Adoptees DESERVE Their ORIGINAL Birth Certificates!

Operation "Miracle on 34th Street"
a/k/a/ Adoptees' Rights

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Adoptees' Rights to Their Original Birth Certificates

Did you know that there are laws pending to make it illegal for adoptees to obtain their very own original birth certificates in most states?
(Editor's Note: I have put ALL comments in here, even those that don't directly answer that question, because it is your opinion, and in an effort to be fair to all I will post them. But please keep in mind that just because an adoptee has their original birth certificate, it does not *guarantee* that the birth parent will be found, nor does the lack of having it *guarantee* the birth parent they won't be found. The real issue is who owns a copy of that ORIGINAL birth certificate?)

"My family, my life, my right - their file. Go figure!"
 Debbie Krivickas
Formerly Carolyn Sue Baites 02/03/1953; ISO birth father and siblings
John W. Malone (birth name) 03/12/1945; Girl Baites or Malone 06/02/1949
No info on birth father

To Open Records activists:

"Never give in, never given in, never, never, never, never - in nothing,
great or small, large or petty - never give in except to convictions on
honor and good sense.

Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy."

Winston Churchill
October 29, 1941

I just wanted to tell you that I appreciate what you are doing. The same way that there are many birthparents who may be searching for there children there are that many if not more adult adoptees' who are not looking to hurt anyone, disturb the life they now have or make a situation bad. We just want to know who we are. Our birth parents are the only ones with these answers. There are some states who have unsealed their records but still way too many who have not. Even then it still does not answer all the questions. Just let the parents who gave us up know that we do not want to destroy their lives we just want to complete ours.

 Liz Walton  

We, The People, of the United States of America!

"We the people"....sounds GREAT...Doesn't it....It sounds so....UNITED and Equal for ALL........IF ONLY it were that way in REAL life. Oh maybe it is for YOU....IF YOU are NOT an adoptee...Then YOU are a part of that..."WE THE PEOPLE"

But if your an adoptee......its a horse of another color.

And we the adoptees, are not treated as you who are a part of the "WE THE PEOPLE"....YOU have the right to your original birth certificate,. YOU have the right to know your heritage and lineage, YOU have the right to know your families medical history, YOU have the right to see your medical records from the time you were born, the record of YOUR very existence Wont Be Erased in 75 years

WE, the adoptees.......have the right to remain silent....and if we choose to give up this right then everything we say can and will be used against all aspects of life.

We, the adoptees, did not ask to be thrown into this......we were not the housewife cheating on her husband, or the prostitute who wasn't using adequate protection, or the teenage daughter who had too much to drink..............We had absolutely nothing to do with our being created and thrown into this....we are the embarrassing unwanted mistakes that some immature female gave birth to and wants to keep swept under the rug.

And whats worse is you PUNISH that Innocent child....for the rest of his or her life....A LIFE SENTENCE!!! FOR A CRIME THAT THEY DIDN'T COMMIT!! Even when we reach adulthood....adoptees are still paying the price for the actions of their birth parent...............WHY?????

I am an adoptee.

For ANY government or agency or person to keep MY birth certificate from me......IS WRONG!!!!!! And unless you are going to do the same with ALL United States Citizens....adopted or not...IT is CLEARLY and act of Discrimination! HELLO??? ACLU. !!!!!! Where are you when WE NEED YOU the most???!!??
You are discriminating against me just because my birth parent put me up for adoption.

YOU is to protect the privacy of the Birth Parent......THE Birth Parent did this.....WE DIDN'T!!!! WE THE ADOPTEES of America are not at fault here.....WE ARE THE TRUE VICTIMS!!! IF the birth parents are so concerned with their privacy and identity be kept a secret....Then let them change THEIR name....let them go through the courts and get new identities....and seal their documents! NOT OURS!!!............Cant you understand......your ways of protecting their so called WRONG......And takes away from OUR Rights...which is WRONG!!! And two wrongs never make a right.

I , for one of thousands found my birth mother.........STILL TO DATE...I have never even seen my original birth certificate.

You sealing my original birth certificate and not allowing me access to it DID NOT protect Her privacy in any way.


Had she changed HER identity and had HER records been sealed.....THEN I probably would STILL be wondering...where do I even start??? And she would still know who I was.......and I would still know who I WAS....but I would never be able to figure out who she IS NOW.

All you have done is Punished me for something that some unfaithful wife or irresponsible daughter or wannabe actress on a casting couch has done. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!! And realize the Adoptees are the Victims here.

We the adoptees fight and die with YOU in YOUR wars. 110 percent, spilling blood, sweat, and tears.....side by side with YOU,

Yet this same country treats us as second class citizens just because we were not wanted at birth....our birth mothers didn't want us or didn't love us......ALL we The Adoptees ever wanted was to be loved and included and treated as YOU ARE.

ALL that WE the Adoptees want is for this country to INCLUDE us in the "WE THE PEOPLE" And For Our Country To Love Us As Much as We Love It.

Tim S. Mann


I am an adoptee and let me tell you, you are right.  We have the right to have our birth records.  I am a little luckier than some, I was able to get mine unsealed in Las Vegas, Nevada,  but the information in 1950 was not very good, but in this day and time it would be most helpful.  You are a good person.  As a mother of  two a boy and  girl, I would love to have medical records and know my roots.  No one, and I mean, no one, has a right to keep that from us.  If birth mothers don't like it they should have thought first!!!!!!  Thank you for you time, and good for you.  Again let me tell you are great.  

An adoptee, Cindy Cooley

I have read what you say; moreover, I have lived what you say. I resent the fact that I can't even chat about my birth weight or time like other folks...It's hidden from me. I apply for a birth certificate, and most of the lines are blank. I think that for me the bottom line is simple: I am NOT a dirty little secret, but that's how I'm treated. That's where the loving practice of adoption went awry. Folks applied puritanical sex taboos to little innocent children and we became people with hidden qualities. Bastards and love children who had to be kept secret even from ourselves. I'm really tired of it. I honestly believe that a lot of the repressive legislation sprang from the fact that many of our "upstanding" citizens were the ones who fathered all these "little secrets".
Regards, NCooper

I was adopted at birth and just in the last 2 yrs received my adoption papers. I have not contacted anyone, but I can't tell you what a feeling of WHOLENESS it gave me just to KNOW where I came from and WHO I was. I am 51 yrs old and feel more whole than I ever have. 

Hello, I am just writing to you to let you know my comments with regards to
 this issue.

I am helping my husband try and find his birthmother, and to be quite honest
 it has been quite difficult from day one.  We have found some information
 but still to date, only have a maiden name for his birth mother and still
 can't be quite certain that 100% that is his birth name.

