
Driving Record Addresses
Driver Record Addresses II
Maine Vanity Plate Availability
Maine (Driving Records-Registrations-Title Records-Online)
Postal Canada Postal Service
Canada Post Delivery Confirmation
United States Postal Service (USPS)
Post Offices (Postal)
Request for Postal Records & Addresses
UK Postal Code Finder
Area Code Information
Area Code US Map
Area Code Map (NANPA)
Area Code Finder
Area Code Finder (Multiple Lookup)
Area Decoder
Crime Data (By Zipcode)
Zips d Area Codes (Distances)
Zip Codes
Zip Codes (of the Rich)
Zip Codes (International)
State Postal Codes
Freight Forwarders (Cargo Logs)
Parcel/Package Tracker
USPS Track/Confirm
Mail Drops
Mail Drop Search II
Missing US Postal Money Orders
Missing US Postal Money Orders (Most Recent)
Passport Services
Green Cards
Dictionaries Legal Dictionary I
Legal Dictionary II
Webster Dictionary
Computer Dictionary
Computer Dictionary d Terms
Military Dictionary
Medical Dictionary
Medical Dictionary (by name)
Medical Search Engine
Medical Spell Check
Licensing Boards & Agencies Professional d Occupational Licensure
Maine Licensing Boards d Agencies
Engineer Licensing Boards (state by state)
Landscape Licensing Boards (state by state)
Contractors Licensing Boards (state by state)
State's Requirements for PI Licensing
Private Investigators Licensing Agencies
State Licensing Agencies (misc)
Professional d Medical License Search
US Medical Licensing Boards (Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, etc.)
Medical State Licensing Boards
Member Medical Boards (Medical Examiners)
Medical Hospitals
US Hospitals
World Hospitals
Hospital Records (UK)
Doctors & Dentists
Doctor Find
Doctors (By Specialty/Specialties)
Nurse Find (Missouri)
The Drug Index
The Pharmacy
Pharmaceutial Manufacturers
Medicine Net
HEAL Doctors (Defaulted Borrowers)
Medical Encyclopedia
Medical Search Engine
Schools - Universities - Colleges Departments of Education (state by state)
National Public School Locator
Schools (Overseas)
World Colleges d Universities
College d University Home Pages
College Telephone Books
Catholic Colleges
Student d Alumni Databases
Campus Newspapers
Class Mates
Grad Finder
Businesses - Companies - Corporations FTC's Registered ID Number Database
Better Business Bureaus (BBB)
Better Business Bureau Resource Library (BBB)
Associations (6,589)
Company Annual Reports (3,600)
Company Profiles (Worldwide Mega-Directory)
Company Profiles I
Company Profiles
Companies Online
Companies...the inside scoop
Company Information (How to...)
Company Information Research
Maine Corporations
Florida Corporate Data
Corporate Information
US Corporation Records
US Corporate Information
Transnational Corporations
UCC Filings
UCC Locator
UCC (State fees/Requirements/Jurisdictional Data)
UCC d Corporations
New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
Business Locator
Business Locator II
Business Locator (Canada)
Business Locator II (Canada)
Business Opportunity Disclosure Laws
SEC Brokerage Verification
Edgar Documents (Company/Trade/Stock)
Import/Export Directory
Labor Unions
Trucking Directory
Airports and Aviation Airports
Airlines Toll-Free Numbers d Websites
Airport Codes I
Airport Codes II
Airport Information (Facilities/Frequencies/Runways/etc.)
