Why just 'pretend' to listen?  You really aren't hearing.

Why settle for 'muddled' words, when you have no idea what is being said to you?

And conversely, aren't you tired of repeating yourself over and over again?

You are all under the same stress related problems!


We don't all hear the same tones.

Just as we don't all see colors the same way.

The difference is we CAN hear tones and words louder - with help.

Susan Schnack can help you.  She is a Licensed Audiologist in Sarasota, FL.  She has  over 18 years of experience with all brands of hearing aids!  Let her experience and genuine concern provide solutions to your hearing problems.

Whether it is for you, or a person you care about, at least let her give you or your friend or loved one, a free consultation!  It can't hurt - and it doesn't.

Just for a free consultation, you will receive:

    A Video Otoscopic inspection of your ears for wax, (you can see what we do!)
     Removal of wax from your ears by an Audiologist with 18 years of experience
     A complete hearing consultation
     A demonstration of the latest technology if applicable
     A complete report of your hearing results sent to your primary physician
     Information on FREE assistive listening devices available to Florida residents.


     Inspection and cleaning of earmolds
     A thorough drying of perspiration and humidity in our Vacuum Chamber
     Polishing and tightening of battery contacts
     Cleaning and lubrication of volume controls
     Lubrication of any switches/memory buttons
     Cleaning of switches and/or memory buttons
     Cleaning of microphone and receiver openings
     Check of aid for feedback (squeal)
     Electroacoustic performance test

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Sarasota, FL
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