I believe everyone is entitled to know their heritage.

My husband does not know anything about his heritage and it makes my heart

He was born in 1965 in the State of Ohio and the laws state that if your
adoption took place prior to January 1, 1964 then you may have your records,
 well I would like to see that date amended, it was put into effect sometime
 in 1996 I believe.

Still to my knowledge it hasn't changed, we have been looking for
approximately 1 year now, and know only a little bit more than when we

The private adoption agency has since closed, closed in 1971 so that route
has failed too.

Just wanted to tell you my thoughts and say, I am totally FOR ADOPTEES

My husband's agency didn't believe and since it was back in 1965 they didn't
do much in family medical history, that should be more of a reason for
adoptee to have such records after a certain date (18 or 21 years of age).

Many thanks for letting my voice my opinion.


Hello... I just located your site today, while bored, at home, and browsing the Web, and I wanted to write this letter in the hopes you will post it on your site:

  My name is Steve Loftin. I am an adoptee who was born in Oklahoma City, at Saint Anthony's hospital, January 24, 1973. I know absolutely nothing about my birth parents, my heritage, my health background, or whether I might have half brothers and sisters, somewhere in this world. 

All I was ever told, and all that was ever told to my parents, is that my birth mother was a blonde, and a young college student at OSU. We feel, because of my appearance, and the location and time of my birth, that it is highly likely I am part (if not half) Indian. It would be really nice to know, as I have had a deep intrigue for the American Indian culture since I was very young, and I am highly creative and artistic, as well as a lover of the great outdoors and the life it contains. I think it is no coincidence.  

I am writing because I find it harder and harder to read postings from people who were not adopted, that protest the legislation and amendments to grant adoptees more rights to their records. I am a very open minded person in just about all aspects of politics and society. Whether it be the subject of abortion, adoption, politics, the environment or animal rights, I am intelligent enough to step outside of myself and see things from both sides of the fence. However, when it comes to activists and protestors of these ideas and related subjects, I cannot help but cringe. The lack of optimism, creativity, open-mindedness and knowledge, on these subjects, has caused so much ill commentary, and activism, that I am afraid we will never have balanced rights as a people, and as a society.  

The one thing I will never bring myself to tolerate is hypocrisy. When I read comments from affiliations, or individuals, that oppose Adoptees having further rights in obtaining personal information of their births, I get beside myself, somewhat depressed, and disappointed that there are people in this world who still feel they can dictate the lives of others. It is hypocritical no matter what angle you look from.

 No one ever seems to want to step outside of their biased opinions and imagine themselves in the other person's shoes. Quite frankly, I have seen letters talking about Anne Lander's views, the views of affiliations related to adoption rights, the views of certain lawmakers, of certain individuals, and to be honest, I do not really give a rat's patootie about any of their opinions, since they think mine are completely worthless. I do see where they are coming from, why they feel the "mothers" and "Children" should be protected emotionally, but in this day and age, a person can handle the outcome of the adoption search results, if they can handle watching 3000+ people die in imploding skyscrapers, on live TV, as they plummet to the ground. 

Every day we see these horrific events, but we can't handle what we may find out about our adoption history? That is retarded and pessimistic in the least. What right do these people (who have never been adopted, and even some who have never been affected by an adoption process), have to tell us we cannot have rights of our own? Why do we have the rights to eat and sleep and work and drive cars and freedom of choice, but we do not have the right to know where we come from? 

Each and every one of these anti-adoptee rights protestors, would likely throw a frenzied fit if they were adopted and were denied the same rights they want to deny from us. I guess it is possible that hypocrisy knows no boundaries. I also see that it is possible that I may be the most open-minded, and sane, 29 year old male in the history of histories. 

Furthermore, I think I have much to be proud of. I have grown up with the knowledge that my birth mother did what she likely felt was best, and that there could have been other choices...which could have made me a figment of the imagination. I have never held any contempt for my birth mother for her choice. And above all....I know that there cannot be a day that she doesn't wonder what happened to her little baby boy, that was briskly removed from her sight, during the short minutes after my birth. I would at least like to show her that she did the right thing, that I turned out well, that I am a good man, who is compassionate, considerate of others, who smiles more often than not, who always gives of himself to others in need, rarely holds a grudge, and simply loves life. Her choice to bring me into this world was a gift, and I feel that every day I am alive. 

My only wish is that there weren't so many people unlike me, who have so little compassion for other's feelings. My message to those of you who wish to oppress my rights and my feelings:  You shouldn' are won't. I'll always be happy even if I don't find my birth mother. Yes, something will be missing, but I am strong enough to manage. If you should all happen to make it through the pearly gates (some of you need to keep your fingers crossed), then you will one day realize the error of your ways. 

I can't help but forgive those who do take away other's rights, because we are all ignorant in our own way, just as we are all hypocrites at times. It just seems some people thrive on hypocrisy, ignorance, and the unhappiness of others. Maybe, one day, there will be a little more balance in the law system. Maybe the states will, at least, have symmetry in the rules and guidelines, with federal backing vs. state-to-state. Is this a country or many tiny countries? It just doesn't seem like "America The Free" all the time. I hope many, many people get to read this letter, including the people who need to read it most....the selfish tyrants of our society. In any case.....peace, love, and happiness, to those who know what peace, love, and happiness are. 

A friend....Steve

I just wanted to thank you for displaying your web page in such a wonderful way. I am a 17-year-old female adopted abused child whoís just giggling with anticipation of my birthday on leap year when I can finally go and meet my biological parents and really get the facts of my history rather than ignorant assumptions from my adoptive parents. Iím really happy that someone like you can see the difficulty in not knowing what your family genealogy is like. I go to the doctor for a checkup and they ask me questions that I can never answer! What if Iím prone to depression? I canít check that out, so I canít be diagnosed correctly! What if thereís a history of breast cancer?

Iíd be able to live longer knowing that if I did, I could check things out before itís too late! But I have to live my life nearly paranoid of what diseases my biological family is prone to. Sucks. But, people like you help other people who are not in an adoption situation understand the seriousness in the topic. Thank you so much.