Air Traffic Control System Command Center (REAL TIME)
Air Safety Investigation Resources
Aircraft Manufacturers
Canada Civil Aircraft Register
International Aviation Directory
Aviation Flight Tracker
Aeroseek Flight Tracker
Aviation System Safety
Aviation Accident Database
Plane Crash Information
Aviation & Pilots Database
Aviation Site Register (Europe d USA)
Aviation Public Landing Sites (Airfields)
Aerolink (WORLD)
Investigative Resources II Vessel Search
US Coast Guard Vessel Database
Maritime Links (Boat/Sea/Ocean)
Reunion Registry
Genealogy (Cyndislist)
Genealogy Canada
Newspapers I
Newspapers II
Newspapers 5000
1st Headline News
US News Archives
Foreign Newspaper Archives
Campus Newspapers
Pension Search
Pension Funds
Insurance Policies/Benefits/Annuities/Pensions
Insurance Claims Page
Insurance Links
Insurance Fraud
Insurance Information Exchange
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
Fraud Guard
National Fraud Information Center
Fraud Defense Network
National Check Fraud Center
The Obituary Links Page
The Obituary Network
The Obituary Daily Times
Funeral Homes
Cemeteries II
Cemeteries III
Cemetery Records Online
Pawn Shops d Pawn Brokers ***
Pawn Shops #1
Pawn Shops #2
Locksmith Search
Telephone - Fax - Email Directories World Internet Directory Assistance (IDA)
Think Direct Marketing (phone, addresses, business)
Phone d Email Directory Links (NAIS 2000)
Ancestry US Telephone & Address Listings
Ancestry Canada Telephone & Address Listings
Ancestry European Telephone & Address Listings
Reverse Telephone Directory
Reverse Telephone Directory
Reverse Telephone Directory
Reverse Telephone Directory
Reverse Directory People Search (w3com)
People Search Delux Phone Book (w3com)
People Finder d Phone Book Searches
The College Phone Book
555-1212 Canada
Who Are Your Neighbors
InfoUSA Phonebook
White d Yellow Pages
The Yellow Pages
Global Yellow Pages
Canada Phone Directory
Canada Directory II
Canada Reverse Lookups (Phone-Email-Area Codes-Address)
United Kingdom Telephone Number Locator (UK)
United Kingdom Address Finder
World Directory
World Directory II
World Fax Directory
Tollfree 800 Numbers (USA)
Tollfree 800 Numbers (Canada)
Tollfree 800 Numbers
Tollfree 800 Numbers
Dialing Codes & Directories
Area Code d Prefix Finder
Country d Area Decoder
Telephone Prefix Finder II
Mobile Numbers Directory
Mobile Telephone Numbers
Cell Phone Directory
Telephone Tape Recording Laws
Mega-Telephone Books & Email Directories
MESA-Email Search Agent (by name)
The World Email Directory
US Email Directory
Mega -International Email Directoy
Reverse Email
Use-net Addresses
Email Tracking I
Email Tracking II
Decoding Email Headers
Revealing Full Unmodified Email
Free Email Addresses
Maine School Email Addresses
People Locators TEKNION Tracker
Address Search
Quid Pro Quo People Tracker
Yahoo Profile People Locator
AOL Homepage Finder
Homepage Finder
Worldwide Profile Registry
The Ultimate People Locator
The People Finder
The People Finder (Canada)
People Search
The Investigative People Locator
Locate/ Skiptrace Resources
Trackem (People Locator)
Storm Search People Finder
Surnames Plus
Missing Children (state by state)
Missing Children
Missing d Neglected (How to-Procedures)
State Child Support Enforcement Offices
Child Abuse Database
National Runaway Switchboard
State Adoption Disclosure Laws
Pedophile Watch
Tell Them Now (Celebrities * Government * The Famous)
Contractors Resource
US Architects
Certified Public Accountants (CPA)
Certified Finacial Planners
Construction Directory
Aupair (Nanny Identifier)
Investigative Resources lll Embassies
Police Scanners (Live from US major cities)
Northeast Radio Frequencies
Scanner Frequencies d Codes
Callsigns & Frequencies
Ham Radio
Ham Radio II
National Unclaimed Property Database
Unclaimed Property by State I
Property Assessments Online
Found Money
Unclaimed Money
Unclaimed Money (How to search)
Unclaimed Money Contact Offices
Patents I
Patents II
Patents III
Swiss Banks
Swiss Bank Accounts (Dormant)
Banks (Directory)
Banks Of The World
World Banks
Credit Unions
Credit Union Locator
Banking Officer Violation Searches
ATM Locator (Mastercard Maestro Cirrus)
ATM Locator (Visa)
Visa Services
Western Union Information
Western Union Agent Locator
