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An Article appearing in the Sarasota (Fla.) Herald Tribune, in the Click section:

Radio Talk
Seek and ye shall find

By Dawn E. Scire

For those seeking long-lost friends, or family members, one does not have to look any further than "The Seeker Magazine", a radio show and corresponding online service.

On the radio, "The Seeker Magazine" is broadcast on WSPB 1450-AM (the Sarasota annex of Jacor's WFLA 970-AM) each Saturday at 11 a.m. People call in from around the country, usually looking for a person from their past, be it a relative, co-worker, military connection, neighbor, lover, even an adopted child or birth parent. Linda Hammer, Drew Ryan, and newcomer, Mady McKeon (from WSRZ 106.5 FM) compose the on-air team that tries to keep the sometimes "tear-jerky" subject upbeat. The actual search is performed by computer while the caller waits for the results on the air.

Additionally, there are in-studio guests and "on-the-street" interviews, as well as electronic messages relayed during the broadcast.

Online, you can access the service any time at www.the-seeker.com. This is more than just the usual search engine for friends and family, however. Someone may be looking for you as an heir or beneficiary, or for a tax refund of some sort. All this is determined simply by the entry of your name and the swipe of the "enter" key! So, whether you're an audiophile or techie, or both, this data is always available and provided free, courtesy of the site's advertisers.

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