I, as a Birthmother, firmly believe that by the age of 18 years old that ALL adoptee's should be allowed to have their "Original Birth Certificates." My son was born on 9/4/68 @ OLV in Buffalo, NY. I was told he would have this when he became of age. It hurts me all of these years because I wanted him; but I was a minor and my parents had more rights. All the males in my family have heart problems, there is high blood pressure, low blood pressure and (which I have had @ Reynolds Syndrome since my early 20's)hypoglycemia. I have many allergy, but penicillin is one that is important for him to know. My grandparents died from heart problems, my mother- ALS, my father- brain cancer. On my sons father side all I know about is diabetes. These things I did not know when I was 16 yr. old. He has every right in the world to have his medical history! He has rights to knowledge, preventive medical treatment and a right to LIVE! But our wonderful government says in so may words- "NO! Die!" It is the same as saying this. They never cared what happened to our children! I am sure his adoptive parents would have liked to have they could have told him! I pray to God we meet some day because I love him now as much as the first time I held him in my arms!
Mary Lou Parks
Birthmother of David Michael born 9/4/68

I am on an adoption list that posts topics for your shows. I am proof 
positive that there is a necessity for medical records. I was given up for 
adoption in 1969. I have wonderful parents and I have never wanted for 
anything, so I am pro adoption. However when I started having children I 
couldn't answer any of the normal medical questions that goes with the 
territory of medical history. I started looking for my birthmother just for 
the purpose of medical history and if she was willing to have a relationship 
with me that would be great too.
To make a long story short I found her in March of 2000. We now have a 
great relationship and I have my medical history. However when we found my 
birthfather we found out he has Becker's Muscular Dystrophy, which if you 
know anything about this disease, is hereditary. I spoke with him and he 
admitted to being my father and I asked about the disease, he said I should 
be tested to see if I was a carrier. I was soon thereafter tested and am 
indeed a carrier. Then my son had to be tested as there was a 50/50 chance 
he inherited the disease from me. After months of waiting we found out my 
son does indeed have BMD. He will not be able to run and play with other 
children within the next 3 or 4 years, he won't be playing sports in middle 
or high school, he won't have a "normal" childhood he shouldn't have 
children when he comes of age because he would in turn definitely pass it if 
he had a daughter and 50/50 if he had a son.
I got pregnant again while we were waiting for the results of my eldest 
son's testing. We had an amneo done and my other child is fine and does not 
have Muscular Dystrophy. The moral to my story is this, If I had received 
my complete medical history I could have made the choice of whether to have 
children or not and at least have had an amneo to prepare me for the 
I have very strong feelings regarding medical history. I am unsure as to 
why we as adoptee's have no rights as American citizens to our complete 
medical history. Why has no one set up a registry? One that can be 
constantly updated as information becomes available. If either party 
doesn't want to be personally contacted, that is fine, but at least give 
adoptee's the chance to make an educated decision regarding our health and 
the health of our children.
Thanks Linda for the good work you do, Keep it up.
Respectfully Yours,
Tonya S. Wilson


So many different things have been said about what others think we are trying to do. All we are simply asking for is to change the wording on existing code concerning our original birth records, in order to correct past mistakes and legally bring it up to date within the current mores of our society.
We are not debating the issue of who may have the primary rights to a personís original birth records. In fact, we feel there is no debate on this issue! It is our belief that the person for whom the original birth record is recorded, upon becoming a legal adult, HAS the primary rights to a copy of that original document, period! We further contend that any law that allows less access to one personís OWN legally recorded information, as opposed to any other adult citizen, violates that personís civil and human rights as a citizen of this state!
This bill will correct that violation and restore adult adoptees to their rightful status as EQUAL citizens. As the law currently stands, adult adoptees are forced into a second class, minority status of which they have no self control over! A situation that does not exist for the majority of all Georgians today. All citizens have the right to pay a nominal fee and obtain information recorded on them by a company, agency or government. The only exception to that here in Georgia are adopted citizens and this bill will correct some of that error!
We are NOT trying to change the adoption process as it now exists in our state. Our adoption process was created and is maintained for the benefit of a childís best interests. There is a point at which this "child" becomes a legal third party to this action, however, and thus, under our laws, should automatically obtain equally legal rights regarding their own status in this triad situation .
Georgia Code shows this in MANY different places, but a good example would be: 1-2-8 G "The law prescribes certain ages at which persons shall be considered of sufficient maturity to discharge certain civil functions, to make contracts, and to dispose of property.
Prior to those ages they are minors and are, on account of that disability, unable to exercise these rights as citizens."
Multiple code sections also define what an adult is and basically state that.... "Adult" means any person who is not a minor, while "Minor" basically is referred to as those persons who are not yet adult. Some are further defined by a specific age, depending upon the code section it refers to.
Adult Adoptees are "able" and are no longer "minors", thus it is our contention that, upon reaching the legal status of "Adult" under Georgia law, an adoptee should NOT be singled out as the ONLY class of citizen to not be allowed to exercise all of their constitutional rights and obligations, simply because they were adopted as a child!
As adults, they are no longer a minor and thus should no longer be segregated and controlled by the adoption process, which was designed to benefit the "minor child", not a "legal adult".
This bill is not asking for any preferential treatment for adoptees. On the contrary, it is seeking EQUAL treatment, under the law, in obtaining a copy of the original, truthful record of their birth. The same information that all other citizens of Georgia now have the right to obtain and who generally take that right for granted!
Adult adoptees have lived all of their lives not being allowed to "take things for granted", because of this legally imposed "second class status", and the time has come for that disparity to be least in this small part.
Larry M. Mainland
President & Founder, E.A.G.L.E. for Georgians

Terry died a year ago this Thanksgiving--his sister, also a Cole baby, while
the articles were being written by John Donnelly in the Miami Herald.
Melanie died this past year on Mother's Day.
I just received this message regarding Robin.
Not having our medical history--we can't even see it coming.
Sharon Mann
aka babyperkins
blackmarket "Cole" baby adoptee
dob May 24, 1947
Miami, FL

In 1970, my mother put a child up for adoption, my half-brother. She was only 15 at the time. She never wanted to give him up, but her parents sent her to a
maternity home and made the arrangements. At the time, my mother was assured that the adoptive parents knew who she was and that when he grew up, they would tell him so he could contact her. She was told he'd have *NO* trouble finding her if he wanted to.
In November of 1988 he turned 18. She waited, and waited. But he never came looking. So I decided to look for him.  Only recently, I found out that the county he was adopted in is a closed county. Then, I began to read about how the counties change birth dates and lie to the adoptees and birthparents. I am positive that nobody ever told my mother about these things.
Anyway, my point is this. Somewhere out there, I have a half-brother who comes from a family with a history of serious heart disease, diabetes, and glaucoma. 
These are important issues that he SHOULD be aware of! I believe that adoptees should be allowed access to all of their records. That's just my 2 cents.
Sara Cookson

Editor's note:  This is real reason birth records are sealed - adoption agencies don't want triad members comparing notes!