Legal Research US Courts
US Courts II
US Code
US Law Sources Online
US Supreme Court Opinions
Court Rules, Forms d Dockets
Maine Courts
State Court Locator
Federal Court Locator
Federal Court Research
Bankruptcy Courts
Lawyer/Attorney (Specialty)
Lawyer/Attorney Search #1
Lawyer/Attorney Search #2
Lawyer/Attorney Locate
Lawyer/Attorney Find
Lawyer/Attorney Locator
Lawyer/Attorney Finder
Lawyer/Attorney Locator (Texas Bar Card))
Lawyer/Attorney Finder (California Bar Card)
Lawyers Disciplinary Directory
Lawyers Disciplinary Directory II
Legal Advice
Law Research (FRAMES)
Legal Research I
Legal Research II
Legal Research III
Legal Research IV
Maine State Law d Reference Library
Maine Revised Statutes
Maine Criminal Code
Maine Newspapers
Maine Shepards Citator
State Laws (state by state)
States d Capitols
State Bar Associations
Associations PI Associations (Regional/State/National/International)
NAIS PI Members (state by state)
Forensic Associations
Process Server Associations
Paralegal Associations
Bail Bond Associations
Bounty d Bodyguard Associations
State Bar Associations
American Arbitration Association
Judicial Judgment Collectors Association
Investigative Resources lV National Directory Of Expert Witnesses
Expert Witnesses II
FOIA Access Reports
FOIA Step-by-Step Guide
Freedom of Information (FOIA)
Maine Marriage
Maine Death
Las Vegas Marriages
Hate Groups
The Terrorism Research Center
The Terrorist Group Profiles
NRA Gun Laws (state by state)
Concealed Weapons Law (state by state)
The Firearm Image Library
Stolen Firearms Registry
Stolen Gun Database
Politicians of the World Address Directory
(HUD) Housing & Urban Development
Sex Offenders Registries I
Sex Offenders Registries II
Sex Offender Registry
Sex Offender Registries d Community Notification Offices (state by state)
United Nations (UN)
Campaign Contributors
Federal Candidate Campaign Contributors (FEC)
Federal Election Commission (Researching Public Records)
Election/Voting Sites
Exempt Organization Search
Exempt Organizations: Records (IRS Masterfile)
License Plates NCI License Plate Search (fee based)
License Plates of the World I
License Plates of the World II
License Plates of World Islands
License Plates of the USA
License Plates of American Indian Tribes
Codes found on US Issue Diplomatic & Consular Plates
Specialty License Plates (Florida)
License Plate Numbers (Alabama)
License Plate Numbers (Nebraska)
United Kingdom Issued
Australian License Plates
Investigative Resources V Liszt Mailing List
Liszt News Groups
Excluded Parties Index (EPI)
National Mapping (US & Territories) USGS
Amtrak Train Station d Arrival Locator
Acronym Finder
US Copyright Office
Copyright & Trademarks
Encyclopedia Britannica
Computer Terms Encyclopedia
Internet Law Encyclopedia
Medical Encyclopedia
Virus Encyclopedia
NASA Cams & Shuttle Trackers
State Parks
National Parks & International Parks
American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA)
Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN Decoder)
Vehicle Identification Numbers (Check Digit)
Vehicle Identification Numbers (Year Code)
World Manufacturer Identifier (VIN Decoder)
Congress Directory
Political Resources
US Mayors
US Governors
US Attorney Generals
Secretary of States
State Representitives
US House of Representitives
US Senate
The Congressional Email Directory
World Time Zones
NCIC National Wants d Warrants
Dow Jones
Money Converter
Accident Assistant
Accident Reconstruction Experts I
Accident Reconstruction
National Association of Security & Investigative Regulators (NASIR)
American Society of Notaries Public
Maine Notaries Public
Process Servers
Process Servers Rules of Service (state by state)
NAIS Process Servers Pesource Center
America's Most Wanted
World's Most Wanted
Non Profit Locator
Non Profit Organizations Tax Returns/Forms
Tax Exempt Organizations
National Center for Charitable Statistics
Elder Care Providers (Senior Citizens)
Nursing Homes
Military National Personnel Records Center (NPRC)
Military d Strategy Sites
Selective Service System Number Verification (SSS)
Mega-Military Search Links
Selective Service Database (SSS)
Uniform Code of Military Justice
US Military Court of Appeals
Military & Strategy Sites
Department of Defense Manpower Data Center