I am a 38 year old adoptee. I feel that it is wrong to keep a document such as a birth certificate from an adult adoptee. It took me 38 years just to get a copy of my amended birth certificate! This whole thing is so ridiculous. I am not a pre-teen or a teenager with raging hormones and the usual ill-will towards parents or any kind of authority that people of this age typically have. I am a 38 year old mother of two who would just like to know where the heck I came from! I don't want to disrupt anyone's life, I just want some questions of my life to be answered. I want the truth, be it ugly or not.
I have a very close friend and co-worker who is in the process of adopting her nephew. He is 5 now. Last year his father died from an overdose. The mother is also a drug user. My friend got custody of her nephew and is adopting him. The state is going to change his birth certificate. What is the purpose of that? The boy knows his dad died, He knows who his mother is, he knows his aunt is his aunt! Why create more confusion for this child? 
Michele Rubin
ISO birth family
born 1/18/62
Reading, Pa

As an adoptee I'd like to locate any family members. It is unfair to the adoptee not to have a starting place, time of birth, medical history, knowledge of "where" they came from. It's unfair to birth parents not to be able to contact their child. Medical histories and updates should be mandatory, when a child reaches the age of 18 the adoptee should have the right to seek information about their birthparents. We did not ask to be brought into this world, we did not cause the embarrassment to our birth parents, should take responsibility for their actions and not let society rule with ridicule for having a child out of wed lock or giving a child up because of financial reasons. A parent should never be embarrassed for having given up a child, a parent should however act responsibly and insist that medical information be passed along to the child. An adoptee should not be forced to face a parent if they cannot handle the emotions, and if a parent isn't mature enough to handle a meeting then information should be exchanged in a non threatening way for both. But information has to be allowed to be passed from parent to child and child to parent. Abolish the outdated laws based on puritan thinking.
Michele Bailey-O'Shea

I am a 25 year old adoptee who had the scare of her life. Within 2 weeks my a-mother, a-grandmother and a-aunt were all diagnosed with breast cancer. Thankfully, all are still with me, but I don't have my medical history to know if this is a disease that is down the road for me. If my sister, who is the biological daughter of my a-mother, can know her history, than why can't I? Why should I be persecuted for choices others made for me? Now, I am in no way upset with my b-mother for giving me up, I'm sure she had her reasons, and I love my a-parents, but why must I be the one to suffer.
When I was being surrounded by breast cancer, I started a search for my b-parents. I tracked down the lawyer that handled the case. He quoted me a fee and said that we (the attorney and I) would need to travel to the county where I was adopted from in order "to see" if the judge would open my files and give me information I wanted. I would like to meet my b-parents but what I really want is background. Medical history. Why can the government know my history, but I can't? It is MY history, isn't it? Should I get a job and befriend
the keeper of records to find out if cancer is running through my genes?
During this time, I also wrote to the Div. of Vital Records. They sent me back my birth certificate with NO parents names listed since I didn't specify any on my request. I've also written to the Dept. of Public Welfare and have heard nothing. Isn't that a surprise? I just want to know where I come from and if there are any diseases I should be aware of. Why is this a hard question?
Thank you for all your support.
D. Rosensteel

I am a 58 yrs old adoptee.  I was adopted, I thought legally by Harry and
Violet Wyrtzen of Brooklyn New York sometime in the 40's.
Up till last year I thought that I was just adopted, but last year as I
searched I found that I was a black market baby.  My amended birth
certificate is a fraud.  There are no records any where.
As it stands my a-father entered into an illegal act with a agency in New York City to buy a baby girl for his wife at any cost as she had lost there own baby girl.  God they even gave me her name "Barbara Margaret Wyrtzen".
I am truly a lost person.  The birth date I have gone by in not mine but
belongs to a male baby born in 1942.  So as it stands I don't know where
I was born or who I really am.
Black market or the buying of babies still goes on to day and we must
stop this.  Some day that baby will grow up to only find that there
entire life is a lie.  Lets stop this baby selling now
Barb Carlough

I am a birth mother who is searching for my son. I live in Albany, New York. I can not obtain my birth son's records because they are sealed and I was told that a Judge in the Supreme Court would not open them unless there was some kind of medical emergency. My son was born in January 1969, and I have been searching for him for a long time now. It is very frustrating and I am dam angry that the State of New York will do nothing to help out birth moms and dads. I have registered with the NYS Dept. of Health, Adoption Records, but unless my son registers with them, I can not obtain any information. I have no means to hire someone at this point in time. I think it is about time that New York State got its head out of its ass and go with the flow!
Susan VanBuren

I am a birthmother who relinquished in 1975 in Panama City, Florida...I was told that my child could access the records when it became "of age"...I prayed everyday that this would happen...last year, I discovered that the records were closed...I then searched for the first time and located not a child, but 2!!! I actually had identical twin boys, but was never told...I am now happily reunited with one, but the other is not ready to reunite...he does at least have all his 
biological info now at any rate...I support open records any way that I 
can...thanks for what you are doing to help!!!
God Bless,
Barbara R. Burch

I am a birthmother searching for her son. He was born 2/17/74 in Oklahoma 
City at Deaconess Hospital. The Home of Redeeming Love was where I stayed  for 1 month. The Home had a policy of making the mothers use an alias, but  that was the only thing that I did not cave in on. I used my own name. My  birth son deserves to know his ancestral roots and the fact that cancer runs  very high in our family. So far, knock on wood, I am one of the few people  in our immediate family that has not been stricken. The Home nor the Hospital ever told me that my son would not be given his original birth 
certificate. I do not have the resources to get the non id information from 
the home at this particular time. I did not hold him because I knew that if 
I did, I would not be able to go along with the decision my family was 
forcing on me. I would like for my son to know who he really is and where is 
family came from. I was never told that I had an option to name him, so the 
only name I know him by is Baby Boy Thorstenberg. There is absolutely no 
reason, in this land of the free, for anyone to be denied their ORIGINAL 
birth certificate. Although we gave our children up for adoption, they 
deserve to know how much more love that took than to stand up against parents  who were telling us that we were a disgrace and that we should have known better and things like that. Everyone needs to know where they came from and if they want a reunion, that is great; if not, then they are the ones who are losing out on finding out what kind of family they came from.
Roberta Thorstenberg Cordes
ISO bson 2/17/74
Oklahoma City, OK
Deaconess Hospital

I am a BirthMother who gave my son up for adoption in 1960. I am in
support of Adoptees Open Records. I feel that all Adoptees shoud have
the chance to know their medical background and their Heritage. This is
also important for an Adoptees Mental Attitude to know Who They are and
Where They came from.
Thank You for my Opinion,
Gail E. (Doty) Hart
Allentown, Pa. 