Military Search
Military Search II
Military Search III
Military Directory
Military Locator
GI Search
Mega - Military Search
Department of Defense Resource Locator (DOD)
AJAX Military/US & International Goverments/Military Intelligence Access
North American Aerospace Defense Command Center (NORAD)
Army Recruiters
US Military Bases (Installations)
US Military Bases II (Installations)
World Wide Military Installations
Vietnam Casualty Database
Vietnam Casualties (state by state)
The Wall
Vietnam POW/MIA Database
Military Police
411 Locate ( Soldier Email Addresses)
List of State Adjutant General
SPN/RE Separation Codes
Red Cross Locator
Veteran Navy Seal Verification I
Veteran Navy Seal Verification II
Military Terms
Investigative Resources VI Maps I
MapQuest II
Rand McNally Map d Directions
Equifax Credit Bureau
Trans Union Credit Bureau
Experian Credit Bureau
Credit Report
Credit Report II
State Property Records
Credit Resources for Investigators
FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act)
Debt Collectors Association
Kelly Blue Book (Car Buyer Guide)
Garage/Body Shop Locator
Automotive d Manufacturers
Internet Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)
Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV & MVD)
Lemon Laws d Statutes (State by State)
Automobile VIN / Lemon Search
Automobile/Car/Vehicle Recall
Automobile/Car/Vehicle Recall II
Automobile/Car/Vehicle Recall (Canada)
National Highway Transportation Safety Association (NHTSA)
SIC Codes (Standardized Industrial Classification Codes)
SIC Search
Online Asset Protection
How to Find Assets
Holocaust Assets (Swiss - French - British)
Workers Comp (all 50 states)
Workers Compensation
Virus Information Center
Virus Encyclopedia
Legal Help For The Poor
Divorce Directory (state by state)
Divorce Legal Information (state by state)
Divorce Net
Divorce Source
Domestic Violence Centers
DLL Archives
Investigative Resources VII Journalism Database
Investigative Journalists
Journalists Guide to the Internet
Immigration d Naturalization Service (INS)
Employer Sanctions Database (INS)
Vet Directory
Greyhound Bus
Bed d Breakfast Inns
Hotel I
Hotels II
Pre-Employment Applicant Consent Form
US Legal Forms (State Specific)
US Legal Forms
US Legal Forms II
600 Current Legal Forms
Free Forms
Tax Forms
Voter Regitration Forms
Voter Registration Info (state by state)
Maine State Bureau of Identification (Civil fingerprint form)
Business Forms & Letters (Public Records/Private Records Request Letters)
Immigration Forms
Bankruptcy Forms
Nicknames I
Nicknames II
DNS Search Gateway
DNS Reverse Look Up
DNS 411 (DNS & Reverse)
WHOIS Database Search
WHOIS Domain Lookup
WHOIS Search
WHOIS Proxy 3.0
ISP Domain Search
Domain Register
Domain Check
Domains By Country
Domain Finder for Country Codes
ISPs Locator (by area codes d country codes)
Country Abbreviations/Suffixes
What's That Site Running?
Internet Service Providers Legal Departments (ISP)
US Census Bureau
Registry of Former Federal Investigators
ICQ Directory
17 Ways to find a Maiden Name
Art Theft Database (Interpol)
Art Theft Database (Artists/ Paintings)
Art Theft Database II (Antique Tribal Art)
Art Theft Database (FBI's Stolen Art File)
Judicial Judgments and Recovery JUDGMENT COLLECTOR SEARCH PORTAL
Judicial Judgment Collectors Association
Credit Reporting and Collection Agencies
Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA)
Summary of Collection Laws
Free Judgment Network
Corrections Prison Locator (State /Federal-Male/Female)
Prison d Parole Locator
Federal Prison Locator
Federal Bureau of Prisons (FOIA)
State Prison Locator
Maine Department of Corrections
Sheriff Departments I
Sheriff Departments II
County Sheriffs Depts. d Jails
Department of Corrections (state by state)
Police Agencies
Police Car Registry
Official Directory of State Troopers
Los geles Inmate Locator
Pennsylvania Inmate Locator
New York Inmate Locator
Minnesota Inmate Locator
Michigan Inmate Locator
Ohio Inmate Locator
Vermont Inmate Locator
Georgia Inmate Locator
Oklahoma Offender Locator
Florida Inmate Locator
Florida Inmate Release
Florida Inmate Escape
Florida (Orange County Incarcerations)
California Death Row Inmates
Request for Prison Inmate Information (How to..)
Maine Department of Corrections
Correction Agencies (Includes Youth Corrections)
New York State Prison Parole Watch
Joseph Culligan
Man Hunt
Spy King 6000
Teknion Tracker
Internet PI
PI Mall Home
PI Mall
PI Mall Links 2000
Data Detective
Cyber Sleuth
Spy Online
Kale Investigations
The Seeker
Virtual Librarian
Virtual Library
PI Toolbox
Research Discover
Night Hawke
Attorny Toolbox
Doc DeBug Resources
Too Many Secrets
Direct Search
Investigative Resources
CJ Bronstrup
Carroll's Online
Secret Site Member Area
Pro Agency
Merlin Industry Links
Kelly Riddles Links (Internet On Demand)
Wildlife Officers Searches d Lookups
Gary Price's Direct Search
Gary Price's Speech & Transcript Center
Gary Price's Audio & Video Resources
Gary Price's List of Lists
Gary Price's Newscenter
Top Investigative Search Engines PI Mall Investigative Search Engine
The Private Investigators Portal
Mega-Search for Investigators
Mega-Search Links
Mega-Search Page
Go Gettem
All One Search
Mamma Search Engine
Search Engines Worldwide
Reference Desk Search Engines
Essential Links
W3 Search Engines
FTP Search (File Transfer Protocol)
Search Engines The Reference Desk
All The Web
Alta Vista
Deja News
Northern Light
TBBW's The Ultimate Search Engines
Search Engine by Country
International Search Tools
100 Search Engines
Strategic Finder
Advanced WWW Search
Travel Search Engine
Search Weapon
Downloads d Software Copernic 2000
Sam Spade
NeoTrace Internet Tracer
Trace Route Online
Vindico Driver License Downloads Plus
Outlook Express 5
Eudora Light
Star Office (Office Suite)
Keep It Alive
Adobe Acrobat
Real Player
Drop Down URL Remover
URL Discombobulator v1.5
Deadbeat WANTED Posters
Deadbeat State List
MBI Deadbeats Software
MBI Software II
Contact Plus
Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice Downloads
Intelligence West (DOB-SSN)
Unclaimed Money I
Inoculate (Free ti Virus Software)
Media Enforcer 1.0
Zone Alarm 2.0
Shields Up!
SpinRite Downloads
Data Recovery d Maintenance
Dave Central (Software downloads)
Tucows (Software downloads)
ZD Net (Software downloads)
Vindico's Free Software
Cyber-Gold Freeware d Shareware
Opt Out (Spy removal Tool)
Cache d Cookie Privacy Tools
BC Wipe (Erase files)
File Extensions
Happy99/Trojan Horse Virus Cleaner
Free tivirus Software (AVG)
Spector Soft (Online Activity Monitor)
Hack Tracer
007 Password Recovery
Bounce Spam Mail
RegHance (Direct Download)
Ad-aware (Direct Download d Updater)
Ad-aware Reference File
Online Investigative Manuals Law Enforcement Investigations
Military Police Law & Order Operations
John E Reid Interview & Interrogations
PI Resource Manual Center
Culligan's Tips (Newsletters)
Electronic Surveillance & Espionage Information Manual
Technical Surveillance & Counter Measures Manual (TSCM)
Loops*ANAC*ANI Numbers Manual
Crime Scene Investigations (requires Adobe Reader)
Crime Scene Investigation Manual
Crime Scene Investigation Links
Crime Scene Photography Manual
Crime Scene Resources Manual
Death Investigations (requires Adobe Reader)
International Association of Arson Investigators Manual
Eye Witness Evidence (requires Adobe Reader)
Evidence Collection Manual
DNA Evidence (requires Adobe Reader)
Collecting d Preserving Evidence Handbook
Firearms Identification Manual (Guns ID)
Firearms Picture Gallery
Polygraph Manual
Taping Conversations
Telephone Tape Recording Laws
Taping Telephone Conversations II
Wire Tapping
Privacy Laws (By State)
Stalking Laws (State by State)
Cyberstalking Laws
Forensic Law d Science
The Forensic Index
White Collar Crime Directory
Finding People's Email Addresses
State Agencies Law and Government (Courtesy of Law Research) State Statutes On The Internet
District of Columbia (DC)
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia
Federal-State-International Law d Government (Includes Law Research Search Engines) THE FEDERAL REGISTER