I was lucky enough to send for my birth mother's birth certificate before they closed that option. I know that I have at least two or three siblings, but even with my birth mother's date of birth, date of death, and place of death, I keep running into stone walls. If anyone thinks that adoptees are only interested in finding birth relatives when they are young, they're wrong. I am 47 and the desire to find my siblings burns in my heart. I need to find them so badly it hurts. All adoptees should have the records they need opened up for their use. I know that almost everyone looking for birth relatives would use the utmost discretion and tactfulness. USA means FREEDOM! Open the records, give us credit for common sense.

I am a birth mother who is searching for my son. I live in Albany, New York. I can not obtain my birth son's records because they are sealed and I was told that a Judge in the Supreme Court would not open them unless there was some kind of medical emergency. My son was born in January 1969, and I have been searching for him for a long time now. It is very frustrating and I am dam angry that the State of New York will do nothing to help out birth moms and dads. I have registered with the NYS Dept. of Health, Adoption Records, but unless my son registers with them, I can not obtain any information. I have no means to hire someone at this point in time. I think it is about time that New York State got its head out of its ass and go with the flow!
Susan VanBuren

As an amom whose story has been very positive I would like to be able to
share my point of view with any aparents who are undecided or negative
about searching. I would also be glad to give any bmoms the "amom
positive approach".  As far as I am concerned our daughter has two moms
and neither one is any more important or deserves to be more loved than
the other. Simple fact...Robin is the sum total of all her parents.

My name is Jerry Burns, and I am a re united adoptee, and proud to be.
Please read my story ( and be sure to have some hankies handy) and
you will soon feel the emotions that are just a few that deals with
Unless you have been adopted, you just do not have a clue as to the feelings to go on in a persons life, pertaining to adoption and the fears and questions that abound in our life.
The secrets, the lies, and it seems that all government is taking part in this. We are the only things in life that are denied our rights right up to the end. Even a dog has the right to their papers and medical back ground.
Good luck in your search and hope that the HOLE in your life is soon filled to the limit.
As ever in adoption.
Jerry Burns

Just had to write to let you know that I feel the same way about open adoptions. I believe that any adoptees should have open records. 
I was adopted 12-58 and cannot get any info. on my records unless I have a life threatening disease. I believe that we should have our medical records if nothing else. I am in search of my Bmom.
DOB is 03/02/58 Donna (Estok)(realname)Moses
Thank You

I feel very strongly that adult adoptees should have access to their original birth records. I had a daughter who died nine years ago of cancer and another who was diagnosed with cervical cancer a year ago {fine now} . My daughters birth father died from cancer as well, and the daughter who was diagnosed with cervical cancer is the full sister to the adoptee. 
There is every reason to believe that cancer runs in that side of the family as the paternal grandmother also died of cancer and both paternal aunts had cancer as well. I feel that it is imperative that adoptees have their original BC's so that they can track ALL family medical histories for their own protection.  I also feel that as adults, the choice on whether or not to 
seek out their birth parents should be their decision, not some bureaucrat sitting on his ass in Washington.
There are literally thousands of adoptees and birthparents who want very much to find or to be found by their families and NO ONE has the right to deny them that . It is the birthright of every American to know their heritage.
As a birthmother I am searching for my daughter and want very much to find her or to have her find me. Those who do not want to be found are by far in the minority and should not effect the rights of those who do. The good of the many as opposed to the good of the few.
As Always I am Linda ISO a Daughter 11-06-1970

I agree with you 100% adoptees deserve their OBC's. I am a Reunited Adoptee from Indiana and I was lucky and my Bmom had registered with my state so I could have ID Info and with that info came a photocopy of my OBC. I called the state to see if I could get the original and was told I do not have the right to that certificate by Mary Hinds with the state vital records adoption registry because it is illegal for someone to possess more than 1 birth
certificate and if I ever wanted it I had to go to court and have my adoption removed from the court system like it never even existed and my name would go back to what I was named at birth which I had no name because the hospital I was born at drugged my Bmom and then told her she had a girl instead of a boy and never gave her the chance to even see me or to name me, so for
21 yrs she would come to my town looking for red headed girls. Imagine her surprise when she found out she actually had a son.  I was also told by Mary Hinds that no certificate is worth the hassle and time spent in court just to get my adoption thrown out and that it would be a drawn out process just to get a OBC and that I should just be happy with the photocopy.  
It makes me mad to think the government thinks they have to protect adults
just because we are adoptees.  We have rights to vote, rights to bear arms but no rights to an original birth certificate. now tell me where we are treated fairly. Immigrants from other countries have more rights then adoptees and they get all the rights we get except they can get a birth certificate. I for one am tired of being treated like a second class citizen just because I was adopted. I am 30 yrs old and don't need the government to protect me. also I am a staff member for Adoption Triad Outreach and we hear this everyday about people not able to get their hospital records or Birth Certificates just because they are adoptees.  I tried to get my hospital records and were told the microfiche was unreadable in the area of my records. BOLOGNA....Thanks for listening to my comments and
hope you decide to pass these on to the senators and representatives for Indiana. hopefully Evan Bayh would listen since my vote helped to put him in office and can take him out of office too. Thank You 
Jeff Humpert AKA Big_Bro2-ATO

Editor's Note:  No one has their Original Birth Certificate - only copies are provided.  The original goes to the Vital Statistics Department of each State.  Also, maybe if your bmom sued that hospital for lying to her, others would think twice before pulling that act!

I'm so glad to be able to voice an opinion. I am a birthmother who has just recently started searching for my birthson. I was not aware that the original birth certificate could be altered. Isn't this the same as a forgery? Isn't that against the law? Birth certificates are a piece of everyone's lineage. I don't believe a birth certificate should ever be altered regardless of reason. If someone is afraid of being found that is a shame. It should be a law that forewarns anyone that doesn't want to be found that in no way can the truth be omitted or changed on the birth certificate of any human being and those that do will face penalty by doing so. 
Thank you,
Paula Calhoun Sheets
bmom iso bson 11-12-66 

I am a birthmother to two children given up for adoption. When my children 
were given up I had no idea of what my future would hold. No idea that heart 
problems would run rampant in my family. No idea that I would develop three 
different forms of cancer. (colon, malignant melanoma, basal cell carcinoma) 
Now the state of Florida will not allow me to warn my children they took my 
children's right to an updated medical history from them. I have contacted the 
agency I used for my daughter (Children's Home Society) they took my money but did not find my daughter. I believe they never tried cause in this day and 
age how could they not be able to find her they know who they gave her to. 
Lies Lies and more lies. My son I can only dream about as it was a private 
adoption. Add me to the list of birthmothers that want to be found so I can 
save my children endless medical problems.

Sam Galvez

Agency info on Birth Mother
Hi Linda, This is the Karen that called in a few weeks ago from AZ and
we had transmission problems. I am just writing to bring up something
you may want to pass on this week. Recently found my niece who was
adopted in 1964. The agency was CC- Wheaton, ILL . Ofc. Last week the BM
got a call from her daughter ( the niece) . During the conversation Mom
asked if she had ever considered looking for her. Niece said no as her
parents were told that the BMom was " DEAD ". Many agencies ,
not just CC have told this lie. Many BM./families have said they
haven't searched because they don't want to intrude on their child's life
so they wait for the adoptee to look for them. Well if we didn't search
( her BFamily) this reunion would never be happening. They need to know
their child's adoptive parents may also been told they were dead.
Another horror of the adoption story that needs to be publicized to
those against open records. 
 Karen Bevers,OPL

I am an adopted person whose records are held hostage by the state of Ohio. It galls me that I cannot have access to my original birth certificate and adoption file because I am me, but social and county workers can read the whole file solely because of their employment! Can you imagine being in need of blood/organ/tissue transplants and being told your life is not worth opening an
adoption file!?! Geez, talk about Capital Punishment! Thousands of adoptees have died needlessly because the state says their medical information is "as old as they are." Well hells bells and all that rings true-at least the state has the birth mother's name and social security number to track her down and alert her of a sick child's life or death situation. Please, skip tracers and repo men
track folks this way all the time! I received non-identifying information from my adopted file (all I am "entitled" to) that said my birth mother had expressed depression over relinquishing me and called later to inquire as to my well-being. That prompted my search which is still ongoing today. I also learned of genetic dispositions-such as diabetes, heart and lung disease-and an inordinate number of Down's Syndrome children in her family. Every state should, at the very least, enact an intermediary system that would
establish contact with the birth parent and let a person know ONE WAY OR THE OTHER if a meeting is possible. I'd love to look at the face of a woman who has virtually my same physical description. I'd love to know if I have brothers and sisters who are like me (are we all weird, offbeat in our tastes and talents). Most of all, I'd like to see these amended birth certificates and backgrounds (legal lies) go to the trash where they belong! I wish all legislators who vote against open records a strong case of AMNESIA-let
them see what it's like to constantly wonder WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, and WHY. 
Linda Brown

This morning, two days before my 22 birthday (or so I think), and 7 days before my wedding I called to obtain access to my birth records. For my whole life I have been lead to believe that I could obtain my birth certificate and my medical record with little difficulty.
Magee Women's hospital informed me on the phone that I do not possess the right to see my birth certificate, and that my birth mother has it. I was so stunned I could only say, "So you are telling me I can't know about my own birth?" The woman said, "that's right." I just hung up without another word, stunned. After about 5 minutes I looked at my hands
and cried. I cried for a long time.
You see, all I wanted was my medical history and a brief outline of my nationality. I have gone through life looking at families with their traditions, and their similarities in physical appearance.  I don't have that. I don't have an identity. Not really. I joke every now and again calling myself "mystery meat" and telling people I can be whatever nationality I want any day. But the older I get, and the more I turn my thoughts toward family, the more it hurts.
I would like to have two children soon, at least before I am 30. I am scared to think what may happen to me or my children by not knowing my medical history. I told my fiance that the records were closed from me, and he was horrified. How could this be? How can it NOT be my right?
After the phone call I went directly to the computer and fired up the internet to see what I could find on Adoptee rights. To sum it up, none. I was appalled at what I found. Pennsylvania denied access to birth certificates in 1984! The more I read, the more angry,
upset, and confused I became. I know I must do something now. I know I must act.
I just now came across your site. Let me say that it was a welcome thing to know that someone who is not adopted feels the way you do. That makes me feel that there is hope for me and others in my situation.
Last July I got a call from my doctor saying that I needed an examination to determine wether or not I had a cancerous cist on my cervix. This was the first time I was ever REALLY concerned about my medical history. Thank God the cist turned out to be nothing, but I was still scared. It changed my life, and my fiance's.
There is so much hurt in me right now. I really want you and others to know my opinion. My whole life, since I can remember I knew I was adopted.  My parents made that clear. They wanted to always be truthful with me. I love them for that. I always loved my birth mother as well, for not aborting me making sure I got such a good home when she
could not provide one. I always had good feelings toward her.
When I decided I wanted to know more about my past, that DID NOT include my
mother. I do not want to meet her, or be part of her life now. She had a lot to go through and me suddenly showing up may be more than she can take.  I simply want to know my medical history, and my nationality. Am I mostly Italian, Polish, German, English.. am I a European mutt?  What!? That is all I want.
Now I am told I can not have that. Please, if there is anything you know of that I can do to help others in this position, please tell me. Please let me know what action I can take.
I will be student teaching this fall: Sociology and Government. These topics are now going to be very hard for me. I do not want to be bitter, I just want answers. I want to know what I can do.
Please help me so I can help others.
Jennine M. Schweighardt

It is difficult to believe that this subject even needs discussion in the year 2000. We live in America, the country that is dedicated to civil rights and equal protection under the law for all citizens, including minorities...all legitimate minorities. Unfortunately, adoptees are still
viewed as "illegitimate citizens" and are, thereby, still targets of bigotry, shame, and discrimination. It is truly ridiculous that the federal government forbids discrimination based on race, creed, gender, sexual preference, religious, national origin, disability, veteran status....blah, blah, blah...but not one word about "adoptee status." We still don't f--cking count!!! When will our government realize that Hester Prynne is dead and that we aren't interested in wearing her scarlet letter anymore?
Susan Oliver

I am a 31 yr old male searching for my birth mother. I was born in Phoenix, AZ on 5/6/68 at Good Samaritan Hospital. My adoption was private through Family Services Agency, who are still in business at present.  Unfortunately, Arizona is strictly a closed adoption state. It takes a court order to open my original birth certificate. Thus meaning, a lot of lawyers, judges and lawmakers are forcing me to pay a tremendous amount of money for a "fluke" chance that my original birth certificate would be opened.
Oh yes, in the case of a major medical condition, the chances are slightly better.
I have contacted my local & state legislation about getting the laws changed. But have been responded to with rigid replies; some down right rude.   The funny part is the one who I contacted the most was my State Senator, who now happens to be running for President of the United States - John McCain. Once again, faced with rigid replies.
For some reason the words "adoption" or "adoptee" scares these people.
We must have these laws changed !! It is my god given right to know who I am, where I came from and who I once belonged to.
I do not want to intrude with my birthmothers life, so if a reunion is ever made and she declines, that's fine. I just want to make it easier for those of us who are presently searching and those adoptee's in the future.
I have spent several thousands of dollars on this search over the last 12 years with no results. All it would take is a name; my birthmothers name. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?
Please, contact your state and federal rep's/senators. We are at their mercy.
If I can be of help, do not hesitate to contact me at
Craig Isley