US Federal Government Agencies Directory
US Federal Law d Government
US Federal Wildlife Officers Association
US Law Sources Online
State d Local Government
State d Local Government II
US State Departments
Canadian Government (Canada d Territories)
Canadian Resources
Canada Law Sources Online
Canada Criminal Law Information
Mexico Law Sources Online
Foreign Governments
Foreign Governments / Country Backgrounds
European Governments
International Law
Types Of Law Alpha Index (World Wide)
Types of Law
Types of Law World Wide (Alpha Index)
Law Research Search Engine Directory
Version 25 Search Engine
Case Law STATE
Law Enforcement Agencies United States Department of Justice (DOJ)
Federal Law Enforcement Agencies
State Law Enforcement Agencies
Law Enforcement Online (state/county/city)
Municipal Police Departments d County Agencies
University Police Agencies
College d University Police Departments
Police Agencies outside the United States
Police Agencies (National)
Miscellaneous Law Enforcement Programs d Directories
FBI Field Offices
FBI Files d File Numbers
The CIA Factbook 2000
Travel-Advisories Conflicts Guide
Database Information Services (Fee Based) IIS
Directory of Database Services
Merlin Information Services
CDB Infotek
National Credit Information (NCI)
DBT Autotrack
DBT Online
Information America
DCS Information Systems
IQ Data
Miscellaneous Church Locator
Birthday Locator
Birth nouncements
Lottery USA
Weather Data
Pet Detective
Camp Locator
Alcoholics Meeting Places (AA)
Substance Abuse Facility Locator (Drugs & Alcohol)
Gaming Links
Gamblers onymous International Directory
Race Tracks (Horse)
Satellite Imagery (Space)
Earth/Moon Viewer (Space)
Computer Hard Drive Scanner
Computer Privacy alysis
Mass Murderers d Serial Killers
Smithsonian Institute
Academy of Motion Picture Arts d Sciences (Movie Credits)
Media Entertainment Industry (TV/Radio/Film)
Movie Theaters
TV Call Signs
World Radio Stations
BLINK Bookmarks
Email File
Hush Mail
Mail Expire
Mail Start (Email Retrieval Site)
That Web (Email Retrieval Site)
Surf the Web Anonymously
Anonymous Remailer
Anonymous Remailer
Password Safe
The Official US Time (with sunlight)
What Time Is It (Countries)
Offshore Manual
Tracerlock URL Finder
Museums Register
Repositories of Historical Collections
Limousine Registry (World)
Limousine Directory (World Airports)
Police/Cop Car Registry
Speedtrap Registry (US d Foreign)
Investigation d Security Code Of Ethics
Drugs Street Slang
Pizza Hut I
Pizza Hut II (Puerto Rico & Virgin Islands)
Domino's Pizza I
Domino's Pizza II (International)
Executive Pay Packages

Unclassified Late Adds

HTCC Bookmarks [Rev: 25 April 2001]
CiberPAC-Net Clearinghouse Inter-Regional "Virtual InfraGard Community" Pilot Program
CyberCop Contributions Kevin Manson's Uploads
HTCC Web-BBS Guidelines Tips, Tricks & Traps to Avoid
Locate HTCC Messages Searches Message Archives for topic mentions
Online Degree Courses at U of New Haven Course Catalog includes:
Online Courses in Info Protection and Investigating the Internet and Audit-based Computer Forensics
Army Counterintelligence Online Unofficial intelligence and counterintelligence web portal
hoaxes and urban myths
Computer Virus Myths
DOJ Guidelines Computer Search/Seizure Guidelines
Defense Computer Forensics Lab Web site of the Department of Defense Computer Forensics Lab
ForensiX toolkit and much much more
Guidance Software
Hard Drive Jumpers & Specifications
Incident Response Collection Report
Hoaxes on the Net (Los Alamos CIAC)
Internet Safety for Parents
Mercyhurst College - Research Intelligence Analysis Program
Teknion Tracker (pedophiles search page)
The Coroner's Toolkit (TCT)
Techno-Security Conferences Law Enforcement Links (Approved by
US Attorneys Manual
High tech crime information for LEOs

Hells Angels and other OMGs
Other biker stuff

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