My name is Jacob Daniel Cloud, but my name use to be Jacob James Rusher. I was adopted before I turned three. I didn't know what my real name was until I was about twelve or so. At the age of eighteen I became one of the lucky few that got found by my sister, Melodee. She brought my niece with her! I now know my whole family, but for those agonizing sixteen years I had no clue who I was or what famaly illneses I might contract. I there for belive from personal experience that not only do we deserve the right to our birth certificates, but further more any and all important medical data from the former family which may be relavent to us. Thank you for your time.
Jake Cloud

It's My Birth Certificate!
Hi, I live in Georgia. I am thirty-eight years old. My biological parents are deceased. I have met most of my siblings(there were ten of us!), I was adopted by a family member. Now I want my birth certificate and it's next to impossible. I am currently writing my representatives and building a personal web site of my own about this. My heritage,
medical history,and any other papers are just that-MINE! It's almost criminal for them to be kept from me. They need to understand how it feels to go to a doctor and can't fill out the medical history form cause you just don't know and I have a son that might need it someday.  Thanks for the support , I am certainly not going to quit trying!

Adoptee and Birthmother - adoptees need their original Birth Certificates!
It's our right!
Thanks so much for your website. It has been a pleasure reading it and very encouraging to me as an adoptee.  I am also a birthmother in search of my son that was born in Florida in November of 1970. I have often wondered if his birthdate had been altered on his amended birth certificate. His adoption was thru the Children's Home Society. I see so many adoptees and birthmothers searching who relinquished their babies to CHS. If they are so willing to help as they say they are why are so many searching that used this organization? Birthmother and adoptees hear so many stories that it is confusing and you don't know who to believe! I know that adoptive parents paid very large amounts of money to the organization in order to adopt newborn babies. I believe that agencies are sometimes out to protect the privacy of the adoptive parents!
Martin and Sherri Turner

I believe that an adoptee should have the right to their original birth certificate, after they turn eighteen years old. I feel the government should not have the right to keep adoptees from this information.
Michael Shoemaker

I am 35 years old, my adoptive parents are recently deceased. I have been searching for half my life for information, background, medical history.  I have nothing. I was abused by my adoptive father. I feel I deserve some background, medical information and a chance to know someone who may possibly have loved me. I know my adoptive family did not. I know my placing agency failed. The laws are unjust and unfair. In the State of Michigan the
laws are particularly unfair, allowing some members of the triad access and others not.

I am a mother of 4 beautiful children all of which were born under different circumstances. The first child was born 9 days before I turned 18 out of wedlock, but I knew who the father was and he knows that he's the father. I thought about placing her up for adoption to my uncle and his wife. The reason being was because I knew I would have a struggle trying to raise her on my own, and I still wanted to know where she was and how she was growing up. However thanks to love and support of my family I was able to keep her and raise her myself and I thank God every day for that opportunity. When my first child was around a year I got pregnant again. ( I was unaware that I was one of the 1% that could pregnant on birth control pills and try to get a guy to wear a condom 10yrs. ago, what a joke) Anyways
I had a choice to make. 1) adoption 2) abortion. I was lucky enough to have help with the first child, but two children would have been even harder. I opted for 2) abortion. The reasons being,1) my uncle and his wife were having marital problems and I would not be able to place the child with them. 2) because of the closed adoption records policy. I would not have known where my child was and I did not want to wonder all my life whatever happened to that child and how that child was doing. I have heard of so many horror stories where children who had been placed up for adoption hoping that the child would have a good life, only to find out later the child had been beaten to death by the adoptive parents. I would not nor could not subject a child to that possibility. At least with an abortion I knew that my child was somewhere safe and being taking care of. If abortion is wrong I guess that is something I'll have to deal with, with my maker.
The second live birth child was born into a marriage that would not last and ended ugly. Again both of my first children know who their fathers are. The 3rd and 4th children were born to me and my current husband. We have a wonderful marriage and we are both grateful for all the children we are raising together. My 3rd and 4th children know who their father is, however he does not know who he is. He was adopted as an infant. Born 3/27/68 in Buffalo, WY and we are in search of his identity. It bothers him that I can recite my heritage and he can't. It bothers him that I know of my medical background and
he doesn't. It bothers him that I know who I resemble in my family and he looks in the mirror and wonders who he looks like. It bothers him to look at his children and know he can't offer them a past like I can. We would love to meet any of his birth family, however if they wish to not be contacted we would ablidge them that right. The main thing we are seeking, is answers as to who he is or was. We do not need to know the reason as to why he was placed for adoption. We totally understand that there were obvious reasons for that. If we are meant to know those reasons they will be told to us without asking. My husband Loves his adoptive family and he would not do anything intentionally to hurt them.  He also Loves his birth family for making the sacrifice they did to ensure him a good life and does not wish to hurt them either. He was well raised and is happy and for the most part healthy. He is a hard worker and a great learner. He is also a great teacher of good morals and values. He thanks his birth mother for giving him the opportunity to become the man he is today. He would just like to know the baby he was. He holds no grudges towards his birth family and wishes them all the best of health and luck.
So after this very long history, it is time for my opinion on an adoptee's right to know. Well I'm 100% for open records. There were comments made in the ACLU comments section that said that unsealing adoption records would increase abortions. Well as you read earlier, it was sealed records that made me choose abortion, not the other way around. I feel that if adoption records were opened more young gals would choose adoption rather than abortion. To me that decision is tougher to make. Yes you will still find girls that choose abortion as a means a birth control, But I imagine if you surveyed you would
find that most choose abortion over adoption, because of the closed records. Who is really protected by keeping them closed? The politicians and their smug attitudes, that's who. It was probably a politician who dropped a seed where it shouldn't have been that pushed for them to be closed in the first place.
Let's face it with all the recent current events, the likely hood of that being possible is a good one. But should their pride take precidence over the rest of us? NO!!!!!
Linda Brenneman
City of : Sheridan
County of : Sheridan
State of : Wyoming

I feel that the birth parents should have to give the original papers the the adoptive family. The biological parents had a choice to keep the child or give it up for adoption. They were given the choice and the child had no say in the matter. Being adopted myself, I have tried to get my records and I have not been able to get them from anywhere. I know my birth name, my birth moms name, where and when I was born and I still have had no luck. I
do not feel a need to meet my mom but I do need to know my medical history and culture before I try for my own family. I feel without this vital information that I can not pursue my dreams of a family until I know what medical risks there are. I am not saying that my parents do not have a right in not wanting to be found but I feel that they have no right to keep things that can be deadly in my later years from me. I have been frustrated in
the search for my records and I will try anything to keep pursuing until I have that information needed to complete my life.
Bryan D. Marks

I was adopted by my stepfather at 12 years old. My biological father agreed for the purpose of medical insurance. All three parents and myself were never informed that my stepfather's name would be inserted in place of my father's on my birth certificate nor did we know they were going to seal the records. Both my biological father and I have a very rare blood type not to mention the fact that none of us were involved in the private adoption of an infant. At eighteen, I attempted to retrieve my original birth certificate with the aid of all three parents. We were informed that the records were sealed and I had no recourse. My birth certificate is a lie. My step father is a good man but he is not the man who contributed in giving me life.
What possible reason do the courts have for denying me the right to who I am.
I'm lucky that I'm in touch with my father in case either of us needs blood, but what about other adoptees? I am in total agreement with your position on this. Keep at it. I would like to one day be myself again.
Robyn (Thrasher) Aikin

I am not adopted nor have I ever adopted anyone, my children are mine from birth. I have been trying to help my mom find her brothers who were adopted out when they were born and my mom was just a baby and I came across your site. If I were adopted and I knew about it I would feel extremely helpless to know that I couldn't get my medical records or birth certificate, that is completely outrageous. People in general have a great need to know where they came from and as Americans we should be able to have that right.
Children don't ask to be brought into this world but when they are they deserve the right to obtain any information that they desire about their birth, after the child is born everything should be in his/her best interest not the parents or whoever is adopting them out.
Robert A McAlpin

I am fortunate to have found my family here in Texas. I would have been devastated to not have been able to get my adoption file or original birth certificate. Finding my family has been one of the best things I have ever done. I feel every adoptee has the right to their own information! I think your website is a great thing! Best of luck,
Sincerely, Mar
Margarita Junek

IPI*GrammTech, Inc.
Office: 210/694-4313 x100
Fax: 210/696-9736

Hi I am an adoptee who is presently doing a search to locate any birth family. I wrote to Vital Statistics for my original birth certificate and was denied it and the State of Florida has yet to give me any information at all. I am very surprised at the conduct these people in the state offices act when requesting any information it's as if it personally effects them if they give any info. I am fully aware of what you can say and what you can't say and
using the word adoption makes people clam up and deny you any info. I understand that at one time there were many people involved of the welfare of the child that is born and given up but they must understand this child grows up and is entitled to his self his birth right . Adoption is not only about one person and the birth family whether they want to be find or not has to understand that one day they might be found. I'm not saying anyone
should just barge into someone's life but should be notified someone is looking for them and give them that choice and also give closure to the adoptee and closure for birth parents as well. I feel once a child is a certain age they should have their original birth certificate just like anyone who was not adopted. Thank you
V. Lewis
Merritt Island Florida

I was born in Montgomery Co. Maryland on April 26, 1965. About 8 years ago after my youngest child was born I decided with the help of my Adopted Mother to find "all non-identifying medical information". We contacted the agency who handled my adoption and got the information, along the the background as to why I was adopted. A very nice social worker said she would help us however she could. About two months later
she called and said she found my birth mother who was shocked she had been found, and wanted nothing to do with me which was fine. My intention was never to intrude on her life, but to find out where I came from.
According to all the records I have gotten access to her whole family knew about the pregnancy (so why the big secret). I do think it unfair that birth fathers had no rights back than I don't even know if he knows about me, or would want to know me or my children. I grew up in the same area where my Birth Mothers entire family lives I may even know some of these people. I don't want another mother I already have a wonderful mother and father.
In addition to birth parents, the families might want contact with the children. I think ALL medical information should be given at time of adoption. I always feel stupid at a new doctors office when they ask for medical history and I have none to give, as my husband is also adopted. I haven't been able to find any information about him as his birth date may not even be correct. I did also find out that I have a maternal uncle with downs syndrome. There is some information that adoptees should have especially before they have children of their own. School was also always difficult when we had to do reports on our heritage, I used my adopted parents, but that isn't mine.
I like the basic idea of open adoptions. I also firmly believe that ALL adoption records should be accessible by the time you are 21. I don't think the government should have any say in adoption records. We all pay our taxes and have the right to information about ourselves. It is easier to get a copy of your F.B.I Report than your background if you are adopted. If the Birth parents want no further contact once they are contacted, than all
they have to do is say so. You can never convince me that they aren't just as curious as we are about how we turned out, and who we look like. Don't adoptees have any rights under the Constitution or Bill of Rights. Why should we be penalized because they couldn't or didn't want to keep us.

Hi, my name is B. Lee and I am the parent of two children adopted through foster care. There are people in my children's family who I consider both dangerous and unstable, but I still strongly believe that no record related to adoption esp. in cases involving involuntary termination of parental rights should be sealed from the adopted children. They do have a right to know their history and the nature of their adoption. Sealed adoption records shield more than just birth parents--they shield an entire system which operates in secrecy and may hide a great deal behind the veil of sealed records--county and state agencies, judges, lawyers, social workers--there are many many people involved in adoptions whose motives are not necessarily pure or altruistic. A great deal of corruption can be hidden behind
adoption records, proceedings etc--and children lose their entire identities. Imagine believing your whole life that your birth parent abandoned you when in truth you may have been taken from that parent without due process. Children need to have access to their own stories. If however, the birth parent does not want their name known, cant we accommodate them at least to some degree without robbing these children of any access to information about who they are? The system as it is harms too many people by obscuring or blocking the truth.
B Lee

Please do send this to anyone who might have contact with our legislators-they need to know what we are experiencing as adoptees who are just trying to access basic information about ourselves.
I also think it would be a marvelous idea to send our stories to the Associated Press-the more exposure these issues get, the better! If we want the current laws that keep our identities shrouded in secrecy to change, we must get our message across to anyone and everyone who will be willing to listen and take action.
Thank you again for listening and being willing to spread the news. Your support is appreciated more than you could ever imagine. Please feel free to contact me at any time.
Kristen Henderson

I am a 29 year old Tax Paying Citizen, but am not allowed to know from whom I came.
This causes me great strife.
An emptiness not knowing where I was born, because when trying to contact the hospital, on my birth certificate, it is, and always was a Children's Hospital and they said there never was a maternity ward there, the only thing that I do know is that the birth mother used mescaline during pregnancy.
My adoptive parents are on my birth certificate.  And the hospital listed has no maternity ward. My birth date may not even be correct, and my Adoptive parents say they know nothing other than what's on the birth certificate, and that I had to have a cyst removed from my left eyebrow after they got me.
My birth certificate says I was born on March 4, 1970 at Children's Hospital
in Washington D.C.
Now I am a Citizen, Taxpayer, Business Owner, Navy Vet.
If I can assist you in any way to help change this mess please let me know!
Thank you for your site

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